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Deadliest Warrior: Vampires vs. Zombies

Deadliest Warrior had a live finale. The topic Vampires vs. Zombies. I guess they ran out of topics lol.

I was busy and couldn’t watch it live, but I did DVR it, and I watched it tonight.


I know this is all pretend and based on literature, but there are repeating rules.

The 1st problem I see is the zombie people keep saying it’s a virus, even Armond Dorian mentioned the virus of zombies and failed to mention Vampires.

On the Vampire team you have the writer of 30 days of night and no one on the Vampire team is smart enough to add that the vampires are made from a virus too.

The second problem is they never mention the Vampires regenerative properties, until Geoff Desmoulin mentions it once in the credits.

Lastly, the final problem. They both feed on humans! What do they do when the food supply is gone? They die! However, in the movie Blade Trinity, the Vampires made human blood farms, the Vampires have the mental ability to do that and preserve their food supply.


All the Vampires Have to do is set up blood farms and never leave their stronghold till after the zombies exhaust their food supply and die off…again lol

P.s. The Vampire team is lucky they aren’t using the gay Vampires from Twilight!!

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