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Recipe: Lou “Badco” Bianco’s protein shake

Lou “Badco” Bianco’s Famous Protein Shake

2 scoops favorite protein powder
(Examples: chocolate, vanilla, cookies n cream and cake batter)

1 Tbsp fresh peanut butter

2 Tbsp whole flax seeds (if using a vitamix blender or ground flax seeds if not)

1 large hand-full peeled baby carrots (yes carrots) Carrots are surprisingly sweet! Just shut up and try it! (if using a vitamix, if using a cheap blender substitute carrot juice)

1 tsp Cinnamon

Water as desired…(some people prefer thicker shakes like pancake batter and some people prefer thin shakes)

Add Ice if desired.
**Hint** freeze carrots then ice not needed

Throw all in blender.
Blend thoroughly pour and enjoy! Or be a caveman like us men and drink straight out of the blender lol! Why dirty a glass!

P.S. Tip for the women, your shake will have a pretty orange color when done. Lmao


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