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Concealed Carry: What not to do!!!

I recently saw and article in shooting illustrated entitled:
Concealed carry how-to:
Do’s and dont’s
Dressing for success

The whole jist of the article was to wear tactical shirts like: 5.11,
and Woolrich etc..

Guess what? All the guys who are into guns specifically know those
brands, so if they see you are wearing that, then they already have
the drop on you.


1. Unless you are an uniformed guard where your presence has to be
known, don’t wear those shirts!

2. Just find a baggy loose fitting  button down shirt.

3. Or be that guy still wearing the fanny pack. Lol (if only they knew
what you are packing I bet they wouldn’t make fun of you!)

4. Oh by the way, they do make short sleeve button down shirts! For
those guys who wear long sleeve in 100 degree weather.. Ps it’s a dead
give away! Or if you are wearing a jacket.

5. I personally like (SOB) small of the back holster for concealed
carry, but, you have to get used to wearing it in a car or removing it
upon entry of the car. (which in some states even if you have a CCW it
doesn’t cover putting the gun under the seat. So be careful and
knowledgeable of the laws of the area you are currently in.)

6. Whichever way you carry it is important to practice safe handling
and drawing from your holster, especially from a SOB holster. There is
an issue with possible flagging your neighbors when removing it,
possible, accidental discharge threats, etc…

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