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Social Media Networks and the Decline of the Western Civilization

Social Media Networks and the Decline of the Western Civilization

– noun 1. unpleasant feeling aroused by the threat of danger, evil, or
pain 2. awe, esp. toward God – verb (used with object) 3. to be afraid
of 4. to hold in awe

Fear is causing Western Civilization to turn to Social Media Networks
and in turn our children are suffering. When was the last time you
drove down the street and saw tons children playing outside? A lot of
children don’t even trick or treat anymore, because of parents fears.
It’s because of these fears the children are becoming socially
handicapped. I know of a few college aged kids that fear crowed
places. They have anxiety attacks in crowed places!

Just listen to the commercial:

Most people can’t even meet anymore without social media: Dating
sites, Facebook (fuck Facebook), Myspace, Twitter (like we need to
know you are eating a bagel right now) Linkedin, Classmates, now
Google is even jumping on the bandwagon! etc…

Then there is texting: we can’t even pick up a phone or walk across
the street to talk to our neighbors. “Oh I’ll just text ’em”

Then you go to a party and kids are texting each other while sitting
next to each other!!

Online video games Mmorpg, cam chat like Oovoo.

What’s next? Surrogates like the crappy Bruce Willis movie! (p.s. I
met him and he’s a dick)

I was at the promotion for Disney’s the Kid starring Dick Willis and
it was at Planet Hollywood at Downtown Disney! Dick Willis showed up
to promote a kids movie at the kid capital of the world and he
wouldn’t talk to anyone or shake any hands. The Asshole wouldn’t even
acknowledge anyone. I made eye contact with him while I was holding a
baby (not mine I don’t have any) and he was not even one body length
away aka he was in my face and he couldn’t even say hi or smile or
anything. Then he sits at a table with Shaq and the audience was
yelling to Shaq and he was smiling and waving. People were on the
second floor and Shaq was looking up and waving. Then they were
yelling Bruce and he ignored everyone and he even refused to look up!
Everyone eventually started to boo him. Then he went into the booth to
record his interview as it played outside for us to hear and he lied
his ass off!! How he was so happy to be there to promote his new movie
(a children’s movie)

I used to love Bruce Willis and Die Hard. Now he makes me sick!!
Doesn’t he know we put him where he is now!!  No wonder Demi left!

Ashton if you read this… Remember that story!!

Back to the topic…

Businesses are capitalizing on this trend almost every TV commercial
now has make us a fan on Facebook (fuck Facebook). I saw Entertainment Tonight and they said “We would like to know how you feel go to Facebook (fuck Facebook) and comment.

1. Today call your best friends and say hi!
2. Go see the person you love and give them a big hug! If you can’t;
call them. If you can’t do that; then write them a letter if u must
(don’t want anyone to break their restraining orders lol) and if you
can’t do that either; then say a prayer for them!

3. If you live your life in constant fear, then it isn’t worth living.
(that doesn’t mean go kill yourself!!) that means don’t let fear
control your life! Control your fear!

4. Let your kids play outside!! If you are afraid, get your ass off
the couch, put down the Bon Bons and get your ass outside too! Don’t
cry I’m too busy! They make laptops! Plug it in outside. If you are
cooking have them play in the back yard where you can see them. Etc…

Put the life back in your life and turn off the electronics!

… Are you still reading? Are you looking for more? Didn’t I just
tell you to shut this shit off and go outside!! Well!!! what are you
waiting for? Go Do it!!!

Copyright © 2011 louisjbianco All Rights Reserved.


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