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Business Tip: Overkill Gene Simmons has Lost his mind!!

There is a point where product marketing becomes overkill! Where if you mass produce junk you will loose money in the long run.

Gene Simmons has finally lost his mind! Check out some of his Overkill Products:
Kiss Stuffed Animal Pandas! Are you kidding me! Most kids don’t even know who kiss is! And people my age how many will actually buy a Panda! Gene please show me the actual sales receipts vs. manufacture and shipping costs and show me if these make a profit! please!

Kiss Kasket for the die-hard fan!
Don’t see to many of these flying off the shelves! Did anyone other than you buy one of these?
The Kiss Urn for when you burn!

Wanna sit on Gene’s face? You know he has a long tongue!

After you had enough of listening to Gene talk on Gene Simmons Family Jewels, just wipe your ass on his face! I’m sure the biggest customer of this product is his wife!

Anyway, be smart with your marketing, and take it from Gene don’t be afraid to market anything. Especially, if you are Gene with plenty of money to burn! There you go Gene how about a Kiss desktop mini fireplace so you can sit at your desk and burn those pesky singles (when you are Gene singles are like we pennies)

Wait Gene got another one for ya! Kiss Tampons! You can have your face on the applicator! It will be just like when you used to spit blood! Kiss Redwing Tampons!

Don’t get me wrong, I am a giant Kiss fan and a giant fan of Gene Simmons (He is a business genius, well him and George Lucas), but those are products I definitely won’t be buying!

P.S. Congratulations on the wedding it’s about time! (only because it meant so much to her and you know you wanted to make her happy)

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