Freedom, Business, Controversy and Fitness

Freedom, Business, Controversy and Fitness

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Supplement Review: Bang Energy by far the most innovative company!

Bang energy is by far the most innovative company in the drink business!

There are over 20 flavors of bang energy!

Their new Bang hard seltzer!!

Then they have different experimental lines like their bang energy with CBD oil

They also have an all Natural line

Bang has a caffeine free line

They even have shots like 24hr energy

Looking at the label they should probably tweak the recipe a little. If they raise the B vitamins it can increase the energy you receive without stimulants.

Bang keto coffee

Bang sweet tea

The caffeine free line is the most attractive line for me as I am getting older and I love the taste of energy drinks but the high caffeine isn’t healthy for me. If the taste is there this can ensure I can love bang for many more years!

A mid level line like 90g would be nice. Maybe call them bang stages.

Stage 1: full caffeine

Stage 2: half caffeine or low caffeine

Stage 3: caffeine free/natural bang

As we get older people develop issues:



High blood pressure


With under lying issues doctors urge people to change their diets, habits and lifestyles. By having the stages Bang can be a total lifestyle brand!

For those of you that don’t know Bang is the brain child of VPX sports. I have been following VPX since the beginning and I am one of their biggest fans! Liquid clenbutrx, meltdown, redline, bang, NO Shotgun! Thin fat. Etc. I have reviewed many products here since the beginning!

Vpx and bang is actually an interesting story and this speaks to their innovation!

VPX sports actually had an industry dominant energy drink in redline!

While Red Bull and monster were dominating the consumer industry, VPX and Redline dominated the fitness industry and was the number one energy drink sold in gyms.

Only a real innovative company would compete against themselves and create a new energy drink …bang!

The rest is history! Thank God they had the foresight to see that there was place for them in the market or we wouldn’t be enjoying our favorite Bang flavors right now!

Their new bang hard seltzer is industry leading! Forget jager bombs (Red Bull and jagermeister) bang & hard seltzer is here! I am definitely interested in trying this! Caffeine may limit sales so hopefully it’s caffeine free great bang taste mixed with seltzer…

Yes it’s caffeine free: Bang unveils its caffeine-free Mixx Hard Seltzer

P.S. I ordered a case of caffeine free to try it! Stay tuned!

Bang releases 34th flavor!! And you have to guess the flavor!

10 Year Anniversary!

Thank you for still visiting my site! I will try to add more content!

Product Review: Indian Clubs

Indian clubs: Indian clubs, which originated in the Indian subcontinent,[1][2] are a type of exercise equipment used to present resistance in movement to develop strength and mobility. They consist of bowling-pin shaped wooden clubs of varying sizes and weights, which are swung in certain patterns as part of a strength exercise program. They can range in weight from a few pounds each to special clubs that can weigh as much as up to 100 pounds. They were used in carefully choreographed routines in which the clubs were swung in unison by a group of exercisers, led by an instructor, similar to 21st-century aerobics or zumba classes. The routines would vary according to the group’s ability along with the weights of the clubs being used. When the 19th-century British colonists came across exercising clubs in India, they named them Indian clubs. -Wikipedia

I have recently been experiencing trouble with my rotator cuffs being tight.

I have been going to physical therapy and I have been told to stretch and do those boring light weight rotator cuff cable (or exercise band) exercises.

If you are like me you absolutely hate doing those exercises and stretches! So I was researching different ways to strengthen my rotator cuffs. That’s when I came across the Indian clubs. Swinging and twisting the clubs seems much more fun then static stretches and light weight cables.

However; when I looked up the clubs I saw they come in 1lb, 2lbs, 5lbs and 10lbs

I was skeptical how such light clubs would help when weights and kettlebells are so heavy.

Pictured in the first pic is a set of 1lb and 2lbs Indian clubs. I cannot believe the difference a pound makes! They are a world of difference! I was having trouble rotating my wrists without pain in my shoulder and my range of motion was drastically shortened possibly due to the labrum surgery on my rt shoulder. The 1lb clubs have made a great difference and now the 2lbs clubs are stretching it just a little further! It fells good I’m sore!

Check out these videos for what to do: Beginner video

Advanced video

Full body workout

Try these and tell me what you think! I may try the 5&10lb sets.. or I might try a Thor’s hammer instead!

Thor’s hammer workout

**Update** March 18th 2021 I haven’t tried Thor’s hammer. However these Indian clubs have helped return range of motion in my shoulder and they help to loosen your rotator cuffs!

Supplement Review: Lee Haney’s 7 day Cleanse

  • Natural mixture of herbs and nutrients
  • Internal organ cleanse
  • Herbal based design

Areas affected: Colon, Liver, Kidney, and Urinary System.

Rid the body of waste and bloat

The 7-Day Detox is perfect for when the body needs a reset or a jumpstart. Some examples include but not limited to: After a vacation cruise, after the holiday’s, in preparation to begin your health and fitness journey, during the off-season in competitive sporting leagues, and to flush your system to keep your body running at optimum levels of performance.

***Warning*** and warning graphic content

This is not a gentle detox for the weak!

I have started the detox and no exaggeration, I have the shits twice a day and I’m literally pissing out my ass! Again, This is not a gentle detox!

However, this is exactly what I personally want from a detox! If you don’t have this happen, then how do you know that it is working?

Stay tuned more to come when I complete the detox. I’ll let you know how I feel energy wise, how it worked and anything else I experience!

Product Review: Fray Fitness – Functional Trainer

Fray fitness functional trainer

This machine is extremely solid! You cannot see from this image but that back panel with the hooks is a solid metal slab! This machine is built like a tank!

I would buy any product they make and I plan on buying this smith machine next!

The functional trainer is extremely smooth in operation. It only comes with standard metal handles. I got the rest from the handles I received from them are sturdy and cheap.

This machine is monstrous! it’s much bigger than it looks! I have not seen a better quality machine inside or outside a commercial gym. You will not be disappointed

Chipwich releases Birthday cake flavor and updated chocolate and Peanut butter flavor cookie sandwiches!

Delayed due to Covid 19! Once they resume shipping I will definitely review this!

Supplement Review: Monster adds two new Flavors! Ultra Fiesta and Ultra Rose!

Monster is at it again! New ultra drinks in pretty color cans! I just tried the ultra fiesta and it is a party in your mouth! I feel the fiesta! Lol it is good! It tastes similar to their Reign mango drink. How you get fruity tastes from chemicals is some witch doctor shit!

No seriously, it does taste good even though it’s not that good for you. gives you plenty of energy to carry on with your day!

I haven’t tried the rose yet but as you can see I did buy it! Not sure when I will try it as I have been trying to avoid energy drinks, but I will update you when I do. Hopefully, it won’t be too super sweet! I don’t want a cavity just trying it 😝

**update** April 30th 2020

Just had the Rose flavor and if I drank it as a creator I would give it a pink label too lol. If pink was a flavor this drink tastes pink lol.

Surprisingly it’s not super sweet. It’s not bad. It says pink lemonade guava strawberry I don’t taste the lemonade but it does taste mildly guava strawberry. Not bad but not one of my favorites. The green ultra is still my favorite.

**Update** March 18th 2021

Ultra fiesta is my favorite monster! It’s tropical flavors are refreshing! That is all lol

9 year Anniversary!

Thank you so
Much for making this happen and keeping this site alive! Thank you to all the visitors! Here’s to 9 more years or fun!

Supplement Review: new Reign Inferno Jalapeno Strawberry energy drink

I’m sorry for not writing in a while but I’m back! Work is really busy! I started a crazy summer diet! One meal and 3 meal replacement shakes! So far two weeks I’m down 30lbs. Many more to go! I will try to document my journey. As for energy drinks I have cut them out of my diet as I am getting older and they aren’t good for you. However I had to just taste this! This is insane!

Have you ever had something that was supposed to taste like something but it wasn’t even close Like pizza flavored chips, they don’t taste like pizza. What about barbecue flavored chips they don’t taste like barbecue sauce. This drink does not taste like jalapeño flavored chips or jalapeño flavored cheese, yes those are spicy but it just doesn’t taste like a jalapeño.

Well that wasn’t made by Reign! Or I should say Monster! This drink absolutely tastes like you bit into a jalapeño and you’re sucking on it. No I don’t know if that’s fortunately or unfortunately, because this drink has me perplexed. I am just in shock and awe that this drink absolutely taste like a jalapeño.

Here is the shocking part! You get slammed on the tip and the center of your tongue with the sweet strawberry and at the same time the back of your tongue tastes the bitter pepper! I’ve never had that simultaneous effect before! It’s usually one then you get hit with the other!

I’m really not sure if I like drinking a jalapeño pepper! I have never tasted this realism in a drink before, and I am kind of scared of the mad scientist that made this!

I have never been halfway down a can before and I’m not sure how I feel about it! my motto is hot sauce on everything I honestly don’t know if that holds true, do I like hot sauce in my energy drink?

You know what I don’t think I like it. I just recently got reading glasses and I’m thinking to myself am I just too old? Would a younger me like this? This drink had me questioning my very existence! I still don’t know if I like it…

**Update** March 10th 2020

The blue drink pictured above isn’t good at all I think both these new Reign drinks suck! This True Blue is too sweet! There’s also a Red Dragon flavor that I haven’t seen in the wild yet. I’ll keep my eye out for it, but I won’t keep my hopes up for the taste! Stick to the regular Reign drinks they released two new flavors that I saw. Straw sublime and Mang-o-matic.

I had the Mango and it’s absolutely delicious it’s pure witchcraft! It tastes exactly like mango fruit juice!

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