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Product Review: All New Monster Rehab Flavors


I had the green tea + energy today and it was great! It tasted like a sweet iced tea kinda like Lipton powdered Ice tea but better! With a kicking lemony taste.

Tomorrow I will try the Protean + Energy.
Wow the protein is different than any other Monster, I can’t tell what kinda taste it has it’s so different. I have to look at the ingredients. I knew there was tea, but not black and white, there is also prickly pear leaf extract, ginseng, Yerba Mata tea (that’s it that’s what I taste!), and Acai extract.

The original Half & Half – Tea + Lemonade + Energy I amazing and it’s my favorite Monster of all.

The Monster Absolutely Zero is a close Second.

There is also a 3rd new flavor:

Rojo Tea + Energy
But I haven’t found it in the store yet. The distributor has it back ordered.

I just found it today at a different store I’ll try it tomorrow and post results here.

Just had the Rojo tea it was pretty good, better than the protean which I didn’t care for. I’ll just stick with my favorite half & half! the only thing I would like more is a 100% Lemonade + Energy! Hey Monster how bout making that happen!!

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