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Restaurant Review: Relax Polish Restaurant Greenpoint – Brooklyn, NY Not So-Simply Amazing!

Relax Restaurant

(718) 389-1665

68 Newell St Ste A
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Polish Food at it’s Finest!

This is Traditional Polish food that your Grandma Used to make. (Actually I think there are Grandma’s in the kitchen.)

This is a small, quaint, hole in the wall restaurant that you will love! They have a small counter where you have to order and pick up your own food, but it is well worth it! The menu is in both English and Polish. They have an extensive menu from multiple kinds of soups, both hot and cold soups (Yes, Cold Soup lol That was new for me!) A bunch of different appetizers and all kinds of meals!

I had the Pork Goulash with Potato Pancakes (placki). A giant portion of goulash, 4-5 pancakes and I picked cole-slaw as my salad, but they have a whole slew of different choices. I also ordered Cold Cream soup, Fried Pirogi (I like mine fried topped with mustard (Musztarda) rather than the traditional sour cream. I like it kind like a NYC Pretzel or a Potato Knish topped with mustard. Try it you might like it!) with meat and cheese & potato (Pirogi Ruskie). Everything was Amazing! The Placki was Crisp and Crunchy! The Pirogi were extremely flavorable! The Goulash was the Best!

Speaking of Pierogi… Every Place makes cheese and potato, meat, mushroom etc… but, you will NEVER find Combinations. Most Children do not like the meat Pierogi, they like the cheese & potato. What about meat and cheese? like a Cheeseburger! Or meat and mushroom like a Portobello Burger!

Dear Polish People Worldwide,

Successful American Businesses think outside the Box! Invent/Reinvent themselves.

**Free Business Tip** You can make a Gourmet Pierogi Shop all different kinds! You are not bound by tradition! You have the power to experiment!

The Only thing you are bound by is your own imagination.

Copyright © 2011 louisjbianco All Rights Reserved.


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