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Tan Travel Advantage Network

Welcome to Travel Advantage Network, where we turn vacations into a lifestyle.

With over 80,000 clients and growing, we’ve been providing clean, exciting and affordable accommodations since 1992- and striving to ensure our clients have the best vacation experiences possible.

Whether you’re a long-time client, a new client or itching to become a client, take a look around this site and search our extensive list of properties and benefits.

Where are you going to make your next memory?

What is Travel Advantage Network? Well basically they are prepaid vacations kind of like a timeshare, but instead you buy weeks. unlike a timeshare, you can use these weeks anytime and anywhere they own property which is almost everywhere you want to go!

I’m sure you are wondering why I am posting this? Skip all the way to the end and I will tell you. If you are interested then come back and read everything!

You can also buy additional weeks, as well as other perks:

Excess Inventory

Welcome to our new and improved Excess Inventory page! TAN is now providing you with a real-time Excess Inventory listing, which means that you will now only see available property units and their respective specific amenities and photos; find a location and book it then and there, no wasted time on already-booked inventory or phone calls necessary. Click on the “View Property” button and you will be taken to the property’s page, with the specific week already selected in that property’s calendar.

Hot Weeks

Hot Weeks are high demand properties available in the next six weeks for a flat rate of $300. These are some of our hottest resorts available in ideal months… don’t wait to book, they go fast!

TAN is now providing you with a real-time Hot Weeks listing, which means that you will now only see available property units and their respective specific amenities and photos. Find the location you want and book it then and there!

Click on the “View Property” button and you will be taken to the property’s page, with the specific week already selected in that property’s calendar.

Don’t delay, act now these sought-after properties will sell out quickly!

TAN Bonus Week Program

Instead of being limited to just one location and time period, enjoy the option of any available TAN resort, any available time of year! An option for travelers who own non-TAN properties, TAN’s Bonus Week Program offers timeshare owners the ability to trade their own timeshare week for two one-bedroom condo unit credits through the Travel Advantage Network. Each timeshare week deposit, regardless of size, will receive credit for a one bedroom unit for two weeks. You may book a larger size unit, upon availability, to accommodate additional guests or simply for the extra space.

Below is a listing of the number of guests you may typically expect to accommodate in TAN units. If you choose to have the additional room, a per night upgrade fee will apply.

  • Hotel/Studio (2 Guests)
  • One Bedroom (4 Guests)
  • Two Bedroom (6 Guests)

Please note these credits remain in your TAN account as long as it is active. Timeshare points programs are not accepted. If you wish to participate in our Bonus Week Program, please call 800.223.0088 or complete the Banking Certificate below. (Need form.)

Please contact a Total Vacation Services representative for more information on the TAN Bonus Week Program at 800.223.0088, ext. 3.

Terms and conditions: Weeks must be deposited at least sixty days in advance of the scheduled start of your timeshare week. To accept the deposit, all timeshare maintenance fees must be current. Timeshare owners are responsible for any relocation costs incurred if for any reason their timeshare resort does not honor the deposit. Any fees involved in changing the name on the reservation from the timeshare owner’s name to our traveler’s name is the responsibility of the timeshare owner. Anyone who owns ‘floating weeks’ must schedule those weeks with the resort and obtain scheduling confirmation from the resort before banking with TAN. We do not bank “points.” You must have a specific week which you have scheduled with the resort. Any timeshare weeks that have already been deposited with another exchange company will not be honored. Any vacation weeks that have been credited to the account due to timeshare banking have a termination period of one year from the non-renewal of the account. Your timeshare company must allow trading in order for TAN to accept any vacation week.

Car Rentals

25% discount at Avis

20% Discount at Budget

Global Express Travel Services (GETS)


Global Express Travel Services (GETS) is TAN’s exclusive full-service travel agency, catering to families and specializing in personalized travel arrangements for even the most discerning of clients.

Whether exploring the United States, Mexico or the Caribbean, GETS is dedicated to helping you experience the best vacation possible, understanding your needs and recommending the best offerings for your budget and schedule.

Let GETS take care of:

  • Airfare
  • Cruises
  • Themed Excursions and Tours
  • And more!

GETS will arrange transportation for your TAN vacation, or set up complete vacation packages for your travels outside of the TAN network. Whether you’re in search of airfare and rental cars for your TAN vacation, planning a family vacation overseas, looking for the perfect romantic cruise or simply trying to find a hotel for your next business trip, GETS will take care of everything for you. GETS provides you with our extensive insider knowledge of property and area attractions, security in knowing rules and regulations while traveling, as well as comprehensive travel tips to make your vacation easy and worry-free.

Trust your family’s vacation to GETS’ trained professionals. Discover the many ways in which we can help you plan your vacation now.

GETS | 800.826.2430 |
Hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (EST)

Additional Vacations

Take more than two vacations a year? After having used your two prepaid weeks, contact Total Vacation Services at 800.223.0088, ext. 3, or by email at for more information on our wholesale week pricing.

You may purchase as many weeks as you wish as long as your account is active. If you take more than two vacations a year, this is the ideal solution for you.

If you have used all of your prepaid or wholesale weeks and would like to purchase another vacation package, please contact our affiliated sales center Sundance Vacations at 800.264.3802.

Featured Properties

  • Coined as the “Last Authentic Hawaiian Experience,” Molokai is a true hideaway from all things mainstream. Known as the birthplace of Hula and called the “Friendly Isle,” Molokai is a rural, relaxed paradise boasting the world’s highest sea cliffs and the tallest waterfall in Hawaii.
  • Tamarack Resort, located near picturesque Lake Delton, is only 5 minutes away from downtown Wisconsin Dells. Enjoy the contemporary elegance of the Villas, and the excitement of all the indoor and outdoor activities offered year-round. This is THE ideal family vacation spot!
  • This historic village’s diverse landscape offers visitors a range of natural attractions; here you’ll be able to feel the sands between your toes on the sandy beaches, take an exploratory hike through one of its many nature trails (make sure to visit during the fall to experience the brightly colored foliage), or swim the silky, fresh waters of one of the many nearby Cape Cod lakes.
  • Located in the beautiful mountains of western Maryland, Deep Creek is the ultimate destination for vacationing on a lake. As the largest freshwater lake in Maryland, Deep Creek is comprised of 3,900 acres and is at a mountain elevation of almost half a mile high.
  • Secrets Inn and Heavenly Inn (South Lake Tahoe, CA)
    A short walk to Lake Tahoe, casinos and Heavenly Gondola, both Secrets and Heavenly are at the center of Tahoe’s main attractions.


Q. May I travel to other locations not listed on the “Resort Listing” Web page?

A. Yes. You may request travel to other condominium resort DesTANations not listed as Home Property areas on our Resort Listing. When making such requests, refer to the DesTANation Report, which shows all areas booked by TAN Travelers the previous year. Areas listed as less than 2% traveled are not guaranteed. (See Sunsational Guarantee.)

Q. Does my reservations request qualify for the Sunsational Guarantee?

A. Travelers must follow the procedures below to guarantee an offer in the area(s) requested: Reservation Request must be submitted at least 90 days in advance. (Requests made for holidays, special events, consecutive requests or multiple requests for same week do not apply.) Requests must be for studio or one-bedroom units. Request must be for one of TAN’s top 25 Resort Areas as listed on our Sunsational Guarantee (see list on Sunsational Guarentee page.) TAN cannot guarantee multiple weeks and/or multiple units.

Q. May I request a specific property?

A. Please do not make resort-specific requests. When our Total Vacation Services/Reservations department contacts you, you will be informed of which properties are available. You may choose from the offered accommodations at that time.

Q. May I inquire about availability before I submit my request?

A. Yes. You may speak to a Total Vacation Services representative. Please keep in mind, however, that if a particular property or area is available at the time you call or check online, it may not be available by the time you book your week.

Q. How much notice is required to book a TAN vacation?

A. TAN accepts requests up to 365 days in advance of travel. The minimum notice required for non-peak season is 60 days, 90 days for peak season, and 180 days for major holiday weeks/special events. (We encourage you to submit requests in advance of the minimum notice.) Peak season times vary by area and are indicated on each resort’s Web page.

Q. May I submit a request with less than minimum notice required?

A. Yes, however, it will be subject to availability. To check availability, call Total Vacation Services at 800.223.0088 ext. 3 or check online on our website.

Q. May I request a specific check-in day?

A. Most properties offer Saturday check-in only; however, some properties have Friday or Sunday check-in dates. Each TAN home property page (listed under the Resorts section of the TAN Web site shows the available check-in days. If a property indicates only one check-in day of the week, it cannot be changed to another day. If a property offers multiple check-in days, you may request available days when speaking to your Vacation Coordinator/Reservationist.

Q. May I book multiple units or weeks?

A. Yes, you may request multiple units or weeks, which are subject to availability and are less likely to be available during peak travel times. As described in your vacation program agreement, you may not use more than two concurrent or consecutive vacation weeks at one time. At times, consecutive-week travel requests may not be granted, to ensure more TAN Traveler requests can be fulfilled. Please note that multiple units or weeks are deducted from your account balance.

Q. May I book a property for just a few days?

A. Reservations are always on a weekly basis with the full reservation fee due. You may, however, check-in late or leave early if you choose.

Q. Are my fees refundable if I choose to cancel my vacation request?

A. Yes. Your TAN processing fee is refundable should you choose to cancel your request for any reason prior to booking. You may choose to leave the fee amount in your account, for use toward a future reservation request, or have it credited to you in the manner it was received. (Your account must be in good standing.) If you cancel a booked request, your reservation fees are not refundable and cannot be applied toward future reservations, unless you have purchased Vacation Assurance (VAP).

Q. May I submit my request over the phone?

A. Yes, you may call Total Vacation Services at 800.223.0088 x 3 to check availability and/or book your vacation. You may also view resort descriptions, check availability and book online 24/7 at

Q. How do I create an online account?

A. 1) Enter your TAN account number (example: 12-A-123456) 2) Click the green “Register” button. There you will be able to create your online password. First, you’ll be asked to verify your telephone number in our database, which will instantly verify your access to the online account management portion of our site. Here, you must confirm the email address on file at TAN. Please update/change your email address as you wish. 3) If you are already a registered user and need to retrieve your password, hit the blue “Password Reminder” button. Your password will be emailed to the address on file at TAN.

Why this is here:

I bought this years ago in 1999

7 prepaid vacations for about $2,500

There is an annual Membership fee of $219

I can purchase additional weeks at $413 a week

Are you with me so far?

and I can buy the spur of the moment excess inventory vacations (that don’t count toward the 7 weeks) unlimited forever as long as I pay the membership fee, plus the free travel agent service, discount airfare, car rental , cruises etc.. I yeah I forgot to mention this includes cruises. call for details on cruises.

Today Vacations are $500 a weeks

and the annual fee is $359 a year

So 7 Prepaid vacations would be $3,500

Here is the bottom line! I don’t go on vacation! I am in the Military so i travel a lot for them on Uncle Sam’s bill. I have been saying for years that I am going to use this and go to Hawaii or Vegas, but I have come to terms that I probably won’t use it for another 5-10 years.

So the bottom line is: I will sell it for $3,000 you say wait I am only saving $500, but you are wrong!

You are also saving $140 a year in annual fees!

That’s $640 in savings!

And you are saving $87 per extra week

Email me for serious inquiries! Do not contact me if you have a resale service! I will not use you!

Copyright © 2012 louisjbianco All Rights Reserved.


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  1. I still have not sold my Tan Membership! Hurry Summer is Coming!

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