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NFL: Eli & the NY Giants to face Aaron Rodgers & The GB Packers this game will be Better than the Superbowl!!

Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers wary of NY Giants defense, which features pass rush led by Jason Pierre-Paul
Quarterback sees Giant improvement in unit of late


Published: Thursday, January 12 2012, 12:28 AM
Updated: Thursday, January 12 2012, 3:02 AM

Aaron Rodgers had his way with Giants defense in December, but expects Green Bay offense to face stiffer test Sunday in playoff rematch at Lambeau Field.

GREEN BAY − This time, Aaron Rodgers doesn’t expect to pile up his gaudy numbers easily. In his first playoff start at Lambeau Field, the Packer quarterback says, he expects the Giants’ defense to give him fits. “They’ve been playing really well as a whole,” Rodgers said of the Giants on Wednesday. “It’s going to be a tough challenge.”

This is how the NFL’s most devastating QB will make his Lambeau Field playoff debut: He will face one of the league’s hottest defenses in Sunday’s NFC divisional playoff game in Green Bay. He will also face the dangerous Eli Manning, a QB whom he said is “playing great,” and he knows this game won’t be easy.

The last time Rodgers met the Giants, in early December, he gashed a helpless defense for 369 yards and four TDs. And when Green Bay needed a game-winning drive, Rodgers needed just four pass completions and 58 seconds to set up a Mason Crosby chip-shot field goal in a 38-35 win.

But things have changed, Rodgers said. Packers coach Mike McCarthy said he saw “simplified” schemes from the Giants when he broke down game tape this week, and Rodgers hasn’t seen receivers running free against their secondary.

“There hasn’t been those occasional holes that we saw a few weeks ago,” Rodgers said. “There hasn’t been those mistakes in the defense. They’ve been playing really sound.”

Rodgers added that he’s seen an improved Giants pass rush. They picked up 11 sacks in their final two regular-season games, and they spent last Sunday harassing Atlanta QB Matt Ryan.

“This week, it’s a tough front,” Rodgers said. “Those guys are relentless getting to the passer.”

At least Rodgers will have all his weapons back: Tackles Bryan Bulaga and Chad Clifton, wideout Greg Jennings and tailback James Starks all practiced on Wednesday, and McCarthy said his squad is as healthy as it’s been all season.

Rodgers has also had plenty of time to prep for this game, thanks to the Packers’ decision to rest him in Week 17 (after they had clinched the NFC’s top seed), and last week’s first-round bye.

The Packers QB hasn’t thrown a pass since Christmas Day, but Jennings thinks all the extra film work will make him sharper on Sunday.

“With the time we had off, he had a chance to kind of sit back and kind of see things from a coaching perspective,” Jennings said. “It’s more film study, it’s more things along those lines.”

Although Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay pounded on the Giants in December, they pounded on an injury beaten down Giants, not a healthy Giants Defense that they will be meeting this Sunday.

My prediction: The winner of this game will win the Superbowl! I sincerely hope it’s the NY Giants!

Aaron Rodgers has been unstoppable all season! Rolling over teams! If the Giants stop him dead in his tracks, that will propel them with all the confidence they will need to capture the win at the Superbowl!

Will resting him since Christmas be a factor? Will he be nice and fresh or will it take him a quarter or two to get back into the groove?

Keys to the game:
Aaron Rodgers precision! Stop the drive!!

NY Giants Defense! Crush Rodgers like you crushed Romo and victory is yours!

P.S. Cowboy fans: how’s the golf course? Even if the stars don’t align and the Giants don’t win this Sunday, we lasted longer than you! F?!k the Cowboys!

Halftime! 20-10 New York Giants.

With an amazing hail-mary Thrown by Eli Manning with 6 Seconds left! With an even more amazing touchdown catch caught by Hakeem Nicks with no time left on the clock!

This is an underdog upset in the making! Keep it up Giants!! The Giants also finally sacked Rodgers toward the end of the half! The Giants need to keep the pressure on Rodgers! He has too much time to throw and run!!

Both quarterbacks are looking good!

Yet again Aaron Rodgers gets his own 1st down! 3 so far! The games leading rusher! That’s crazy!!

Umenyiora just stripped Aaron Rodgers of the ball! Giants recover the fumble!

20-13 in the 3rd, Rodgers gets another 1st down by himself that’s 5 in the game!

4th Quarter field goal NY 23-13

4th quarter Greenbay gives it up and Giants Blackburn recovers and runs it down the field, Eli comes in and throws his 3rd TD pass! 30-13 Giants

Rodgers another 1st down by himself 66 total yards today!

Beautiful catch! By Greenbay 30-20

Big run by Bradshaw setting up another potential TD

Umenyiora sacks Rodgers

Tip tip Giants Dion Grant intercepts the ball! Game over!!

Giants win!!

Final score 37-20!!

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