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Whole Foods – Bergen Mall, Paramus NJ


This is a massive location!
They have everything you can think of and more!

A Middle Eastern Kabab station with what looks like Halal meat.

They have their regular: grocery, hot and cold deli counter with brick oven pizza, chesse station, monster salad bar with Indian food such as, Chicken Tikka Masala and more! They also have Salmon on the bar, yes I said Salmon!
They also have their bakery, produce, meat and fish stations as well as a juice bar and Gelato station! There’s also a nice wine section.

This place is enormous! Huge section of dry goods and health and beauty section.

They even have 2 dining areas and about 8-10 express registers.

The prices looked the same, it didn’t look like the mall rent spiked prices. I’ll have to look further into that, but I don’t think so, which is a good thing!

If you like Whole Foods, you will love this location!! If you have never been to a whole foods, you will fall in love!

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