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Business Tips: Partnerships


You have decided to take on a partner.  Are the two of you Compatible?

Compatibility is one of the C’s to Success, if it’s not there it can sink your ship fast or maybe your ship won’t sink, because it will never leave the dock.  I learned the hard way that you must be on the same page as your partner.  If you aren’t, you will argue and fight over everything!  When I say everything I mean everything!  I don’t like the logo, We don’t need to hire new workers, Don’t place an ad in that magazine, I don’t like the website, I think it should look like this, we should get t-shirts I want screen printed shirts.  No they are too expensive let’s get ugly iron-ons.

You must be on the same page to succeed! Converse (not Conversate!) about your goals for the company and your personal goals. Spend a lot of time on this! It is the most important topic!


Excerpt taken from my Unpublished, But Copyrighted Book:

Collective C’s to a Successful Company

The Marketing & Business Development Bible

By: Louis J. Bianco

Copyright © 2011 louisjbianco All Rights Reserved.


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