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Restaurant Review: Muscle Maker Grill


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As you know from reading my blog, I do not like chains! This is an exception! I have previously reviewed muscle maker on my old Facebook group Martial Arts for Life! before I had a problem with Facebook (fuck fb!) anyway, this place is amazing!

The food is great and healthy! The only thing I do not like (because of my heritage) is the marinara sauce. Other then that it is amazing!

They have a great orange color Caesar like sauce, called Arizona sauce! Looks like its Caesar with paprika.

They have amazing affordable sides that you can make into a meal.
I order: 4 hardboiled eggs and a side of grilled chicken or a side of broccoli and a side of steak.

If you haven’t been there check it out!
I frequent the Wayne & Parsippany NJ locations. I have also been to the Oakland, Long Branch and Colonia locations.

*Colonia is tiny! one nice thing is they have outdoor seating!

In case you are tired of the usual pizza and chinese delivery, Muscle Maker even delivers!!!

20111206-010520.jpg 4th place finisher in this years Mr Olympia pro bodybuilder Victor Martinez actually owns a location in Edgewater NJ
Here is a pic of Vic and Me at the Wayne Location at their Grand Opening celebration.


Go to a Muscle Maker Grill today!! You won’t be disappointed!

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  1. I am at muscle maker grill today for lunch. I ordered a side order of chicken and a side of broccoli. 2 heavy set women are here, probably thinking they are eating healthy today, but they ordered a wrap which is big and stuffed by itself. Then they each got a side of roasted potatoes and one lady ordered teriyaki bites in addition. That’s probably well over 1,000 calories! She just ate half of her daily allowance for lunch.

    March 12, 2012 at 12:30 PM

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