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TV Show Review: Biggest Loser season 12: Battle of the ages!

The Biggest Loser: Battle of the Ages is the twelfth season of the NBC reality television series entitled The Biggest Loser. The contestants competed to win a $250,000 prize. It premiered on September 20, 2011. Along with existing trainer Bob Harper , two new trainers (Anna Kournikova and Dolvett Quince) will join this season. The 15 contestants this season will be divided into three groups of five by their ages: those who are 30 and under will be trained by Quince, those who are between 31–49 will be trained by Harper, and those who are 50 and over will be trained by Kournikova.


I Love this series! This was a great season, although I missed Jillian Michaels, I did however enjoy seeing her in an incredible show called the Doctors, but that’s another story!

Anna did a good job stepping in and so did Dolvett. Anna was a fresh addition, she showed that you can loose weight by doing sport specific exercises, by doing what you love to do! I am however mad that they never do martial arts! Try wearing a heavyweight Jiu Jitsu Gi for a few hrs while wrestling with someone, you will shred quick! How about getting Bas Rutten for a coach next season?

CBS & Biggest Loser you will also get a lot of UFC fans to watch the show! PS If you take my idea, you better invite me for a day!

What else I would like to see (maybe on a DVD) a full day on the ranch. The entire days workout and meal sessions. You can edit cardio time and just tell us 1hr of cardio on treadmill etc.. But not a bullshit classic aerobics style workout DVD like you always put out. I wanna see behind the scenes blood sweat and tears! In Anton’s case that was a lot of tears! Wahhh!

Contestant Original Team Mixed Team And Single Team Status Total votes
Deborah ‘Debbie’ Lounds, 60, Ann Arbor, Michigan Blue Team Eliminated Week 1 3/5
John ‘Johnny’ Forger, 65, Canton, Massachusetts Blue Team Eliminated Week 2 2/4
Patrick Ferrari, 26, Albany, Oregon Red Team Eliminated Week 3 3/5
Mike Danley, 62, Spencerville, Indiana Blue Team Eliminated Week 4 2/3
Courtney Rainville, 24, Scottsdale, Arizona Red Team Eliminated Week 5 3/4
Jennifer Rumple, 39, Alameda, California Black Team Eliminated Week 6 6/10
Jessica Limpert, 26, San Francisco, California Red Team Red Team Eliminated Week 7 4/6
Joe Mitchell, 46, Knoxville, Tennessee Black Team Blue Team Eliminated Week 8 3/5
Bonnie Griffin, 63, Picayune, Mississippi Blue Team Red Team Eliminated Week 9 3/5
Ramon Medeiros, 27, Florence, Colorado Red Team Blue Team Eliminated Week 10 2/4
Sunny Sinclair, 41, Frisco, Texas Black Team Blue Team Eliminated Week 11 2/3
Vincent ‘Vinny’ Hickerson, 27, Nashville, Tennessee Red Team Black Team Eliminated Week 12 no vote
Rebecca ‘Becky’ Comet, 51, Benton, Arkansas Blue Team Black Team Eliminated Week 12 no vote
Antone Davis 47, Knoxville, Tennessee Black Team Black Team Active
John Rhode, 40, Mesa, Arizona Black Team Red Team Active


The Finale is set!

Ramon won the marathon and is now in the finale,

joined by John

and Antone!

This is going to be an amazing finale!

It’s pretty hard to call a winner! Ramon looks incredible. John is a warrior and Antone is a former NFL Player! The last season was predictable, because Olivia’s husband lost almost as much weight as her, so she had an incredible support system.

Olivia Season 11 Winner:

This season:

Antone’s wife is in pretty good shape herself, did Antone tap into his NFL network and get some good trainers? or did he do it himself at home?

Will John’s drive to succeed continue to fire him up or will he slack?

Will Ramon come out of nowhere for another upset?

Will any of them look as amazing as Olivia and her sister Hannah?

Next Week we will see!

One thing the biggest loser needs to do in future shows is educate the contestants families. If the contestants don’t have a healthy support system when they go home, they may be destined to regain the weight. Maybe make a contest for the family that looses the most weight at the finale. Take a starting weight and a final weight of the family as a whole, kind of like the Celebrity fit club, all on one giant scale.

If Antone Tapped into his NFL Contacts, I choose him as the winner, if not John will prevail! Ramon looks like he only has about another 50lbs to go, where John and Antone can drop at least 75. Whatever happens it will be just like last year and it will be so close!

Congratulations to all who battle and continue to battle in order to achieve their dreams! If you are not in the battle, your dreams can come true, the Biggest Loser is proof!

The at home winner is: Jennifer!
She beat Vinny by 3lbs





There’s a secret twist, I hope it’s rotating trainers, so all contestants can benefit from each of their knowledge


The season 12 Biggest Loser is:


In 6 months he lost a whopping 220lbs.!!!

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