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Controversy: Religion: Allah is an enemy to unbelievers. – Sura 2:98

Why is the world crazy about Religion? Why are people killing each
other over their beliefs?

Are their beliefs really even their beliefs?

How do we become the Religion that we are? Is it our choice? Or are we
born unto it.

For most people we are told from birth you are your Religion from your
parents and they are told from their parents and them from theirs and
so on…

Let’s start with the big 3:
Jews, Catholics and Muslims.

The Jews claim that they believe in God but Jesus never came and they
await his return, So they only believe in the Old Testament.

Catholics say we believe in your Old Testament but Jesus did come and
he helped write a New Testament.

The Muslims say yes, yes you have the Old and the New, but the Qur’an
is the Final Testament of God.

Who is right?

Statistics from the Vatican:
Applying the percentages to the 2006 world population of about 6.5
billion, Muslims would have made up 1.25 billion of the total,
Catholics 1.13 billion and all Christians 2.15 billion.

The size of world Jewry at the beginning of 2010 was assessed at
13,428,300. World Jewry constituted slightly less than 0.2% of the
world’s total population of 6.9 billion.

13 million people is still a lot of people who is to say all of those
people are wrong? Or 3.3 billion Catholics/Christians or 1.25 billion

The truth is none of us will truly know until we die and at that point
none of us will be talking about it. All we have is our faith. We must
not condemn each other for our beliefs but instead embrace each other
and learn from each other. Love our differences, if we were all the
same and acted the same and believed the same things, imagine how boring
life would be. It’s our differences that makes life interesting, learn
from each other.

I personally like to think of God as a kind accommodating God. He
forgives not punishes, there is no hell. Hell is what we make out of
our lives with these constant fighting over beliefs. I believe in the
afterlife that God is accommodating. The Vikings get their Valhalla,
Catholics get their Garden of Eden etc… There isn’t any purgatory
or Hell or maybe that’s how we get plants and trees. Maybe if u mess
up in life God makes you a plant where you are alive but you can’t talk
or walk and someone might pick you and you feel the pain but can’t
yell. If you really messed up like a murderer or rapist you become a
tree where you have years and years of this corrective treatment. If
you learn your lesson you get cut down. If not like a giant sequoia
you watch silently for over a hundred years.

1. No one knows for sure which Religion is correct. Which if any are
the true words of God or if there even is a God.

2. Do not persecute each other for your beliefs, rather love each
other. Embrace the difference and learn each others cultures and

3. Don’t cling to your beliefs just because someone told you they are
true. Remember the saying your Mom also told you: “Don’t believe
everything you hear” question your beliefs, research other Religions,
listen to their words. Make up your own mind, if you still believe the
same beliefs, then hold them tight because then they are truly your

4. If you live in the U.S. Remember the 1st Amendment of the
Constitution grants you Freedom of Religion! No one can take away your
beliefs, so don’t try to take away anyone’s.

Isn’t it great to be free?

Copyright © 2011 louisjbianco All Rights Reserved.

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