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Language Mastery or Overinflated Ego Stroking?

Language Mastery or overinflated ego stroking?

There is a time and place for using eloquent language such as writing
poetry or a novel. There are places where being a walking
thesaurus hinders your objective. For example: this article or when you
are trying to get your point across to the public such as articles or
teaching a class. Using words that aren’t part of your everyday
vocabulary will Hurt your chances of success! I’m not talking about
technical jargon. I am talking about overly descriptive words that
aren’t normally used and force us to pull out a dictionary every
couple minutes. What brought up this subject? I am taking an (ISACA)
course called (CISA) Certified Information Systems Auditor and the textbook is horrendous! How many times in school did your teacher tell you that you cant use the word in the definition! Obviously the author didn’t get that memo! The book is about computers so you know the amount of computer jargon and terminology is at an all time high and then they have to throw in words like:
Insofar is used about 100 times. Can he pic another word?

This isn’t Webster’s dictionary and the word of the day, which by the way is:
meshuggener (a foolish or crazy person)
The author of the CISA handbook 2011 is a meshuggener!
By the way the Author of the CISA question and answer book is a real
idiot also! All the money I was forced to pay, because it’s required
material for the course I am taking and they go and write the question
then immediately after the question is the answer in bold? Followed by
the description of the answer. What were they thinking? I can’t even
quiz myself, because I know the answer to the friggin question before
I even get a chance to read it!!!! Cmon! Get some common sense!

Why do you think the largest publishing companies of textbooks such
as McGraw Hill, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and others put the answers
in the back of the book or at least at the end of the current section?

1: thy art of linguistics immensely overshadows thine Concentration
whilst comprehending Heuristics.
2. Have you heard of K.I.S.S.?
3. Keep It Simple Stupid
4. When explaining highly technical topics keep it as simple as
possible! You are not writing a work or art! You are teaching the

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