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Videogame Review: BulletStorm Xbox360


Bulletstorm takes place in the 26th century, where the Confederation of Planets are protected by a secret black-ops army called Dead Echo. The story follows space pirate Grayson Hunt, voiced by Steve Blum, and his cyborg partner Ishi Sato, whose squad went AWOL after discovering that they were tricked into killing innocent civilians, instead of the ruthless drug dealers and mass murderers that their commanding officer General Sarrano told them they were killing.

Ten years later, after a spontaneous and liquor-induced attempt to take revenge on the General and his forces, Hunt’s and Sato’s ship crash-landed on the planet Stygia, a former resort planet now overrun with meat-eating plants, feral mutant tribes, criminals, and Godzilla-sized monsters. After waking up, Hunt is told by the ship’s doctor that Sato is gravely injured, and he requires an energy cell to power the surgery equipment needed to save him. Hunt goes off to retrieve an energy cell from a fallen escape pod, and makes it back to the ship to deliver to the doctor. The doctor successfully merges Sato’s brain with the ship’s AI in order to preserve his life. However, at the end of the procedure, bandits break into the ship through the air vents and kill the doctor. Hunt, who is dazed, takes a gun lying near him and shoots an explosive barrel, killing the bandits in the room and knocking himself and Sato unconscious. When he wakes up, he sees Sato lying against a rock, and the two decide to work together to survive, despite Sato’s anger at Hunt for endangering and killing most of the crew as a result of his liquor-induced thirst for revenge.

Hunt and Sato search for a way off the planet, all while doing battle with the General’s forces, who also crashed on Stygia after Hunt’s attack. Along the way, they’re joined by Trishka, a foul-mouthed woman with a dark past who also knows her way around a gun. Hunt, Sato, and Triska continue towards Sarrano. The trio confronts Sarrano on a collapsing building, where he pushes Trishka off. Sarrano tells Hunt that there is an armed DNA bomb in Sarrano’s ship, which will exterminate all life in Stygia. Sarrano, Sato, and Hunt make their way to the ship. Hunt reveals that Trishka was the girl they rescued ten years ago, after assassinating her father, an innocent reporter by the name of Bryce Novak.

Upon arrival to the ship, Sarrano tricks Hunt into arming the bomb. Hunt and Sato are rescued by Trishka, who caught on to a wire to survive. They then make their way to Sarrano. Trishka holds Sarrano at gunpoint, and demands to know if he ordered her father’s assasination. Sarrano tells her Hunt pulled the trigger, and while Hunt and Trishka are distracted by this revelation, Sarrano takes control of Sato’s AI. Hunt is able to help Sato break Sarrano’s control. Sato sacrfices his life for Hunt, who then seemingly kills Sarrano. With his dying breath, Sarrano ejects Hunt, Trishka, and his men back in onto the surface of Stygia. Sarrano’s men and the duo race to Sarrano’s ship, where there are still some escape pods. Trishka and Hunt beat Sarrano’s squad, and escape before the bomb goes off. The ending reveals Sarrano is now a cyborg like Sato and that Sato has been revived.

– Wikipedia

It took me 6 hrs to beat the game, But it was nonstop fun! couldn’t put it down! the most fun I have had in a long time on a videogame. It wasn’t really hard, and it played out like a movie. the cut scenes were cool and so was the storyline.


  1. Fun and a lot of it
  2. Don’t really think I would buy, just rent, because its short. Not sure about re-playability…
  3. But it was really fun!
  4. Definite check this out!

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