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Restaurant Review: Dessert – Cups “frozen yogurt your way” Cups is the bomb!

A New, Amazing, Intimidating Yogurt Madness, Invention!

I walked in the door today about 3:45pm and the place was packed wall to wall with people and kids. not one seat, standing room only. After I made my way through the masses I came upon a huge intimidating wall of yogurt machines. There was about 10-15 machines with 3 flavors per machine. Luckily a guy came out from the back and said can I help you. I said yes he said here is the cup one size fits all. Go crazy and fill it up. They charge by the oz. like $.30 or something. Don’t forget to leave room for the toppings. He also handed me a couple of small sample cups.

So, off I went to try my favorites. Cake Batter, Peanut Butter and Red Velvet Cake. I settled on the 1st 2. Half Cake Batter and Half Peanut Butter. The flavors were soooo rich I couldn’t believe it was yogurt. Then, off to the toppings. They had everything! and I mean everything! Even cocoa puffs, cookie crisp and fruity pebbles! I had little cheesecake bites, mini raspberry chocolate cups, peanut butter sauce, reese’s pieces and Godiva chocolate sauce, oh yeah don’t forget the whip cream!

This place is Amazing! It is also EVIL for someone on a diet lol, but Awesome for cheat day!

If you read the previous article, just skip the zinburger and get an extra big helping of Cups! It tastes better, cheaper and probably better for you too. lol

– pics by

Cups: What’s not to love!

Ps Cups if you want to use my slogan above I better get free lifetime cups supply 😉

My return visit to cups:

My cups masterpiece consists of:
3 layers of yogurt:
Cake Batter
Peanut Butter
And Red Velvet Cake
Topped with cheese cake bites, dark chocolate raspberry filled mini cups, peanut butter sauce, reeses pieces and Ghirardelli white and dark chocolate sauce. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back lol

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