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Restaurant Review: Billy’s Red Room Whippany, NJ



There are no strangers,only friends that have not met. Billy & Madelines Red Room Tavern has employed that philosophy since it opened in 1933 by Billys parents as Fornaros Tavern. It became Billys Red Room when Billy officially took over in 1959. The legendary Billy & Madelines Red Room Tavern was created in 1980 when Billy married the love of his life, Madeline.

Customers are referred to as friends, and employees as family. We are what we are because of the dedicated family of hard working people employed here most of which have been there for years.

Walls are decorated with marine paraphernalia: fish, fishing poles, and photos of friends having a good time. Billy is an avid fisherman and everyone looks forward to hearing about his adventures. The fish tank is uniquely decorated for each holiday.

The food at Billys is always fresh, plentiful and very good. The menu which consists of appetizers, soups, chili, pasta, chicken, steaks, seafood and sandwiches, are prepared fresh, using top quality ingredients. Many old fashioned comfort foods such as Pasta Fagioli, Meat Loaf and Yankee Pot Roast are old family recipes.

This is a nice place. Although priced quite high for a small bar/restaurant. The staff is really nice and courteous.

After reading the menu the first thing that grabbed my eye (when I see it I must have it!) although priced at $12.95 I bought them anyway (so not worth it) I got the crab cakes, as a connoisseur of seafood especially crab cakes! They were good! But not worth $12.95!

I then decided to take Billy up on his boast of having famous meatloaf. Since I have never ordered meatloaf out of my house I decided what the heck! Being of Italian descent I have always had and made meatloaf with a hard boiled egg core and covered in marinara sauce. That way each slice of meatloaf has a hardboiled egg slice in the center.

I knew going into it that this meatloaf would have a brown gravy topping and figured lets give it a try it will be different. The meatloaf came: 2 giant pieces with 2 giant scoops of mashed potatoes and spinach (the only vegetable they have)

Are you sure it’s Billy’s red room and not Popeye’s red room? Seafood, fishing, spinach?

Anyway, the meatloaf was delicious, moist and flavorful (no eggs) but still nice.

I also had a slice of a wrap (a huge wrap!! And one of the only places that still has real steak fries!!!) a friend ordered the wrap and I didn’t know the name just now I see the name lol the Popeye Chicken wrap lol I guess he does like Popeye lol

Th Popeye wrap was huge! And excellent!! I’m not too crazy about cooked spinach (I much rather have a fresh raw spinach salad) but it was nice in the wrap.

One thing I liked that you don’t see too often anymore was at the bar and tables they had bowls of pickles and pickled hot peppers!! Nice!!!

Would I go back? Yes! Next time I will be having the stuffed flounder. Keep your eyes out for an updated comment here. Also don’t forget to look at past posts for updated comments I left after return visits.

*hint* although there is a giant bar in the center of the room, this is a family establishment! Do not be afraid to bring your children and family, the majority of the bar patrons have grey hair.

*not a kid hangout* I’m not sure about late night, but on a fri I was there till 10 and the place was packed with all ages predominately 40-60’s at the bar. You will have fun!





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