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Restaurant Review: Fax Chix – Farmingville NY


864-866 horseblock rd Farmingville, NY 11738

Ph: 631-736-4600

Portuguese & Mexican food

*note* the menu is terrible! They have much more than the menu! Unfortunately it’s out of sight! So you have to ask. They have a full bar, they have bottled drinks, different sodas, various bottled drinks, they have juice fountains (like lemonade machines, but not lemonade lol) they have desserts like flan, that aren’t on the menu

They also have food specials not on the menu.

I had the spare ribs with rice and beans
The beans are red kidney beans, the rice is yellow with some peas in it.

The ribs were pretty good. The small ribs were a little over cooked, but the large ones were perfect and juicy! All of them, the meat fell off the bone. The rice was good the beans ok. I also got a side of Portuguese bread it was great!! (The 2nd best part of the meal, its a lot like good traditional Italian bread.) The portion was huge! It also came with so many corn tortillas I couldn’t possibly eat.

The best part of the meal was a bowl of sauce they leave on the table. Looking around there were different sauces on different tables, there was a green sauce, a oily red peppery sauce, and the one i got an orangey creamy peppery sauce (I don’t know what it was and forgot to ask) but it was spicy and had a great taste!

I got flan takeout which was not too great, the portion was tiny and nothing to write home about. The eat in portion looks huge! And it’s made in a glass bowl instead of the aluminum takeout tin, which may make a big difference.

I drive by all the time and this place is always packed!!! That might have also made a difference. I will definitely give this place another chance.

**note** Keep your eye out here for an update. Also don’t forget to check every article for updates! I typically add on to most articles.

There is also a Portuguese market & deli attached to the building, but there isn’t access from the restaurant.




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One response

  1. I love this place!! I have lived in Farmingville most of my life. I go there at least once a week. You just can’t get food that good at those prices anywhere. This place is a true hidden gem in the Farmingville area.

    May 6, 2012 at 11:28 AM

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