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TV Show Review: Biggest Loser: No excuses! (with live play-by-play updates)

2 trainers: Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince

Looks like Anna Kourinkova has dropped out.

PS I sooo miss Jillian Michaels!! I love her!!

The Contestants needed to train with the trainers and pick their trainer after.

Pandemonium has been set free! People passing out, puking, injuries and not knowing their names or what city they are in.

Next season they should take my idea and let the contestants benefit from each trainers knowledge.

Planet fitness partnered with Biggest Loser which is terrible! Because planet fitness has their stupid no grunts rule! And Bob Harper makes them grunt, cry and scream! Which is what fitness is all about! Giving it your all!

These are the smallest contestants I’ve seen on biggest loser so this season should fly!

This time they are splitting up the couples to stop what happened on the season 11 where the older member sacrificed themselves for the younger member.

Special surprise: Santa has had enough of being fat and he has joined the biggest loser!

Santa AKA Roy

There’s also a female former Junior Olympic weightlifter

Emily Joy was born in Dunkirk, New York and raised in Silver Creek, New York with her older brother. When Emily was eight, her father began coaching her in Olympic weightlifting. She competed in the National Junior Olympics and the Empire State Games, earning medals in all meets.

It’s too early to pick a winner, but keep an eye on the big men, they have the most to loose!

Buddy – down 22 whopping pounds!! The first week WOW!!

Ben, He may make it to the finale, but he looks like he is holding too much muscle to win the Finale. This guy is an Animal! WOW he saved the young girl and sacrificed himself after loosing 15lbs! He lost 50lbs by himself at home with his family!! See anyone can do it!

Jeremy, I’m Picking him at 1st glance!

Mike, another big boy! depends on his motivation!


Keep an eye on these guys!

Hold The Presses!!!

Being active came easily as a child for Falmouth, Michigan native Kim Nielsen; she played basketball and softball, and in high school, she was the MVP and an all-state athlete for both sports. Her success as an athlete inspired her to become a professional wrestler. She first signed with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), where she wrestled under the name “Desire.” She later worked with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and also worked as a model for Natural Muscle magazine. But after breaking her back in a wrestling match six years ago, her career ended. She became pregnant with her third child, stopped exercising and started overeating. Now a single mother of three at age 38, Kim weighs 252 pounds and says she is tired of hiding from fans, friends and family because of the way she looks. She wants to be around as long as possible for her children and have the energy to keep up with them. Kim looks forward to losing the weight so she can wear a bikini when she takes her kids to the beach, go horseback riding and enjoy all that life has to offer instead of letting her weight hold her back.

My Pick! Former WWE and TNA Wrestler!

She was in excellent shape, she has the tools and just needs motivation! She Broke her back in the ring and is afraid to re-injure herself and psychologically that is why she is overweight! Once she realizes she is healthy and she can do it, trust me she will run away with the show!

Kim Neilson

My Pick for winner! Down 13lbs the 1st week!

Dolvett won his first weigh-in!

Week 2
What did I tell you about Kim she immediately stepped up to be the leader!

They are bidding on weight lost for the week for a 5 lb team advantage.

Red team is crazy! 94lbs!! In week 2! Wow! Dolvett has got his work cut out for him!!

Dolvett is spray painting 94lbs on the gym wall, Bob is getting annoyed. I would do it too! And I would write 94 on the back of their hands with a sharpie marker!

I actually used to write a 6 on the back of my hands when I was younger and competing in Martial Arts. The six was for 6-pack and I wrote in on the back of my hands, so every time I go to the fridge I see it!

They just took the contestants to the grocery store, if they haven’t done that behind the scenes before, then it’s about time! This is a crucial part of a successful diet! Teach people to eat properly!

American food companies are guilty of making it difficult for people to learn what is actually healthy!

Reduced fat! Or reduced calories!
The question you need to ask is reduced as to what? And how much is it actually reduced?

2000 calories to 1500 calories is better, but the average daily consumption is 2000 calories, 1500 is less, but you still shouldn’t be eating it!

100 calorie pack of…
a lot of companies especially cookie companies make a 100 calorie pack of cookies and brownies.

There are a few flaws here!
1. It’s a cookie if you are trying to loose weight, no cookies are good for you!
2. You develop a mentality that it’s only 100 calories, so you will eat it more frequently and you may have multiple packages!

Fake products simulating real products

What does that mean? I can’t believe it’s not butter! Guess what it’s not butter!! It’s fake butter!

What is butter? Shake up a jar of heavy cream and add some salt. Didn’t you ever make your own baby food jar butter when you were a kid in school? That’s much more healthy then fats and oils and chemicals!

Or Splenda, sweet and low: fake sugar!

Velveeta: fake cheese! Have you ever tried to find Velveeta in the grocery store?

**hint** it’s not with the real cheese in the cooler! It’s in the dry goods section!

If its supposed to be cold and it’s not chances are its fake!! Processed garbage! (with the exception of Parmalat!) Parmalat is ultra high pasteurized homogenized milk. It is cooked at such a high temperature most of the germs are eradicated therefore it doesn’t need refrigeration.

Stay away from fake products!

Bob is getting mad cause Dolvett is using some of the moves he uses! That’s baby bullshit!! Trainers share moves! They learn from each other! Magazines, books etc! I guarantee unless you are using a new product (last 20 or so years old: ab roller, ab ball, the gazelle lol) whatever you have done had already been done! Either in the 20th century or since the dawn of time!!

I guarantee Bob Harper wasn’t the first person to make people do a downward dog (yoga move) and have another person crawl through it. That probably started in the military! How bout teaching them how to low crawl through the sand!! Yuk! I hated them!

I love Bob, but that’s childish!!

Here it is the weigh in!! Will they make 94lbs?

Kim’s up first! She needs an average of 10lbs it doesn’t look good!!! And commercial lol… Down 3lbs!! She may go home!!

Buddy lost another 9lbs! 31lb total! Wow!!

Red team total:
Goal: 94 lbs
Actual loss: 52

Black team has a 5lb advantage! They Need an average 6lb loss each.

Doesn’t look good!

Blacks got it! Red lost… Or did they? Chism the 19 yr old has to loose 5lbs
He nailed an 8!

Red lost! Kim may go home!

Mike’s in trouble!! The girls are ganging up on him for a little slacking!

Looks like mike is gone! But he just quit nicotine! Hopefully he stands by it!

Mike lost 56lbs!! Wow! He’s knocking on the 200lb door!

Week 3 Buddy lost another 9 lbs
Buddy’s total: 40!

Kim lost another 6lbs

Jeremy lost 11!!!

Red team looses weigh-in
Roy is safe

Big rivalry Conde vs Cassandra and Cassandra rocks her!!

Uh uh one vote for Kim!

Lauren 3

Nancy 3

Down to the last vote!

Lauren is going home!

So far she lost 53lbs! Nice job!! She went home and did a half marathon! And she completed it!!

Week 4:
Black team couldn’t use the gym all week, and they are nailing big numbers!

Jeremy lost another 11!
Black team lost 52lbs

Buddy on the red team had a child and went home and he still lost 10lbs!!

Kim’s starting to do good she lost 10lbs!

Red teams weight was flying down to the last person Conde and all she needs to win is to loose more than 2 lbs she dropped 10!!!!

Red team total 58lbs

3 chris (santas wife)
3 Gail
Down to the last vote…
And Gail went home
She lost a total of 56lbs! Good job!!!

Week 5:

Right after the vote off same night they go to the gym and welcome back the Aqua team and it’s time for the weigh-in to see if they lost the 50lbs.

Will they do it?

She lost 26lbs and he lost 34lbs!!

They did it! But no one in the house is happy about it! They are all acting petty! It’s ridiculous! These people didn’t have Bob and Dolvett they did it on their own!

Kim is acting so petty and she only lost 32 total on the ranch and the new guy lost 34 on his own

The new girl is keeping up with the black team and they seem impressed!

Chris (Santa’s girl) is kicking butt! Her time on an exercise circuit of Bob’s was over a min faster then the rest of the team.

Red team:
Conde the slacker was talking crap about the new guy says she’s not impressed. He was the only on that could do more than one rung on the monkey bars. Ps he completed them!
Conde says she hates him.

The challenge use a rebounder to shoot medicine balls over a wall and the rest of the team has to catch them in a big net.

The red team kicks butt! The reward they get to pick someone on their team to have their weight not count at the weigh-in and one on the black team to not count. I would pick nancy or Conde from red and Jeremy from the black!

The red team has a lot of tension because of Conde and Kim’s jealousy! They need to get over it! He lost more weight at home then both of you did on the ranch! He earned his spot on team get over it! And he is right you should both step up your game! Especially Conde!!

They picked nancy and megan!

Nancy lost 4 Megan lost 9 good pick but I would have picked Jeremy

The new girl Daphne only lost 1lb!!! Uh oh! Bob tells her 1lb is a joke! Lucky for her she has immunity!

Then Chism goes and looses 2lbs!
Was my choice correct?
Jeremy lost …9 tied for the highest! That would have also been a good pick so the pick they made was the best pick!

The new guy Adrian is up first what did he get! Remember he has immunity. He only lost 2lbs! Not good!!
Both him and his sited attribute the low number to change of diet.

My pick Kim lost 5lbs.
Santa’s down 4!
This is a low number week for both teams!!

Here comes buddy the hammer!! He keeps hammering big numbers!! He lost another 8lbs!!

Down to Conde the slacker again!! She has to loose more than 5 lbs to win!! I think she will blow it!! And I hope because of it she goes home!! But I think nancy will go if they loose.

Conde down only 2!! Dolvett looses again! Send her home!

Red team has more drama at deliberation! Adrian and his sister were accused of throwing the weigh-in. I thought that was ridiculous!! All this petty bullshit is going to sink the red team!!

1 nancy, 1 mark, 2 nancy uh oh, 2 mark uh oh tie!, 3 nancy, 4 nancy, 5 nancy

Nancy is going home!! She lost 39 total lbs! Not too shabby! Especially given her age! Keep it up!

Week 6:
Excuse: I can’t loose weight without a trainer.
The red team looses the challenge and lost Dolvett for the week, the pain of having to watch on camera hit Dolvett hard.

Kim took the role of pt trainer and leader in Dolvett’s absence. She did a good Job in direction, but as the week progressed the intensity slacked.

The entire time Conde complained about everything, but mostly about Adrian, maybe she has a childish crush on him lol. Since mentally she acts 13!

The black team got to go to lunch with the beautiful new nutritionist (which is the best addition to this season!!!) she asked them what they would normally order and let me tell you no wonder why they are super fat! 2 meals plus dessert!

The new girl said a meal, appetizer, pancakes and dessert!!!! Pancakes too are you kidding me!!

Conde dropped 8 I’m surprised!
Kim’s turn: she dropped 6 her body is starting to slim she’s like a solid block now no huge rolls, but no curves yet. She’s doing good.

Santa lost 7

Mark dropped 7 he’s down to 244

The Hammer buddy is up and he just Hammered another 9lbs!!! Someone is going to have to screw him in later weeks, because he will definitely win the title of biggest loser!

Adrian’s moment of truth! Last week he only lost 2 lbs his first week on the ranch, today he dropped…9lbs

Red team total: 51lbs with no trainer!!

Black team:
Daphne: lost 8lbs last week she lost 1lb! Total loss 35lbs so far!

Cassandra was 200lbs last week today she will shatter that threshold she lost 5lbs finally into the 100’s at 195!

Chris Santa’s wife drops 5

Megan (who’s cute, and I believe will be drop dead gorgeous at the finale) dropped 6 lbs

Emily dropped 7

Jeremy and Chism need to drop 9 Each to win the weigh-in

Jeremy drops… 12!!!! Wow! Hopefully as he gets smaller his pancake nipples will shrink or he is in trouble yuk!

Chism’s turn! He needs to drop more than 5… I think he’s got this in the bag! He nails a 13!! His biggest number to date!
total loss 56lbs

Red team goes to elimination.. Who will go? Mark or Adrian

Conde has immunity Grrr 😦

Buddy is thinking strategically and thinking of keeping Adrian for his potential and voting off a smaller player to help strengthen the team. If he can spread that message to the other players Adrian will be safe.

Kim and Conde have it out for Adrian!

Adrian 3, Mark 2

That’s it Adrian is going home after hearing buddy talk and yes Adrian is going home! So far he lost 100lbs!! Will he win the at home prize at the finale?

With that number he very well may!! Wow! He virtually did this by himself! So if he can do it, everyone can do it on their own!!

Get Motivated… Get Active… Get Fit!!

Week 7:

Bob and Dolvett pick 1 person from each team to go home. Surprise they are going with them.

New rivals Conde and Adrian’s sister Daphne get to go home for a week and when they return only their weight loss counts at the weigh-in.

Are you serious!! Daphne!!! She just got here!! And she’s an outside and will probably be voted off at the black teams first weigh-in!!

Chris is acting crazy! Thinking Bob betrayed her for not picking her, because at the last weigh-in she told Bob she needed his help this week to loose extra weight.

Behind the choice:
Dolvett wants to get to the bottom of Conde’s attitude, (Daddy issues!!)

Bob knows how Conde rode Adrian the whole time and ultimately eliminated him. Bob wants to fuel the fight between them, so he chose Daphne to go head to head with Conde so she can use that fire to beat her! That’s actually a good choice on Bob’ behalf, because again almost all her weight loss was done at home.

I just feel it isn’t fair to everyone else, because she just got there and they have been stuck there for 7 weeks and it ultimately might drive a bigger wedge between her and the rest of the team.

Now Jeremy is whining (in Conde like fashion after all that is his sister) saying he didn’t come to make his own workouts, he came to train with Bob.

Santa is in pain and feeling his age.

Red team has an advantage they lost the challenge where they lost their trainer for a week and Kim took over.

All of their energy levels suck!! Especially the black team. No one is sweating!! Chris was barely wiggling the rope. I can’t wait to see the scales!!! If that was the truth and not creative editing on the part of the show. Some people might actually gain weight!!

Oh now Bob is egging her on!! Conde eliminated your brother!!

I hope Daphne crushes Conde!!

Back to the dietitian, showing them Biggest loser (lean cuisine like) meals that are fresh never frozen and 250 calories a serving. But how big is a serving? Is it realistic?

Dolvett babysits while Conde goes to dinner with her girlfriends. Before he lets her go he gives her letters from the red team.

The teams still have a challenge. The team that wins gets Valentine letters from their family.

They have to dig under three logs. The winner of the challenge gives either Conde or Daphne a 1 lb advantage and the winner of the weigh-in gets another 1 lb

The red team clears the 1st log while Jeremy is stuck bad like Winnie the Pooh!!

I have a feeing no matter who wins the biggest loser will give everyone the letters.

It’s getting close but the red team is slightly ahead, as they win!!!

Conde gets a 1lb advantage!

Now Daphne has to kick Conde’s butt by far!!

He brings Conde to a girls basketball team?

Bob brings Daphne to the Willis tower to do the stairs! Nice!! I love it!! Take her to the sky deck! See my review on this site of the Willis tower (formerly the Sears Tower) Bob reads the letters from the black team to her. Bob wants to get to the top 103rd floor in an hr. Daphne sounds like she’s about to have a heart attack!

Dolvett is teaching Conde teamwork doing team drills.

They are at floor 93 and Bob starts in with the Conde heckling again lol

Even Dolvett starts in with Daphne chants!

Daphne made it to the top in under an hour. And they are in the skybox!! Lol still not sure if I like that idea lol

Weigh in

Chris drops 5
Jeremy drops 6 and is sad
Emily down 5

Bob already wants to kill them next week

Megan drops 4
Cassandra drops 6 nice!! She’s down to 189!
Chism drops 7 and he’s under 300!

Black team drops total 33lbs
Red team needs to loose 27lbs

Red team:
Kimmy drops 4
Buddy drops 7!
Santa Roy drops 9 nice!!
Kim is down 9!!! Wow she is at 200lbs even
Red team wins one more pound!
And they still have Mark to weigh-in
Mark is down 10!! Wow!!

Conde’s got the 2lb advantage

Daphne is up first: down 12!!!

Conde’s turn: she has to drop more than 10lbs
Will that dinner wreck her?
Down exactly 10! Red team looses
Chism screams out yes!! (he’s black team)
Will they send Conde home? I would!

Daphne said its nice beating Conde but not seeing Conde cry.

This is a tight group who will go? Kimmy? She’s the smallest.

1 vote Roy (Santa) looks like 2 Roy, 3 Roy! Roy’s going home!

Conde’s still crying and sends Roy home! It’s bullshit he lost 9lbs this week!! And has been pretty consistent.

He is working with kids and trying to give kids a positive role model as a thin fit Santa!

Now he weighs in at 230!! Nice job Santa!!

Week 8:
I lack self control
Buddy’s b-day and they have a cake.
2nd temptation a giant table of food. Pizza, mozzarella sticks, Crab Rangoon, Reese’s cups, venison steak, fried chicken, apple turnover, supreme burrito, glazed donut, spaghetti, chicken parm

Winner gets to stack the teams!

Chris (Santa’s wife) just ate 1,039 calories!!!! Wow!! (which is actually less than the average meal at a chain restaurant eg: TGI Fridays, Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse etc)

Daphne headed straight for the Reese’s! 9 plates of Reese’s! 1890 Calories!!

Daphne traded Conde to the black team and Jeremy to the red team.

Jeremy is mad because he thinks it wasn’t a strategic move. That she could have totally changed the game.

But I believe that was a good move, Jeremy and Buddy are now on the same team!! I would have put Chism on the red team too that definitely would sink the black team!

They all kind of know Daphne made the swap, but since she won’t admit it, tension is high and no one truly trusts anyone! Bob know and is pressuring Daphne to admit it, which isn’t fair, because Biggest Loser kept it a secret!

Let’s see how her swap affects the challenge! It’s a giant puzzle and the winning team gets 2 weeks at the biggest loser resort!

The red team wins!! Looks like her strategy is working! She knows she is gone so she wants to eliminate the entire black team and because Jeremy is an outsider he will in essence be the first to go… Will that come true or will the red team embrace him? I think at that point they will see him as a threat and eliminate him! But at his size will he win immunity and be safe? Right now it’s all a bunch of what ifs… But her plan is looking good!

How bad will Bob flip out if he is eliminated? Can his ego handle it?

Chism’s is upset, because his dad beat him!

Bob is counseling Cassandra and making her verbalize positive points about herself

Dolvett is consoling Kim, because she is missing her child’s birthday

Bobs pressuring her again saying she’s isolating herself. When she does it doesn’t go well! They say hello capt obvious!

Dolvett is kicking their butt! Jeremy is joking around saying when Dolvett asks for double digits on the scale now he has someone that can actually do it lol Buddy was like no you didn’t (say that lol)

Most dramatic weigh-in ever!!! Dolvett has to jump in to stop the bickering!!

Dolvett is taking the red team to a subway breakfast… But he didn’t tell them they are hiking! He brings them into subway and tells them this isn’t the subway and makes them hike further! Lol they hiked over 6 miles, lol here’s the question did they hike back?

Kim admits she was adopted and that’s why it’s so tuff to be away from her kids, Dolvett admits he was adopted too!

He is letting her call her little daughter.

Daphne thinks the black team is sabotaging the weigh-in she sees them all eating bread! And Chris confirms it in an interview segment. I think her reservation will come true! I think daphne will get immunity for being the biggest loser. And if they gain weight instead of losing then they are automatically on the chopping block!

Chism better not do it or Mark will kill him!! Speaking of Chism he is probably one of the reasons they are trying to pass this anti bullying laws. Chism the jism! They had to have called him that! C’mon who calls their kid Chism!!!

The weigh-in:
Red team
Jeremy loses 11 (he’s gonna need a nipple reduction! Do they have those?)

Kim about to break the 200 plateau!! Down 7!

Mark down 8!

Kimmy down 5

Buddy hammered a 12!! He is the hammer!!

43 lbs total!!

Black Team:

Chris Drops 5

Megan drops 2 (remember the black teams eating bread and throwing the weigh-in)

Chism down 5

Cassandra down 1!!

Emily down 2!

Conde gains 1!!

Daphne needs to be the biggest loser did she do it? No!! She Gained 2!!! WOW!! She will be going home!

The black team only lost 12lbs! Chris was the biggest loser!

Chris gave Daphne her word she wouldn’t vote for her she kept her word and voted for Chism

Daphne voted for you guessed it Conde

Everyone else voted for Daphne

Sparks fly when it gets to Conde and the host started it! She asked Daphne was she protecting her brother or getting revenge, Daphne answered both! and Conde jumped in with a comment that she doesn’t hold a grudge, because she wants to be a good role model for her daughter (that’s a big bunch of bullshit!) Karma will give her a big kick in the head!

Daphne is down 71lbs total!!

Next week’s preview is crazy!! They all go home and when they get back Chris hits the floor panting and is in medical trouble!

Week 9:
The contestants go home for 18days

If they loose 5% of their weight they get immunity and everyone can win immunity.

If everyone reaches their goal there will be no elimination.

It’s not going to be easy for the big guys Jeremy and Buddy they have to loose 16lbs

The second they get home and kiss their loved ones they get a dvd and the dvd says they have a rowing challenge right now! The first one to row 10k meters gets $10k and they all get to keep the rowers as a gift to help them stay healthy.
3 contestants named Emily as their biggest competitor in this challenge.

Emily’s dad is right there coaching her like in the past.

Conde is currently beating Jeremy he vows he will beat Conde! So far Chism is in the lead and Emily is 2nd.

Just past Halfway thought Chris drops out

Jeremy passes Conde

The last thousand is close!!!!

Mark, Chism, Kim, Emily, Jeremy

Who will win?

The winner won by only 7 seconds!

You have to wait till the weigh-in…

The contestants face their fears and the foods and habits that got them on the ranch.

The best scene was:
Megan is now small enough to ride her horse on her own, and without a step stool. It was a happy scene!

She is cute, I predict she will be drop dead gorgeous at the finale with guys standing in line to date her!

Last chance workout!! Here comes the pain!!

Jeremy cried when he came to the red team, now he told Dolvett he loves him!

Bobs swearing and on them like white on rice!

Chris hits the ground after rowing and has an asthma attack! Needs a medic to help her control her breathing, but she’s back up and running!

Usually when people go home the scales are a disaster!!! Will it happen again?

Kim has fears about the weigh-in Dolvett questions if his advice is given too late!!

The trainers know what they are going home to they should have sent them home with a WRITTEN tentative plan with some exercises that incorporate their families/children.

Mark and Chism had an ultimate frisbee game that was a great activity!

Kim could have taken her kids ice/roller skating!

The rowing winner is:

Who won Chism or Kim?

Red team weigh-in

Buddy: Down a ridiculous 23 pounds!!! Way to go bro!! He broke the 300lb barrier at 294lbs 109lb total loss! The hammer kicks ass!! Immune!

Jeremy: down 20! Down to 289! He lost over 100lbs too! Immune!

Kimmy: down 10! immune!

Mark: down 11 missed immunity by 1lb!!
Current weight 215lbs!! Not immune

He could actually have a six-pack at the finale!!

Kim: are her fears going to come true? Or did she do enough? Down 7 lbs! not Bad!! But not enough! Not immune

Red total: 71lbs

Black team: they need 78lbs

Conde: also nervous!! Needs 13lbs. down 14! Immune!!

Emily: down 17! I knew it!! And she is 199 she broke the 200lb plateau! Immune!

Megan: down 12! Immune!

Chris: down 11!! Wow!! Immune!

Cassandra: she had a cookie! How was the rest of her diet?
Down 13! Immune!

Chism: Chism needs to loose 12 for the win
If he looses the weight Kim and Mark go to elimination if he doesn’t he is automatically eliminated, because everyone on the black team has immunity!

Mark is well liked so Kim may go home! He is also 215 so they may feel he can succeed at home, also the girls might stand together! This is the most anticipated weigh-in finale yet to date in this competition!!!

Lucky for Chism his team lost a lot of weight making his mark 12 instead of 15

Chism: down 11 Chism lost!!! He is going home! Mark is in tears!! Almost everyone is crying!

Mark tries to throw himself on the sword for Chism.

Chism mans up!! And Dolvett praises him!! And so does Bob!

Everyone is in tears!! Black and Red!

Mark wanted to go home with him, Chism wouldn’t let him!

Next week the trainers are switched!!

Mayhem again!! Everyone is crying and bitching again!!

Week 10:
The girls go to ballet with a hot instructor and Dolvett shows up in tights and a red tank top lol

The winner of the weigh-in picks the opposing team member to vote off!! Buddy is in trouble!!
Red team:
Buddy -5
Mark -3
Kimmy -2
Jeremy -7
Kim -4

Total: 22 lbs
Low numbers!! Especially with Bob as the trainer!

Black Team:
Cassandra -3
Chris -1
Megan -1
Emily -4
Conde -3

Total: 12lbs!!
Emily is biggest loser and can’t go home!

Cassandra 2
Chris 2
Down to Buddy’s vote!
Cassandra is going home!

Cassandra says she is afraid to gain all the weight back!

Kim tells Cassandra that she leaves because she is a threat

Allison tells her she is going home with the highest percentage of weightloss ever for a female on campus!!

Next week is singles week!!
Jessica Simpson surprises the contestants!

Week 11:
Theme I don’t believe in myself.
Time for the yellow line!!

Challenge: a tug of war ring! Jeremy and Buddy have the advantage! Oh buddy is not medically cleared stress fracture! Jeremy has the biggest advantage!

9 prizes! White elephant game!

Oh ps they are on ice! Jeremy went to grab the rope and fell! Emily had the rope, lost it! Kim hit the ground, Conde hit the ground , Conde and Jeremy teamed up! Jeremy wins first place!

Megan has the rope so does Mark! It’s a race to the buzzer!

Mark gives Megan second place!
Megan 2nd place!

Chris is helping Mark
Mark 3rd place!

Conde has the rope!
4th place!

Kim falls Chris has 5th place!

Kim gets 6th

Emily vs Kimmy! Wow!! Kimmy beats Emily!!
Kimmy 7th

Emily 8th

Buddy! 9th and he wins a biggest loser hat lol

Hat, phone for a day, autographed pic of Alison, deluxe box of chocolate, 1 lb advantage, $1 lol, extra vote at elimination!, a goldfish lol, shopping with a celebrity (Jessica Simpson) Jeremy took Conde’s goldfish lol and gave Conde Jessica Simpson and she gets to invite a friend!

I love my sister, but She’s not getting Jessica Simpson! Pregnant or not pregnant lol!!

Bob lays it all on the table for Emily and tells her she must believe in herself or she is going home!

Dolvett takes Kimmy indoor mountain climbing because of her fear of heights.

Kim is starting to look as thin as Mark!

Kim is in size 10 jeans… They are all doing great!!!

Back to the hot nutritionist Rachael! She’s showing them Progressive light soup. I don’t like soup, because they tend to have high carbs and high sodium. Progressive used to make a low carb chicken con queso soup that was amazing!!!

Plus don’t let the cans fool you! They say under 100 calories but there are 2 servings per can! Who eats half a can c’mon!!

Kimmy -4
Conde -7 wow safe!
Jeremy -9 safe!! 116lb total loss
Megan -6 safe! 61lbs total loss
Buddy -8 the hammer hammers another big number! But not enough to be safe. 122lb total loss!
Kim – did she eat the chocolates? Did she eat them all? Then go shopping?
Kim -6 safe! 76 total loss
Chris -7 wow! For her size! That’s a lot -63 total pounds
Mark -9! Wow!! Super amazing! At his size the thinnest in the house! 87lbs total loss

Kimmy below yellow

Will it be Buddy or Emily joining Kimmy below the yellow line?

Emily -5 she needed more than 5lbs! She is probably going home! Because of Kimmy’s Alliances.

Mark has 2 votes will he save her? Or kill her chances!

Kimmy -2
Emily -3
Mark kills Emily! 2 votes!

Blames it on him loosing Chism and he won’t separate mother and daughter.

So much for parents sacrificing themselves for the younger Players!

Emily goes to see Olivia.
Olivia looks like she gained some back.

Olivia says she’s a good opera singer!
What will happen??

Week 12:
I can’t loose weight on vacation
Off to Hawaii

Here comes Bob & Dolvett
They are giving them the night off with the promise of a workout in the morning.

Conde asks: who goes on vacation and plans to loose weight? Thats because she doesn’t know me lol

When I go on vacation I am in the gym every morning, (the gym makes me relax) then I go have fun, When I went to Disney, I actually met Montell Williams at the Grand Floridian gym and a couple NFL players at the (I believe) Disney Academy gym (an amazing Gym!)

Dolvett goes after them and tells them to stop relaxing, and tells them to swim! Do some laps! He goes after Kim tells her to swim cause she’s on the chopping block and a threat!

Then they get a real treat, they meet the real professional surfer from the movie Soul Surfer: the beautiful Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm in a shark attack. A real testament to if I can do it, you can too!

Bethany teaches the contestants to surf.
They are using larger than coffee table sized longboards, but they are surfing…

Dolvett and Kimmy get over their fear of the ocean, and they surf.

Now they are taking a Hawaiian pop quiz, winner gets a 1 pound advantage.
Kim and Chris 3 pts each
Tie breaker question.
Chris Wins the 1lb advantage

Dolvett is doing a balance on your butt competition and Jeremy looses. He has to ride a bike to power the blender

They are making Yoplait chocolate banana smoothie

130 calories
Made with Skim milk

Found at any grocery store (allegedly)

Dolvett and Kim have a heart to heart, he wants to make sure she is ok and will be over the yellow line.

Bob is making Conde, chris and Megan row the traditional Hawaiian boats into the ocean. He’s making them jump out of the boat and do pull ups off the end of the boat and then swim to shore, Megan is afraid of the fish in the water, but she eventually does it. Then Bob has them running on the beach, lifting kettle bells and wiggling ropes

Dolvett has the rest lifting weights, shoveling sand, lifting logs, running and jumping around on the beach.

Competition time:
An amazing view!
The winner gets immunity!
They have to run up and down the hill and find leis, they need to find blue leis in a giant field of Tons of leis they have to run them back and put them on an opponents tiki, 10 leis on a tiki and that player is eliminated.

Buddy isn’t medically cleared so he will sit out. (stress fracture)

There is a black lei called the death lei find it and hang it on an opponents tiki and they are automatically eliminated.

I’m betting on mark! Unless the girls team up and eliminate him first

Bob gives an exercise circuit that you can do anywhere

20 jumping jacks
20 lunges
20 pushups
3-5 sets
And you will definitely loose weight!

Jeremy gives Conde another win!
Conde gets immunity, but she carbs gain weight! If she does she is automatically below the yellow line!

Kim feels alone, Mark goes to give Kim company, and give her praise! He is being really cool! He told Kim he won’t vote for her! Because she has the same work ethic as her. They are both upset about people being lazy and just coasting by (Conde and Megan) who are also the 2 largest girls! The rest are starting to look like normal women, not obese women.

Now they are at Pearl Harbor! That’s where I reallllllly want to go above all other places. The USS Arizona memorial! Bob is in tears!

The weigh in:
Conde: -4 immune
Chris: -3 +1lb advantage safe!
Mark: -4 200lbs he has never been at or below 200lbs as an adult! Next week if he is here he will break that mark (no pun intended) he is safe!
Jeremy: -7 safe! Total loss 123lbs!
Megan: -3 in trouble!
Buddy: -6 safe! 128lb total loss!
Kimmy: -2 below the yellow line!!
Kim: Kim can push Megan below and it will be a mother, daughter elimination!!!
Kim: -5 Kim nails a 5!

Elimination: Kimmy and Megan
I’m sure Kimmy will sacrifice herself for her daughter. And she does!

Kim says the truth it’s surprising both or any of them are still here.

Kim says its the same situation as last week Megan is the bigger threat and they should vote her off instead of honoring Kimmy’s wish. Which is absolutely true, but I believe it will effect Conde hard if Megan goes and it will change the entire dynamic of the house.

Mark votes for Kimmy
Jeremy votes for Kimmy
Buddy votes for Kimmy

Kimmy is gone

Chris is crying, said she loves and will miss her, Kim says the same thing.

Kimmy is down 65lbs total.

Week 13:
Cash prize for each pound they loose in week 13!
Exercise is boring
Newman’s own
Load 150 cases in the truck. They can only take one box at a time.
Winner gets a 1lb advantage, and their hometown gets food for the poor.

Again poor Buddy isn’t cleared.

Kim and Megan close, Kim is 10 boxes ahead of Mark. Mark and Megan are Tied.

Mark was smart he took the heavy boxes first!

Megan dropped to 3rd. Mark is one box behind Kim, Mark takes the lead!

Mark wins! 30,479 lbs of grocery. If the contestants finish they each get a truckload of food to each of their hometowns. They are all working together now.

$150,000 worth of food donated by Newman’s Own.

PS I love Paul Newman and I really miss his Contributions to the World! He was one of my favorite actors!

Later a visit from Antone Davis!

Bob called Megan out on her mediocrity. Told her she has the lowest percentage of weight loss in the house.

Exercise is boring: off the ranch they go!
Dolvett takes them to a Zumba class lol.

They are all embarrassed lol
They are actually letting Buddy do it! They are all smiling and having fun.

Buddy is up front with the instructor teaching the class lol

Dolvett is dancing salsa with Kim lol

Now Jeremy is up with the instructor loving it!

Jeremy is cheating on his dietitian with the instructor lol… just kidding

Megan’s updating her video diary
documenting her homework.

Newman’s own lite balsamic commercial! By Bob check it out!

Off to the store:
Another excuse: eating right is boring

Challenge: 7 min to come up with recipe and get ingredients

Then 20min to cook at the ranch

The winner gets $1000 for every pound lost.

Conde knocks Buddy into a soda stack!

3 criteria:
Nutritional value

Chris’s Chicken isn’t cooked, she didn’t have a lot of time to cook the cutlet due to other people using the burners. She had to use a smaller burner in the back.

What she should have done was filet her large cutlet in half or purchased thin sliced cutlets. It would have cooked much faster. Or she could have thrown it on the grill.

3 guest judges
And Becky!
From season 12

Jeremy banana surprise. Not very good lol

They comment are you kidding me!

Megan: pan seared tilipia with mixed veggies

they comment (high sodium)

Conde: cabbage stew with grilled turkey
They comment very good and they want to serve it at a party of theirs

Chris: raw chicken: broccoli stuffed chicken breast, with honey glaze.

They comment raw!

Mark: marinated chicken over spinach salad with feta cheese.

They comment nice but feta not needed just adds sodium, fat and calories

Buddy: tropical chicken salad –

They comment full fat mayo! You should have used low fat or fat free!

Kim: teriyaki beef over portobello mushroom, with cheese.

They comment although there is cheese it tastes amazing.

Kim jokes they said they like Jeremy’s better. Everyone laughs

Winning dish: Kim or Conde?

The Winner is: Kim!

Vinny says Jeremy what were you thinking!

Chris: Antone says she was making excuses. In a season of no excuses.

After the challenge Chris hits the gym, Antone hits the gym to apologize to her If he offended her at the challenge.

He hopes he sparked her! Chris feels like she is back at square one, she doesn’t know why strangers call her out.

Bob’s wearing a striped shirt, he says workouts don’t need to be boring and neither do your workout clothes lol

Bob is looking at her video diary. And praising her and motivating her for her work.

Last chance workout!

Dolvett set up an obstacle course, Mark just wants to beat Kim lol

Kim wants to beat Mark!!

Kim wins!! 2:37

Bob is making them do squat thrusts and deadlifts, pushups, pull ups, sprints,

Yelling constantly at Megan lol tells Conde to beat Megan and tells her he will cut her hair off and kill her with it if Conde beats her at rowing lol

He doesn’t want Megan to fall below the yellow line again!

Dolvett is pushing Kim because of the $1000 per pound lost.

Bob is confronting Chris about what Antone said to her. He supports her and reinforces how far she has come. He says she is strong, when she is challenged, and she will be, she has to show others how strong she is.

Weigh in:

Kim: -7 she wins $7,000!

Mark: -0 +1lb advantage! And he is stuck at the 200lb mark! He doubts himself! And why he pushed hard. Dolvett sets him straight

Buddy: -6 he needed 11lbs to be safe. He’s in trouble! With Mark!

Conde: -7!! Wow safe! About time! She’s kicking butt!

Jeremy: -6 safe!

Chris: -4 safe!

Megan: with her special help it looks like Buddy and Mark are below the line!

Megan: -4! Wow she needed more than 4! Not safe!

There is no way, they will send Mark home unless he sacrifices himself.

Looks like Megan is going home. Will that effect Conde?

Kim is the biggest loser and the biggest loser percentage wise on campus! I told you keep an eye on her! Former Pro wrestler who broke her back. She just feared re-injuring herself. Keep in that is a crazy serious injury, it’s not like me injuring my shoulder. Yes I had surgery, if I re-injure my shoulder I will be in pain and won’t be able to use it. If she gets hurt she may never walk again!

Jeremy votes Megan

Conde votes for Megan!!! Wow!! That’s freaking crazy!! She voted for her best friend!! What snakes in the grass!!

Chris votes for Megan!

Megan is eliminated!

Megan lost a total of 70lbs!!

She’s racing her horse for the first time in 3yrs. Her and her boyfriend got engaged and her boyfriend lost 80lbs at home!

She’s wearing a size 12 wedding dress!

Week 14:
Makeover week! And off to the white house to meet First Lady Michelle Obama

Climb cargo net grab ball climb down and use slingshot to shoot your picture twice
Winner gets 1lb advantage, looser gets 1lb deficit

Kim, Buddy, Chris and Mark hit the glass, Conde and Jeremy Didn’t.

Buddy wins! Gets 1lb advantage!
Marks out!
Jeremy hits the wood hits the glass over and over but doesn’t break!
Conde hits once.
Jeremy hits once.
Kim’s out!
Jeremy is out!
Down to Chris and Conde!
Chris is out!
Conde gets 1lb disadvantage!

Time for makeovers!
Makeover with Jeannie Mai
A message from Michelle Obama and an invitation to the White House.

They have all their old clothes!
And they must face them!
Some of them try them on.

Wow they all look good!

Kim and Mark look amazing!

Mark’s in tears it’s great!!

Kim’s in a size 6 dress!

Now to Ken Paves for a hairstyle.

Will Mark & Buddy Shave?

Mark Shaved!!!

Conde donates hair to locks of love!

This unveiling is going to be crazy!!
Wow! Mark’s younger kids and his wife are there. No Chism.

Chris with her new dyed hair! Looks much younger!
Her kids are there but no Santa Roy!

Buddy’s up
No glasses and shaved!
His wife and children are there.
Buddy looks great!

Conde dyed her hair light and cut it!
They did a great job with her hair!
Her whole family is there and in walks Jeremy
Kim looks amazing!!
Dolvett looks like he has a crush lol
now to meet the First Lady.
To be continued!
Michelle Obama works out with them!

Not sure if this is week 15 or continuation of week 14: but it may be both so…..

Week 15:
At the White House! With family and First Lady Michelle Obama
She congratulates everyone and personally hugs each of them. Now she is working out with them, and working up a big sweat!

Buddy gives Mrs Obama a fist bump lol
She is tearing it up at 48!!

The biggest families are also suited up and working out too! Even Conde’s daughter!

They are all hanging in!

Pala- presidential active lifestyle award
Now’s your chance to vote for your favorite player while helping the First Lady’s Let’s Move! initiative and the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition spread the message of a healthy lifestyle by participating in the PALA+ Challenge! The Biggest Loser contestant who gets the most people to sign up for the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award Challenge between now and the Season 13 finale will win a brand new $30,000 gym to donate to the school or community group of their choice. Those who achieve the PALA+ Challenge will earn a certificate signed by the President of the United States!

So login or create an account on the PALA site to cast your vote – and do your part to help get America moving!

Chris isn’t my favorite contestant, Kim is, but Chris comes from a poor neighborhood and can benefit from it the most!

Chris calls Roy:
Santa Roy misses Chris bad, Roy wants her to come home and she pigs out bad!! Burgers with mayo and mushrooms, grilled cheese sandwich etc.. Wow! Looks like she will be going home to Roy!

I missed Buddy

Kim is under the yellow line!!

Buddy is Safe

Jeremy -11 safe

Conde – 5 not safe -1lb disadvantage

Mark -4 safe! 196lbs! 95lb total loss

Chris +2 lbs!!!

Chris and Kim are up for elimination!

Buddy says now is the time to eliminate Kim but she worked so hard and wants to be final 4 more than Chris.

Hopefully, Kim will stay!

It may be a tie! Then Chris will go home!

If Mark, Buddy vote Chris
Conde and Jeremy vote Kim its a tie and Chris gained weight so she would be out…

What will happen!!

Conde votes Chris!! Buddy votes Chris!

Kim made Buddy cry cause Buddy called her a Sister to him! And Kim cried thanking him.

Chris says her family needs her and thank you!

Chris is down to 156!! Her and Roy are looking great together! And working out together.

Next week:
All the contestants walk off and shut down the production!! What!!

Week 16:
Mark, Kim, Jeremy, Conde and Buddy want to quit!
They heard past eliminated contestants are coming back.

Bob and Dolvett are at a loss for words! This isn’t new that contestants are allowed to earn a shot back on the ranch.

Now Allison and the lawyer is sitting down with the contestants.

Basically they are crybabies! Last year the same thing happened with Ramon and the marathon! So it’s not a surprise!! It was actually written in black and white in the contract! As the lawyer pointed out!

Bags are packed. Mark is leaving! Buddy is leaving! Wow!!!

I’ll bet Daphne and Adrian come back and I’ll bet they look amazing!!

The contestants competed in the tough mudder!!!

I actually have a guest writer, who has run a few mudders, writing a tough mudder article right now as we speak, I am actually training with him tomorrow helping him get ready for the next one. I may run the one after in the fall.

Motivation for the week is a new Ford Escape!
There is a red line 3 contestants! Under red line goes home!

Bob has Conde pulling the Ford Escape!

Dolvett is killing Jeremy and Kim in the gym.

There is a surprise in the gym a giant screen! It is the first episode of the show! And highlights of the season!

Conde’s looking small today, like she finally broke down the walls. You can see it in her face!

Conde -10 wow told u she looked thin!
Kim -15lbs!! Holy crap!!!
Either Jeremy or Conde are going home

Kim’s in the finale! Will she win the SUV?

I predict 15 or higher for Jeremy! Dolvett tore it up in the gym!

Jeremy -10! Jeremy is going home! Jeremy lost 150lbs total

Conde is on to the finale. And Kim wins the SUV!

What’s stranger is both Bob and Dolvett each have a team member and neither of them is eliminated.

Here comes all the eliminated players!

Week 17:
The Conde and Jeremy team is done or is it? The contestants return!

Wow! A few look good! Mike looks amazing!

Emily looks great too! So does Cassandra!

Top 8 in weigh in move on!
Jeremy lost 150lbs
Chris lost 74lbs
Megan lost 70lbs
Kimmy lost 65lbs
Emily lost 89lbs!!!
Cassandra lost 81lbs!!!
Chism lost 96lbs
Daphne lost 67lbs
Roy lost 79lbs
Adrian lost 79lbs
Nancy lost 49lbs
Gail lost 73lbs
Loren lost 74lbs wow!!
Mike lost 114lbs!!! Wow!!
Ben lost 99lbs!! At home!

Daphne is out
Adrian is out
Nancy is out
Gail is out
Roy is out
Chism is out
Ben is out

Next round:

Can Jeremy beat Emily or Cassandra or even Mike? Probably not! Especially if it’s a run! If its the tough mudder he’s in big big trouble!

Dolvett and the contestants make fancy sandwiches with jenny o turkey

Now he is kicking their butts!

Bob is killing Emily, Chris,Conde, Cassandra and Megan outside.

Dolvett has Jeremy, Mike, Kim, Loren, and Kimmy in the gym.

Chris is not medically cleared and is eliminated!

100yard dash!! Who will win!
Cassandra smoked everyone!

Emily and Kimmy eliminated!! Wow!!

Next round! A puzzle: match food and calories.

Mike’s in
Jeremy’s in
Loren’s in

Cassandra and Megan eliminated

Final round:
Stand on the post and hold the giant ticket to the finale overhead! Who will win!

Jeremy egging them on and tormenting them lol. He won’t shut up lol
2hrs and now they can’t switch hands.
2hrs 20 min not 1 hand and 1 foot!

Mike has opposite hand and foot will his tactic pay off?

Jeremy & Lauren are using same side hand and foot

Lauren hits the ground and is eliminated

Both Jeremy and Mike are in pain. 2:40 min

just under 4 hrs mike quits! And is eliminated

Jeremy makes it to the finals!!
He hugs and swings Alison around lol

I’m still sticking with Kim!! She will amaze you I bet! The pro wrestler will emerge again! She lost 105lbs so far!

Will she return to WWE or TNA?

We will see at the finale next tues live

Don’t miss the live finale tonight!!

After the first round of at home contestants Cassandra is in the lead:


After the 2nd round Emily beat Cassandra by 1 pound!!!

Mike kills the at home challenge dropping 160lbs!!
2nd person eliminated!

Now time for the grand prize!

Season 9 Sam and Stephanie got married!



Kim looked absolutely amazing probably the hottest contestant ever! She looks back to her pro wrestling days! Kim won the presidential challenge and the local gym for her neighborhood. Against my plea for Chris’ poor neighborhood.











What did I tell you!! Once she realized her back was healed there would be no stopping her!










And the winner is: Jeremy!






In the end, Kim was just out massed! The pure mass of Jeremy won! I think the final judging should instead be judged on final bodyfat percentage!

If Kim’s final bodyfat percentage is 10% and Jeremy is 20% regardless of whether he lost 200 or even 300lbs Kim is more healthy!

Her bodyfat percentage looked low! She couldn’t really loose much more weight! Where Jeremy still has to loose another 60-75lbs his belly was still big. Unless that was excess skin in that case he needs surgery. It might be a combination of both.

Either way the final judging should be based on final bodyfat percentage, like a normal healthy athlete.

Look for Kim to make appearances in WWE or TNA! She probably won’t wrestle, but I’m sure they will beg her to make appearances and I’m sure she will take advantage of her new body and popularity!

Copyright © 2012 louisjbianco All Rights Reserved.


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