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Funny Picture Search: What’s Wrong and WTF

This is a collection of weird and crazy pics I came across:
What is wrong with this pic?

What will Rednecks do next?

What will my Dad do next?


How to ruin a caddy20110320-123621.jpg

Look at this Asshole driving 90mph down the left lane20110320-123731.jpg

Redneck parking spot20110320-123855.jpg

Unbreakable my Ass!20110320-123949.jpg

The funniest part I didn’t take, because I was in a rush and it was dark. Was all the suv’s in the spots lol20110320-124135.jpg

Smallest van you will ever see20110320-124441.jpg

This is just wrong! Only in Pompton Lakes, NJ Assholes!


Copyright © 2011 louisjbianco All Rights Reserved.


Cow tip! Is there such a thing as Redneck Thai people?

A 5-point harness in a piece of shit family car? Are you kidding me??

Wtf is ice made out of in Poland??

The idiot that put Santa in the manger didn’t do it this year! Thank you!

**Update** Jun 2013

It would help if that was a Nintendo and not a Sony!!


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