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Product Review: Tumeric – the elixir of life



An Indian inspired drink, based on many of the anti-inflammatory ingredients seen in traditional Indian food. Brought to you from NYC, with Organic Hawaiian ingredients.

What can I say about this drink? Crazy! This drink is crazy! I saw the ingredients and was set for the worst possible taste! It looked like an orange juice, V8 fusion like drink and what I tasted was nothing like anything I have ever tasted! Nothing!! Just when I was about to say yuk, I got punched in the tastebuds with strong potent spearmint! Took another sip and boom punched again!

**Warning** don’t let the tiny size fool you!

27 calories
80mg sodium
8g carbs -2g of fiber 6g net carbs

There are 3 servings per container for a total of:
81 calories (not bad)
240mg sodium (not that bad)
24g of net carbs (not too good)

If you spilt it into 3 servings it is great for a low carb diet, but don’t chug the whole thing at one time!

This is the first RAW product I actually liked! I tried sprouted raw bars that tasted worse then the plastic wrapper it was wrapped in.

The organic raw coconut water I am not crazy about but I know the benefits outweigh the taste.

This product is weird! I’m not sure if I like it or don’t, but again the benefits outweigh the taste.

Try it! If for anything, just to taste something you have never tasted.

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