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Movie Review: Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse starring Ving Rhames

Plot Summary
Months after a zombie plague has wiped out 90 percent of the American population, a small group of survivors fight their way cross-country to a rumored refuge on the island of Catalina.

I first saw it and immediately thought oh no another Ving Rhames zombie movie like the one in the mall. Which wasn’t bad, but wasn’t great.

According to imdb this is a television movie. I never saw it on TV, but I did rent the DVD.

If you are into the Zombie genre, like I am… You will love this movie! It’s great! Almost like how it would really go down… For more on that view my post on deadliest warrior: vampires vs zombies and the Walking Dead.

Anyway, the plot is cool the story is exciting almost like an alternate group of survivors from the Walking Dead (which I’m sure that’s what they were aiming for in this B-Movie)

The cinematography is excellent! Great angles and quality shots, not your typical B-Movie where it looks like they made it in their garage! Some of the CGI and makeup was a little poor, but just ignore it and go with the flow.

Rent this movie! If it’s cheap and you like Zombie movies… Buy it!

One day it may save your life! Lmao!

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