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NFL: Giants vs Dallas! 1st place or Go Home!


The most hated rivals in Football! Just like the Yankees vs Red Sox in baseball.

2 teams one playoff spot! NFC championship game!

Ps Faith Hill looks rockin in that leather!!

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is expected to start in Sunday’s game against the New York Giants after bruising his throwing hand in Week 16.

According to Steve Wyche of, a team source said Romo’s hand has been healing and he isn’t expected to be limited.

Given the Cowboys are battling for the NFC East and a playoff berth on Sunday against the Giants, that’s certainly a good sign.

Romo threw just two passes before injuring his right hand against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 16, banging it on a defender’s helmet as he completed his throwing motion. He had tossed for eight touchdowns and zero interceptions in his previous three games.

The Cowboys are going to need the Romo from those three games instead of the one who has been wildly inconsistent throughout his career. The Cowboys not only face a Giants team that just blasted the New York Jets, 29-14, they have to march into the hostile MetLife Stadium.

Will Romo’s bruised throwing hand affect him on Sunday?


The Giants defense does most of its damage because of the pressure defenders put on the quarterback. The Giants have racked up 41 sacks this season, sixth in the NFL, and defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul has had 15.5 of them.

Pressuring Romo and ensuring he takes some hits in this game could help the Giants pull away from the Cowboys and go on to the playoffs.

Then again, Romo has shown in the past that he can make poor decisions without any pressure, so it all depends on which Tony Romo shows up on Sunday.

One thing’s for sure, though: He will show up.

I agree somewhat with what he said. I’m a diehard Giants fan so I’m a little biased! C’mon Giants cream the Cowboys!

Romo just shook hands with left hand at coin toss!

So far Giants lead 14-0. Keep it up NY don’t relax or Dallas will take the game!
Giants 3rd sack of the Game! They are all over Romo!

This is the way the Giants need to play to win the Superbowl! When you give the quarterback time to do something that’s your doom!

Just look at all the time Rogers had when the Giants played him. He could have ran to the sideline made a peanut butter & jelly sandwich came back and. Completed the play!

That was crazy!!! Eli handed off to Jacobs, Jacobs fumbles, then the Giants tip the ball back like 3-4 times on the ground till it gets back to Eli. That was crazy! But cool! I wonder if they ever practiced that?

Tynes misses the field goal, Dallas gets a little break, can they comeback?

Giants lead 21-0 at the half! This is crazy!!

Tonight: Giants Cowboys!
Tomorrow: at 3pm NHL Winter Classic the #1 NY Rangers vs the Philadelphia Flyers! Another classic rivalry!

21-7 Giants get cocky and go for 4th and 1 and run into a Dallas brick wall and give Dallas great field position. Why Eli threw in a 3 and 1 is beyond me! They should have ran to get the 1st down and if they missed they could have tried again on 4th!!

Romo sacked again!! 4th time of the game to close the 3rd quarter!
Dallas does the same thing! 4th and 1 and also miss! Romo cries to ref! :,(

4th and 1 again!! Giants get smart and kick it! Giants get called for personal foul, Cowboys get ridiculous field position!! If they don’t score something here they better just go home, because they would have already quit!!

21-14!! Giants better wake up!! Don’t get cocky!!!

Awe NBC just flashed win or go home on the screen!

OMG what a catch! 43yr catch by Cruz after Eli spins out of a bad situation. Cruz again!!! Now 1st and goal!

Eli sacked, Giants kick field goal, Giants ahead 24-14. There’s still plenty of time left in the game!! Stay sharp!!

Romo sacked a 5th time!! Jones drops a catch with the field empty in front of him. Cowboys kick

Eli guns it to nicks! 1st and goal again!
Nicks TD! Eli passes brother Peyton’s record 15 4th quarter TD passes in one season!

31-14! Stick a fork in the Cowboys! They are done!

Now I’m going to have to listen to all the Cowboy fans saying if it wasn’t for Romo’s hand the Giants would have lost! If his hand was that bad he should have let the backup play!! Instead of hurting his team!

Romo sacked 6th time and fumbles! Giants recover and run the clock down!

Giants destroy the Cowboys and go to playoffs next Sunday vs the Falcons!

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