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TV Show Review: Full Metal Jousting


The coaches and judges:


The competitors:


The armor:


The joust!



There are 2 teams the red team and you have already seen the black team’s armor above.

I actually like the red team better, because they are the under dogs! There is an effeminate contestant (not sure if he is gay, but he is definitely effeminate.

In a macho sport like jousting, they kind of wrote him off as the worst of the worst! He was picked last and discarded. Anyway, the first episode I saw, he came out of nowhere and kicked the crap out of his opponent! I was actually rooting for him to win! There is also a couple ex military on the team, so they get my vote!

The black team is filled with theatrical jousters, a professional champion rodeo bull wrestler, and other strong riders.

It’s more fun to root for the underdogs!

Check this show out! It’s nice refreshing and different. Especially for nerds like me lol!

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One response

  1. Jake Nodar was again counted out as the underdog and again delivers! Moving on to the semifinals! Defeating one of the favorites! Go Jake! My pick to win!

    April 1, 2012 at 10:45 PM

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