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TV Show Review: Storage Wars

Not sure if I posted for storage wars, I thought I did, but I can’t find it…


Love this show!!

The stakes are higher; the rivalries more intense; the drama more explosive. Get set for a wild ride as everyone’s favorite treasure hunters return for an action packed second season.
“Storage Wars,” which follows teams of bidders looking to score it big in the high stakes world of storage auctions, ranks as A&E’s number one series of all time among adults 25-54. During its first season, the series averaged 2.8 million viewers per episode and peaked at 3.8 million.
In season two the hunt continues as the fortune foursome blaze through Southern California storage facilities — but with new enemies and higher stakes, finding auction treasure has never been more difficult. Dave Hester opens an auction house, forcing a sizable investment that could destroy his “Mogul” status. Troubles at home sideline Darrell Sheets’ business, causing the “Gambler” to take desperate measures. And the rivalry between them both has never been more heated. Meanwhile, Jarrod and Brandi open an annex to their shop, laying down the gauntlet to their bankrolled competition. And after selling rap impresario Suge Knight’s clothes, Barry Weiss is just trying to stay out of trouble. Hollywood memorabilia and vintage guitars are just a small measure of the plunder to be found and in this world where cash is king and winner takes all, it’s anyone’s guess who will come out on top.
“Storage Wars” is produced by Original Productions, a FremantleMedia Company (“Ice Road Truckers” and “Deadliest Catch”) for A&E Network. Executive producers are Thom Beers and Philip D. Segal. Jeff Conroy is co-executive producer and Dolph Scott is series producer. A&E executive producers are David McKillop, Elaine Frontain Bryant and Fred Grinstein.

Dave is the best at it!, Jared & Brandi buy junk, Darryl gets lucky sometimes, but a lot of times goes home empty handed, Barry is the coolest and usually looses and if he does find something good he usually keeps it or gives it away lol. If his character is real, this guy is freaking loaded!!!

He has a car collection like you wouldn’t believe!
Here is my favorite:



This one’s not too bad either.


He has a bunch more but I can’t find pics! A jaguar another truck and bunch of other ones! oh and some bikes too!

He’s also my favorite on the show, I would like to be able to hangout with him lol. Maybe I like him because he dresses like Charlie Sheen lol

What I don’t like is they all try and run up the prices on each other, with no intention of buying. That’s just mean. And in the long run they all loose money.

Here’s a mean move:
Jared is known to like safes and will pay quite a bit for a unit with a safe.

If I was Dave I would save all the junk I couldn’t sell from a bunch of units, then box all the stuff up (because Darrell is known to like a bunch of sealed boxes) also write fake labels on the boxes such as collectibles, books, artwork etc… Have a friend rent a unit and totally pack the unit, then go buy a big safe and put only a note in it that says hi Jared sucker! On the back of it write hi Darrell sucker! Have friend default on the unit so it gets auctioned off. Those 2 will run up the price!!!

That should teach Jared or Darrell a lesson!

There is also a Storage Wars Texas, but it sucks! The characters are not as likeable.

Don’t forget shipping wars lol a ridiculous show! What’s next?

Parking wars! Now that’s out of control!! Wtf!!! Why not put other menial labor jobs on tv!! How bout landscaper wars? Or postman wars? You can watch the mailman get chased by dogs and see weirdos answer the door in their undies or some weird costume. How bout stocking wars? You can go to the grocery store and watch people stock shelves for an hour! How bout maid wars? You can watch maids make a bed and clean a room for an hour!

C’mon!! This bullshit!! Storage wars is great because you can find hidden treasure, but shipping and parking c’mon!! Please spare us!! Get creative and do something new! Not boring!!

Something doesn’t add up with Barry Weiss!! He is listed retiring from the produce business with his brother. Was he a majority partner in A&P or some other large chain? It doesn’t add up! Yes he could easily own all those beautiful cars if he was in the produce business, but what about all his connections? Stuart Copeland, (The Fake) Jesse James (West Coast Choppers), Thom Beers (storage wars producer), Brad Whitford and I’m sure there are others!!

How do you make those friends being only in produce!!


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