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Product Review: Sodastream home soda maker


Our Soda Makers are simple and easy to use. Turn water into soda in seconds. No more lugging, storing or empties. Choose from a large variety of soda mix flavors.

The benefits of using SodaStream to make soda are:

Convenience: No need to carry heavy bottles from the store.
Space Saver: No need to store bottles of beverages or empty bottles for recycling in your home.
Environmentally-Friendly: SodaStream is an “Active Green” solution that minimizes the huge eco-footprint caused by plastic bottles and cans.
Variety: SodaStream offers over 50 flavors in the US to suit everyone’s taste.
Personalization: Make drinks just the way you love them.
Family Fun: The system is quick and easy to use. It’s fun for everyone and kids just love it!
Value for Money: Great savings compared to pre-packed carbonated water and beverages.

Sodastream Flavors:

Making your favorite soda, flavored sparkling water or energy drink is simple, with SodaStream’s wide variety of over 30 sodamix syrups including dozens of regular, diet and caffeine-free options. Flavors include classics like cola, lemon-lime, and root beer…Exotic fruit flavors like orange mango and diet pink grapefruit… sparkling iced teas and cocktail mixers. Each bottle of sodamix makes about 12 liters of soda (about 33 cans!) for around 25 cents per 12-ounce can.

First batch failed! The soda was flat! I followed the directions, I even used 5 pumps instead of the recommended 3 pumps.

I am chilling the water overnight and trying again in the morning.

Made a second batch, this time tried the energy drink, it sucked!! Bad! It was properly carbonated this time. It looses carbonation fast though! Especially once you mix in the syrup. I was disappointed! It taste like the Cheap Generic Red Bull imitation that you get at local dive bars where the owner is too much of a tightwad to get redbull so he get fake bullshit on tap that actually tastes nothing at all like redbull!

Well that’s what it tastes like. I’m actually bringing the machine back!! It sucks! Soda is much cheaper on sale! (I hate soda!) seltzer is much cheaper in Walmart unless you have a commercial setup and you make your own, but then you have to worry about huge CO2 bottles around. And monster, rockstar and redbull are monster, rockstar and redbull there are no substitutes! I will have to keep looking for sales!
Check out: 7-11, quick check, Hess has stations, and if you are military Bx/Px or the Commissary (nothing beats them!!)

For a solution to high cost co2 refills:
(if you insist on using sodastream!)
Check out:

Also what about your local paintball fields? Can they refill the co2 tanks?

Sodastream Gas Filling Monopoly:
Pressurized carbon dioxide canisters are available to consumers for a variety of applications, including paintball, welding, and fire extinguishers, and local vendors will refill them at low cost. Sodastream machines are not compatible with these canisters, nor are local CO2 vendors generally permitted to refill Sodastream canisters (“carbonators”), which include a proprietary valve designed to defeat refilling.[9] Additionally, Sodastream does not sell their CO2 canisters to consumers, but only lends them, and expressly limits how they can be used in their User License Certificate.[10] These mechanisms effectively elevate the cost of refilling a tank to 10 to 20 times the going market rate.[11]

In Sweden in 1984, carbonic acid supplier Sydbrand, primarily a supplier of fire equipment, was sued successfully by Sodastream for trademark infringement for refilling Sodastream-labelled CO2 canisters.[12] More recently, in 2006, Sodastream attempted to sue defendants in Germany for re-selling Sodastream’s Alco2jet brand canisters on eBay after purchasing them, claiming that the canisters were only lent, not sold. This claim was rejected by the courts.[13]

I am not sure if it is worth it, or another piece of infomercial like junk. My father bought my mother it for Christmas because they are always buying Seltzer. He figured they can easily make their own at home now, but I’m not sure of its worth it. I also saw that they have a red bull like drink. I highly doubt it can compare and definitely won’t beat Monster! I’m going to have to do more research on the validity of this product.

It’s infomercial like junk!! Don’t buy it!!

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3 responses

  1. Did you know that this was a product featured on one of the commercials during the Super Bowl this year, FEB 2013. The commercial which aired during the Super Bowl, was actually a different version than they had originally submitted to air. This commercial, was denied by CBS because they feared legal problems because they thought that it was bashing Pepsi and Coke a bit too much, even though Pepsi and Coke have aired plenty of Super Bowl and other commercials directly attacking each other outright.

    February 9, 2013 at 8:36 AM

    • CBS is a bunch of assholes for censoring the original commercial, I see nothing wrong with the commercial. All Pepsi or Coke had to do was say Soda who? We are number 1 because of our taste. Sodastream can’t even come close to the hundreds of gallons of our product that we reject for quality control….

      February 9, 2013 at 10:04 AM

    • Simply put, Sodastream makes big claims, but their Soda tastes like shit! Their energy drink tastes like shit! Their proprietary gas system, makes them unreasonable… Again Simply put, If their energy drinks tasted better than Monster or Red Bull; I would gladly buy their product! Even if I just bought the liquid and squirted it in a can of seltzer, but they don’t taste good. It tastes like an inferior product and a cheaply made one at that!

      February 9, 2013 at 10:10 AM

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