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Product Review: OtterBox

The Otterbox:

A must have if you have an Iphone or Ipad!

My friend is not a salesman for Otterbox or Apple and neither am I! He saw my Iphone and said: ‘You have to get an Otterbox.” I was like “a what?” he said “an Otterbox.” I said “what makes that so special?” At that very moment; he slammed his Iphone into the cinder-block wall from across the room! He then said “go pick it up and turn it on.” So I did and having had 2 broken screens, I immediately yelled “SOLD!” I ran to the computer jumped on Amazon (I buy almost everything there lol) and It couldn’t come fast enough! I couldn’t wait! Now I will never change!

P.S. I bought the Applecare Protection plan and when I called to get my phone fixed they said “Sorry we don’t cover broken screens.” Pissed off told by AT&T that they also don’t warranty the phone (they said “Apple does if you buy the Applecare Protection Plan”) I told Apple “WTF am I paying for an Applecare Protection plan then?” they said “In case anything else happens. oh yeah, and we don’t cover theft either.” I said “Wait a minute! Why am I paying you $69.00 for a protection plan where you don’t protect the phone from the 2 highest accidents? Fuck You! Give me my money back you thieves!”


Fuck the Protection Plan if you want to protect it …. bye an otterbox!

Copyright © 2011 louisjbianco All Rights Reserved.


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