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Controversy: Throttled Cell Phone Service That Bullshit should be Illegal!

AT&T throttles unlimited data plans

March 02, 2012|
By Walter Pacheco
AT&T unlimited-data-plan subscribers who exceed 3GB worth of data on their 3G smartphones — usually due to streaming music and videos — will see a reduction in their transfer speeds, the wireless carrier announced Thursday.
The reduction in speed, known as throttling, also affects users who run their devices on 4G LTE networks. Those subscribers who exceed 5GB of data will experience slower speeds.

T-Mobile already slows down data transfers when users exceed 2GB. Verizon Wireless throttles speeds for the top 5 percent of data users when they are connected to a congested cell site.
Sprint-Nextel does not slow speeds for unlimited data subscribers.
An Associated Press report shows about 17 million of AT&T’s customers with unlimited data plans could experience slower speeds. AT&T previously throttled the top 5 percent of large-data users on their unlimited data plans using a sliding scale system that affected those who fell below the 3GB threshold.
Last week, a judge in Southern California awarded an iPhone user $850 after he filed a small claims case against AT&T in January. The ruling stated AT&T wasn’t being fair when it purposely slowed down his iPhone’s unlimited data plan when he used less than 3GB of data in a billing cycle.
The wireless carrier’s support page shows the company will send a text message to those high-data users stating, “Your data usage is near 3GB this month. Exceeding 3GB during this and future billing cycles will result in reduced data speeds, though you will still be able to email & surf the Web. Wi-Fi helps you avoid reduced speeds.”
The text message also directs AT&T users to the carrier’s page for tiered data plans.
AT&T suggests users connect to a Wi-Fi network, which doesn’t count toward the threshold, to reduce data activity on their plans.

This is bullshit! False advertising and should be illegal! They advertise their Internet speeds which you pay for, they offer unlimited plans which you pay for and sign a legal contract. Then they limit your plan? Isn’t that illegal? False advertising! That’s like going to a Chinese All-you-can-eat buffet and a 250+ customer walks in and after his first plate of food the Chinese waiters tackle him on his way back to the bar!

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3 responses

  1. corpgrip

    I agree. T-Mobile being absolutely horrible with all their advertising. Like for instance they offer plans without mentioning all the extra costs. What really doesn’t make any sense is these plans from all providers now include data, but then you are charged separately from the plan itself for an extra $10-$30 fee for data.. literally makes no sense and why more people do not see that are being robbed is beyond me.

    T-Mobile will even go as far as telling you, your smart phone will not work without their hidden added data charges. I seriously walked into a T-Mobile store with my phone and i turned off the data, i connected to their wifi and i asked them “well looks like my phone is working just fine without your data.” the Rep didn’t have a damn thing to add after that other than actually breaking down and agreeing with me that it is wrong and shouldn’t be that way.. he sadly stressed there is nothing he can do himself about this though..

    So in other words i was lied to then had to prove they are full of shit to only be told i was right afterwards. If i had the money i would sue everyone of these basterds. We already are robbed from our own government having to have insurance for almost everything.. even if you do not need it.. now companies are taking the same steps and not a thing is being done about it.

    My only guess that they are able to get away with this blatant robbery is the mad smart phone usage from the endless amount of idiotic teens who parents are paying their bills so they could give a crap about how they are being taken advantage of. I mean you see kids at the age of ten with iPhones.. of course these kids aren’t paying attention to any of this and the parents are even more stupid for blindly paying for it.

    So why on earth am i paying for a plan that says it includes data but then i am being charged extra for it outside of the plan itself through hidden fees.

    I’m quite frankly fed up with the entire worlds way of advertising, it is almost like those terrible Febreeze commercials claiming they can mask the smells of a completely filthy room (which you could obviously tell was completely fake). On top of the fact everyone knows their damn product barely masks any smells at all but somehow they can make these false claims.

    I don’t understand how companies are just allowed to create such false and misleading advertisements. In my honest opinion its more the people fault for not complaining more or taking more a definitive stance against this type of misdirection cutting holes in our pockets. Everyone is in a comfortable stupor these days never wanting to defend any rights they have left.

    God forbid you would have to live without your smart phone for possibly just a month just to make a point to these companies that we are not taking your bullshit.. but of course just like all the abuse and corruption that exists in the world that is by far the least of the problems we deal with but the point still stand more people should care enough to do something drastic about this abuse.

    July 25, 2012 at 7:37 AM

    • corpgrip

      Forgive my typos but god damnit this shit really pisses me off. I can’t even think straight i get so heated just talking about this stuff.

      People have become so mindless it really depresses the shit out of me.

      July 25, 2012 at 7:39 AM

    • Now hold on a second… The febreeze car freshener when you first turn on the car you get a massive whoosh in the face of freshness that if they hurry up they can pull it off. I actually did a test of this to see if it worked. Have you ever left a bag from a fast food place in your car over-night? The next day you are horrified at the smell of your car! Well the Febreeze car freshener worked!!

      As far as the cell phones go… Thieves!!

      July 25, 2012 at 11:21 AM

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