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Recipe: Lou’s Honey-mustard fantastic chicken

Chicken cutlets thin sliced

Mushrooms: regular and Shitake one box sliced each or if you want extra mushrooms get 3 boxes.

4 blend shredded Mexican cheese: Monterey jack, cheddar etc…

Lou’s homemade honey mustard sauce (see post below)


(Optional) bacon

Sauté mushrooms in Cabernet Sauvignon and drizzle of fig balsamic glaze.

Then white the chicken on both sides to speed Cooking.

Then take barely cooked chicken lay flat on deep dish oven pan, pour on honey mustard, top with mushrooms, optional bacon then cover with lots of shredded cheese. Dust top with paprika and cayenne if you want a little kick.

Cook at 350 until done approx 20 min if thin sliced cutlets.

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