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Freedom, Business, Controversy and Fitness

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Supplement Review: Lee Haney’s 7 day Cleanse

  • Natural mixture of herbs and nutrients
  • Internal organ cleanse
  • Herbal based design

Areas affected: Colon, Liver, Kidney, and Urinary System.

Rid the body of waste and bloat

The 7-Day Detox is perfect for when the body needs a reset or a jumpstart. Some examples include but not limited to: After a vacation cruise, after the holiday’s, in preparation to begin your health and fitness journey, during the off-season in competitive sporting leagues, and to flush your system to keep your body running at optimum levels of performance.

***Warning*** and warning graphic content

This is not a gentle detox for the weak!

I have started the detox and no exaggeration, I have the shits twice a day and I’m literally pissing out my ass! Again, This is not a gentle detox!

However, this is exactly what I personally want from a detox! If you don’t have this happen, then how do you know that it is working?

Stay tuned more to come when I complete the detox. I’ll let you know how I feel energy wise, how it worked and anything else I experience!

Chipwich releases Birthday cake flavor and updated chocolate and Peanut butter flavor cookie sandwiches!

Delayed due to Covid 19! Once they resume shipping I will definitely review this!

Supplement Review: Monster adds two new Flavors! Ultra Fiesta and Ultra Rose!

Monster is at it again! New ultra drinks in pretty color cans! I just tried the ultra fiesta and it is a party in your mouth! I feel the fiesta! Lol it is good! It tastes similar to their Reign mango drink. How you get fruity tastes from chemicals is some witch doctor shit!

No seriously, it does taste good even though it’s not that good for you. gives you plenty of energy to carry on with your day!

I haven’t tried the rose yet but as you can see I did buy it! Not sure when I will try it as I have been trying to avoid energy drinks, but I will update you when I do. Hopefully, it won’t be too super sweet! I don’t want a cavity just trying it 😝

**update** April 30th 2020

Just had the Rose flavor and if I drank it as a creator I would give it a pink label too lol. If pink was a flavor this drink tastes pink lol.

Surprisingly it’s not super sweet. It’s not bad. It says pink lemonade guava strawberry I don’t taste the lemonade but it does taste mildly guava strawberry. Not bad but not one of my favorites. The green ultra is still my favorite.

9 year Anniversary!

Thank you so
Much for making this happen and keeping this site alive! Thank you to all the visitors! Here’s to 9 more years or fun!

Supplement Review: new Reign Inferno Jalapeno Strawberry energy drink

I’m sorry for not writing in a while but I’m back! Work is really busy! I started a crazy summer diet! One meal and 3 meal replacement shakes! So far two weeks I’m down 30lbs. Many more to go! I will try to document my journey. As for energy drinks I have cut them out of my diet as I am getting older and they aren’t good for you. However I had to just taste this! This is insane!

Have you ever had something that was supposed to taste like something but it wasn’t even close Like pizza flavored chips, they don’t taste like pizza. What about barbecue flavored chips they don’t taste like barbecue sauce. This drink does not taste like jalapeño flavored chips or jalapeño flavored cheese, yes those are spicy but it just doesn’t taste like a jalapeño.

Well that wasn’t made by Reign! Or I should say Monster! This drink absolutely tastes like you bit into a jalapeño and you’re sucking on it. No I don’t know if that’s fortunately or unfortunately, because this drink has me perplexed. I am just in shock and awe that this drink absolutely taste like a jalapeño.

Here is the shocking part! You get slammed on the tip and the center of your tongue with the sweet strawberry and at the same time the back of your tongue tastes the bitter pepper! I’ve never had that simultaneous effect before! It’s usually one then you get hit with the other!

I’m really not sure if I like drinking a jalapeño pepper! I have never tasted this realism in a drink before, and I am kind of scared of the mad scientist that made this!

I have never been halfway down a can before and I’m not sure how I feel about it! my motto is hot sauce on everything I honestly don’t know if that holds true, do I like hot sauce in my energy drink?

You know what I don’t think I like it. I just recently got reading glasses and I’m thinking to myself am I just too old? Would a younger me like this? This drink had me questioning my very existence! I still don’t know if I like it…

**Update** March 10th 2020

The blue drink pictured above isn’t good at all I think both these new Reign drinks suck! This True Blue is too sweet! There’s also a Red Dragon flavor that I haven’t seen in the wild yet. I’ll keep my eye out for it, but I won’t keep my hopes up for the taste! Stick to the regular Reign drinks they released two new flavors that I saw. Straw sublime and Mang-o-matic.

I had the Mango and it’s absolutely delicious it’s pure witchcraft! It tastes exactly like mango fruit juice!

Product Review: Cavitat Ultra

CavitatUltra: A Visionary Device

Fat-Spot Reduction, Cellulite Removal, Slimming, Tightening and Lifting – Combined In One Handy Machine. MySlimLife Exclusively Introduces The CavitatUltra:

Ultrasound Fat cavitation is the word of mouth. Doctors, Dermatologist, and even high-level Celebrities swear on its effectiveness. Local Beauty Centers charge hundreds for a single Treatment – MySlimLife offers the home-based solution. Enjoy unlimited applications and be able to see results in a matter of Days.


The CavitatUltra is revolutionary. Advanced EMS, Ultrasonic and Infrared Technology are optimized to deliver outstanding results.

Especially developed for the treatment of Fat-Reduction, Cellulite, and Skin-Health. Ultrasound Cavitation is able to help with excessive fat deposits on spots like the belly, thighs, and legs but can also be used on your face, decollete and any other area.


1️⃣ Safe & Non-Invasive

The non-invasive alternative to liposuction can help you to eliminate local fat deposits without carrying any ugly risk. You can barely feel the Sound-waves. No discomfort is caused, no needles, no repercussions. Everything happens via a natural process.

2️⃣ Convenient & Effective

CavitatUltra can be used in the comfort of your own Home. 5-15 Minutes of daily Treatments can result in visible results immediately. Get rid of Deposits that will not disappear with diet and exercise alone

3️⃣ Scientifically Proven

Countless studies have proven the effectiveness of ultrasound fat cavitation and concluded that treatments can lead to lasting results in regards to the skin condition, fat deposits, and cellulite treatment.

4️⃣ Save Time And Money on Expensive Spa Sessions

CavitatUltra is priced at a fraction of the cost of a single spa treatment. Nonetheless, the technology and results are on the same level and you can even use it as often as you desire and enjoy all the amazing benefits forever.

5️⃣ Unlimited Possibilities

Apart from fat spot reduction, cellulite treatment and tightening the CavitatUltra can be used to Improve Skin complexion and texture. Diminish smile lines and crow’s feet – experience a natural face-lift. You can even use this device to massage and relief pain in the back or neck area.

6️⃣ Fast & Easy

Reap the Benefits of Ultrasound Fat Cavitation instantly – Do not Waste Months to see visible Results. This Device allows for handy daily application and therefore it has never been this easy to simply look your best. Invest in yourself and feel confident like never before. You Deserve it!


Utilizing 1MHz per second, the ultrasonic waves (alone or coupled with our ‘slimming gel’) generate frictional heat which accelerates blood circulation, muscle relaxation and decomposes cellulite to break down excess fatty tissue

  • Microscopic bubbles within the fat cells that expand are formed
  • Pressure is produced that causes the fat cells to burst
  • And release the fatty acids to be metabolized
  • NO HEAT is ever released the whole Process is based on Frequency

“Ease Pain, Lose Weight And Rejuvenate Skin All Together With This Handy Ultrasonic Infrared Machine. Keep Healthy Your Way And Try It Out Today!”




Elevating your outward appearance and becoming the version of yourself that you can be proud of is amazing. Nonetheless, we believe that everybody needs to be more alert regarding our health and well-being. As many as 24,000 people with diabetes are dying unnecessarily each year. MySlimLife cares! Therefore a fixed percentage of all Revenue is donated towards the American Diabetes Association®️

**Update** August 25th 2019

I am not sure about the validity of this product. My stomach is slimming, but I think it’s through diet and exercise not this product! I think this is doing absolutely nothing! I’ll keep trying it.

Product Review: Chipwich Releases New Flavor! Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip!

To make a long story short, these were not good at all! The cookies were rubbery the peanut butter chips didn’t coat the entire outside like the originals and the chocolate ice cream was plain chocolate so I didn’t really taste the peanut butter at all.

Absolutely a failure! I have one of their packaging boxes it’s short and square and the chipwich are standing on their sides like a bookshelf rather than the long skinny box.

Well, on the bottom of the box it has 2 additional flavors. These and birthday cake! I can’t wait to try birthday cake! I just hope it’s not a letdown!

Ps a message for chipwich: try researching before releasing new flavors.

Here I’ll help you!

I would have all of these before birthday cake. This is what America is buying. Also know your demographics the biggest consumer is women. That’s where the butter pecan comes in. That was my mother’s favorite flavor. Also the age group.

” Americans over age 55 eat more ice cream per capita than any other age group, according to a new study on frozen sweets. The average American eats ice cream at home 41 times per year, but the over-55-year-olds eat it an average of 56 times annually.

I think that is a bullshit number however. As a child, I had a bowl everyday for dessert before bed. That would make me have at least 300times a year. Have to subtract the at least 56 times a year I was bad and went to bed without dessert 🤣

I did make them a few suggestions like look at the original recipe and look where you went wrong. Why is the original cookies soft and delicious and these are hard and rubbery. Possibly ditch these cookies and use the original cookies and change the ice cream to chocolate with a peanut butter ripple and use the peanut butter chips for your peanut butter choc chip cookies.

Hopefully they tweaked the recipe before they released it. If they did I can’t wait to try it. If not this will be an utter failure.

Supplement Review: Monster Energy takes on Supplement Giant VPX! Reign vs Bang Energy!

1st Showdown!

Carnival Candy vs Cotton Candy & Rainbow Unicorn!

I’ve had the bang and it is so sickening sweet it’s almost undrinkable! I don’t have high expectations for this one! I think the Reign will also suck as Cotton Candy in general is sickening sweet! Bangs Rainbow Unicorn is also sickening sweet and is close to this!

Wow! Reign tastes exactly like cotton candy, I rank it slightly better than bang! But for me it’s still too sweet. But that’s what cotton candy is! So I can’t fault it! It’s crazy to think there’s no sugar! Cotton candy is pure sugar! Winner Reign! But not by much! It’s just a cleaner taste!

2nd Showdown!

Sour Apple vs Sour Heads!

Hands down this one goes to Reign! This stuff is Fucking delicious and is totally sour apple without being overly sweet! It tastes amazingly like a sour green apple! Like a golden delicious!

Keep in mind these are also sugar free!

Sour heads is overly chemically sweet! It’s sour but it’s not a clean crisp taste like Reign! Reign wins this one hands down! In fact I want more Reign!!!

3rd Showdown!

Razzle Berry vs Blue Razz!

I’ll have to find a Bang Blue Razz for this challenge! I think Powerhouse Gym Mahwah might have one! We will find out next Monday 5/6 after Game of Thrones! Powerhouse did have the flavors!! We shall proceed as scheduled!

Ok so I had the Razzle Berry by Reign and I have to say it is terrible! It’s not delicious raspberries! It’s not even blue as none of the Reign drinks have added color! I actually can’t describe what it does taste like! Let’s just say chemicals lol! This is going in the sink! It’s undrinkable!

Wait and see if Bang wins or we have a double loser!

Bang’s Blue Razz wasn’t bad. It also wasn’t good! I don’t taste raspberry at all. There isn’t a Wicked chemical taste like Reign! So it is drinkable!

Draw – They both suck!

4th Showdown!

Lemon HDZ vs Lemon Drop!

Again I’m going to have to find a lemon drop! I’ve never had this one either.

**Update** May 4th 2019

Just tried the Reign Lemon HDZ. The Lemonheads is amazing!! It’s so delicious! It tastes lemony with carbonation. No aftertaste, a pleasant sweet taste, not overly done and not overly sour. I would have rathered a more sour patch kids flavor. First sour then sweet, but it does taste really good.

**Update** May 5th 2019

This is the closest test! They are really close and I would buy either one! But I have to give the win to: Winner: Reign!

It’s just a cleaner, crisper, more bold taste.

4 1/2 Showdown Side Challenge!

Reign LemonHeads vs Bang Sour Heads!

On a side challenge who gives the best head 🤣

**Update** May 4th 2019

So far, Reign Lemonheads is very Good! Bang Sour Heads was way too chemically artificially sweet!

However; Bang does have the Bang girls! I guess it depends on how you interpret this challenge!

Winner: is up to interpretation! I’ll say Bang 😉 and it’s not for the flavor!

The other Reigns: Melon and Peach don’t have a 1:1 comparison.

5th Showdown Side Challenge

Reign Peach Fizz vs Bang Peach Mango!

Bang has a peach mango flavor or a peach tea flavor.

Understand this isn’t a 1:1 challenge!

But what the heck!

**Update** May 5th 2019

Reign Peach Fizz is delicious! It’s definitely Peach Fizzy and it tastes like it really has Peach juice in it! How do you get that from no carbs and chemicals is crazy!!

Reign has 6 flavors, Bang on the other hand has many many flavors as they have been around since 2012.

VPX only had redline energy drink before then, which wasn’t very good. But they totally revamped the RTD gym energy drink (preworkout) business!

Star Blast & Champagne are 2 of my favorite Bang flavors! I hope Reign makes a Champagne flavor!

Although Bang calls it Champagne it doesn’t taste like real

Champagne. I does Taste really good though. It would be nice to actually taste Champagne and not have the alcohol in it lol!

I have found that flavors that aren’t supposed to be flavors are usually the best! Like what does a star blast taste like? What does in gatorades case what does Rain Berry actually taste like? Or Monster’s Ultra colors, what is an ultra black supposed to taste like?

Flavors of Bang Energy Drink

  1. Black Cherry Vanilla
  2. Blue Razz®
  3. Champagne
  4. Cherry Blade Lemonade
  5. Citrus Twist
  6. Cotton Candy
  7. Lemon Drop
  8. Bangster Berry
  9. Frose Rose
  10. . Rainbow Unicorn
  11. . Peach Mango
  12. . Pina Colada
  13. . Power Punch
  14. . Purple Guava Pear
  15. . Purple Haze
  16. . Root Beer
  17. . Sour Heads
  18. . Star Blast®
  19. . Bang Energy Shots: 300 mg of caffeine
  20. . Bang Keto Coffee: 300 mg of caffeine
  21. . Bang Sweet Tea: 300 mg of caffeine
  22. . Caffeine Free Cotton Candy
  23. . Caffeine Free Cherry Blade Lemonade
  24. . Caffeine Free Black Cherry Vanilla
  25. . Caffeine Free Purple Guava Pear
  26. . Caffeine Free Sour Heads

Drink Content Review:

Since the taste tests are out of the way let’s score the products themselves!

Both: BCAAs, 300mg caffeine, CoQ10, both contain B3, B6 & B12 which are both good for energy! Reign does have 2/3rds the amount of both at 100% of your daily serving per can as opposed to 25% by Bang. Reign has 5 times the BCAAs and CoQ10 as Bang. Bang has 2.5mg CoQ10.

Reign: electrolytes which isn’t bad if you are going to be doing sports. Electrolyte loading can help prolong your workout. It doesn’t have to be intra-workout, as most are used that way.

Bang: Major Flaw! Bang has creatine! Creatine can cause bloat! The inventor of creatine supplementation, the former mastermind at EAS now the owner of Vitargo – Anthony Almada told he that creatine causes bloat and they found the cure for the bloat is drinking it hot to warm! Definitely not in a cold energy drink! Bad move VPX! Always know your ingredients! If you are sensitive to bloat avoid Bang!

Bang does have 50% of your daily Vitamin C which isn’t a lot. It would be nice if it had 1000mg so you wouldn’t have to supplement it. I like high dosage vitamin c!

The fine print ingredients does say L-Glutamine but it’s far down the ingredient list so it probably doesn’t have enough for an impact.

**Update** February 15, 2020

New strawberry sublime

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