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Restaurant Review: Zinburger – Wine and Ripoff I Mean Burger Bar

Energetic, modern, upbeat, fun and most importantly, simply delicious, Zinburger offers a mouthwatering selection of gourmet burgers, salads and sides, decadent shakes and desserts, and a carefully crafted selection of wine. Zinburger makes its New Jersey debut in December 2010


Great Theme – Poor Execution!

I’m not impressed!

What They Call Gourmet I call boring! I go to a local Italian Specialty Grocery Store named Corrados. They have gourmet burgers! Chicken Cordon Bleu where the ham and cheese is blended in the burger and oozes out as its served on your plate. A Gourmet Burger stuffed with mushrooms not just topped with them. Blending it in the burger locks in moisture and leaves the top of the burger still to be topped with whatever your mind can dream of. Zinburger was Blah. The Portions weren’t even massive to make up for the blah. I would rather get a 1lb Monster Burger from Fudruckers with their free fixins bar not $1.25 per topping that Zinburger Charges.

Now let’s go to the wine. I got a Glass Of Tangley Oaks Merlot at a whopping $8.00 a Glass (well 1/3 of a glass) $8.00 that doesn’t sound like a lot for a restaurant and it isn’t except when a whole bottle of 2008 is $10.39 and $2006 is $13.79 just google it. WOW what a profit margin I should have opened a ZinBurger.

How’s the menu? Tiny!! No Appetizers! 4-5 burgers, a chicken sandwich and a fish sandwich If you want a side order beside Fries or Sweet Potato Fries you are S.O.L. Yes they have a few salads.. Big deal that’s about it.


1. No Big Deal

2. No big deal but Big Prices! $17.75 for my little burger.

3. They have a fried egg on the burger! Big Deal Red Robin started that! They Rock! Go there and save your money and get bottomless fries to boot!

4. small menu, small portions, Big prices, Big hunger after…

5. If you go Clifton NJ location lucky for you there is a Cups (see next review) next door

6. Truffle Aioli – sounds better than it is. Mayo with truffle oil (blah tastes like mayo)

7. no Special Diet options: Lo carb, Wraps nothing.. no wait they do have a gluten free bun BIG DEAL!


Yes! You read it right 2 items a burger and 1/3 of a glass of wine. No fries, no potato chips, no veggie, nothing…

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