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Recipe: Messy Football Russian Apricot Sweet Wings

100th Post! Hope you enjoy!

If you aren’t a fan of hot wings, but still want wings for Football, especially the Superbowl, do I have a recipe for you!

Messy Football Russian Apricot Sweet Wings

The best wings are messy wings if your hands are clean your not eating wings!!

1 package of wings separate drummies from the the 2 piece wings and discard the tip, remove the skin

Discarding the skin will cut down on the oil (grease) if you swear by leaving the skin on make it both ways and you will find out the hard way.

1 bottle of Russian Dressing – to save calories use Ken’s lite Russian.
1 package French Onion Soup mix
1 bottle of organic Apricot Preserves – organic is always healthier and better usually no preservatives.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl put a little mixture on bottom of glass or ceramic oven dish, then put in wings cover with remaining sauce.

Cook for 20 minutes or until done. Let cool for a little so sauce can thicken and for safety then serve warm.

P.s. You can always add spice to the mixture such as cayenne pepper, chili powder, but it will change the flavor unless you get pure Capsaicin then watch out!

I never tried it spicy, but what the heck be careful because the sweet gooeyness will fool you into thinking you are safe and then pow Capsaicin!

Hope you enjoy it either way!

P.P.S. this recipe can also be made with chicken thighs, chicken breast (breasts will be a little drier) or even pork chops or country ribs

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