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Video Game Review: Dragon Age 2 Xbox360

Dragon Age 2

Set in the mythical world of Thedas, Dragon Age II tells the story of Hawke,[2] who fled the nation of Ferelden during the events of “Dragon Age: Origin” and arrived in the neighboring state of Kirkwall as a refugee. Within the span of a decade, Hawke would rise in power and influence to become the legendary “Champion of Kirkwall”, and the center of events that change the course of Thedas forever. The game focuses on Hawke’s rise to power and is framed through flashbacks by one of Hawke’s old companions, Varric, who relates the Champion’s ‘true story’ to Cassandra Pentaghast, a Seeker of Thedas’ religious Chantry.[5]

Choices that players made in Dragon Age: Origins, its DLC content, and expansion pack “Awakening” can be imported into Dragon Age II and are reflected by allusions to Thedas’s political state as well as appearances by past characters.[6][7]


Just finished Dragon Age 2  Thursday Night and it was awesome. 9/10 stars


1. Excellent Graphics

2. Not as customizable as Dragon Age: Origins

3. Nice Storyline

4. Nice gameplay

5. Suggest loading it on the Xbox hard-drive while you play.

Parental Advisory: There are straight and gay sex scenes in the game if the proper options are selected.

I chose male Hawk as my player and he hooked up with Isabella the hot, big boobied, dark skinned female Pirate Captain.

What do you think of sex in Video Games? I like it… why I don’t know… maybe its cool my guy is a stud lol.

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