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Restaurant Review: The Sandwich Club – Westhampton Beach, NY




The best restaurant in Westhampton Beach, NY (Slumhampton as I like to call it!).

Unlike the other restaurants and sandwich shops (Whitney’s deli, Tonino’s pizza, Country Hero’s) the food isn’t overpriced and the quality is great!

Whitney’s and Country Hero’s are great but at $8.50-$9.00 for a hero/wrap with a side of coleslaw that’s ridiculous!

Tonino’s on the other hand is just plain disgusting! And expensive!

At sandwich club for $7.95 I can get a steak(Carne Asada) with rice, beans, macaroni salad and pico de gallo.

This is the jaw breaker burger!! $5.00!!


2 full burgers on a Cuban roll I added ham and cheese for $1.00 more. It also comes with fries and a 16oz. Drink!

They have a small fixins bar with tomato, onion, jalapeños, ketchup and honey mustard.






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