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Supplement Review: Cellucor – Super HD Fat Burner



First day down: didn’t feel anything! Wasn’t tired so maybe I got energy from it, but it wasn’t a surge, and didn’t drive me crazy like the Stackers of old.

Week one down and not too bad, no jitters, no trouble sleeping, not sure how effective they are, only time will tell!

I’ll wait to see if they really work…

Post surgery pic:

So far this stuff is amazing! There is about an inch left in the bottle. Already it cut my stomach in half!! Now the month is almost over.

Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into oxy-elite and just stop working! If the next month works as good as this month I will have my 6pack back in no time! And be fully recovered from my shoulder surgery.

Update: first month I dropped 30lbs. Waiting for 2nd month results.
1st recovery pic:


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