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Product Review: mouth-guards commercial vs dr generated

Product Review: mouth-guards commercial vs dr generated

Mouthguards: the Shock Dr, Brain Pad, Under Armor, Fight Dentist, Everlast, the list goes on. But are these boil and bite mouthguards the best for you?

Shock Dr and Fight Dentist both offer custom made mouthguards with a hefty $150 pricetag.

Shock Dr offers a $30,000 limited dental warranty For injuries when using their product.

My mouthguard is a custom made piece from the military. And military members, yes it’s free! Go to the dentist on base tell them you train and they will custom make you a mouthpiece also ask for a copy of the molds so you can have others custom guards made in the future. It is clear and clips onto your upper teeth making it perfect for breathing and it won’t slip.

Everyone else visit your local doctor and inquire about a custom piece. Most insurance companies will cover the cost because it’s cheaper than dental surgery!!

Do not trust your teeth to a cheap mouthguard! If you intend to train martial arts or play sports regularly, then invest in a custom mouthguard! Your smile is well worth the money!

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