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How to be an effective Group Fitness Trainer

How to be an effective group fitness trainer.

K,T,T x3

K – know
T- teach
x3 – 3 levels beginner, intermediate, advanced

Know your students aerobic levels, how? Ask them! Who is new? Who has taken this only a few times, who’s been here a couple months?who has been doing this for years?

Teach – teach them the basics how to set up for the class, adjust the spinning bike, different hand positions, lay out the steps, weights or Pilates equipment

Train – teach the class

X3! Tell them what they should be doing for each fitness level.

Eg: beginners keep it here, intermediate add a half turn on resistance advanced a full turn.

Eg 2: beginners side step back and forth, intermediate side step over the step from side to side, advanced add in a hop off the step on both sides

Keep it fresh and exciting for all fitness levels and you will have packed classes!

Don’t forget to keep them
Hydrated! Drink drink drink!

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