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NFL: New York Giants Season of Action!

This year is amazing! Every Post Season game is sooooo close! Here it is 4th quarter 5 min left and it’s 17-17!

This year is crazy! Every game is action packed and extremely close! Tons of amazing catches on both sides of the field.

The quarterback play

We’ve heard it many times: Alex Smith has had a nice, breakout season after six underwhelming years, but he’s nothing more than a game manager; the 49ers rely on defense and special teams — not their quarterback — to win football games. The numbers prove it: Though he threw just five interceptions, he also has just 17 touchdown passes and was 20th in the NFL in pass attempts. But last week, Smith proved he may be more than that, orchestrating two long scoring drives down the stretch against the New Orleans Saints, including the game-winning touchdown pass with 9 seconds remaining. Today, the task will be more difficult, as he’ll face a relentless Giants pass rush and a back seven that has come together over the past month. On the other side, Eli Manning has been nearly flawless in the postseason, throwing for 607 yards and six touchdowns to just one interception through the two playoff games. While Smith has taken the step from bust to game manager, Manning has gone up the next rung, elevating to one of the league’s elite quarterbacks. Both teams will seek to establish a run game — the 49ers depend on it more than the Giants — but ultimately this game could be decided by which quarterback makes more big plays.

This game vs the 49ers is an extremely close technical game. Both sides are technically sound. Not too many penalties, sacks or errors, but i have to disagree with the article! The defense on both teams are what is making this an amazing game! After writing there weren’t too many sacks, Both sides are stepping up!

This is it! 3rd and 10 with 1:33 on the clock Giants must hold them! And they did!! Giants get the ball back!!!

Hopefully the Giants will pull this out and continue this amazing season!

Eli can do this!! Ever since he won the Super Bowl he has been evolving into a great quarterback!

OVERTIME!! I can’t remember the last overtime game for the Giants!

Giants win the coin toss! And hopefully the game!

Giants had to kick, now they have to hold em! Defense!!! Defense!!

4th and 1 49ers kick it! Giants ball again!!!

Eli sacked 6 times now! This game!!

Giants kick and then recover the ball!!!!

In field goal range! Will they just kick it or make a couple plays?

They are going for it! 1st play ran the ball

2nd play ran the ball for a first down,

3rd ran the ball again!

4th play Eli drops to a knee and tunes is in to kick the field goal to send the Giants to the Superbowl!

Delay of game 5 yards back! The San Fran calls timeout!

Now 31yards out!

Giants finally win!!! 20-17

Back to the Superbowl!!!

Giants vs Patriots!

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