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Product Review: iSatori Eat Smart Protein

Highest quality proteins, including whey protein hydrolysates
Contains Nutrim (oats), fiber, enzymes, flaxseed, probiotics, vitamins and minerals
Mixes easily and instantly for a rich, delicious shake in less than one minute
97% gluten and lactose-free; no aspartame, maltodextrin, sugar, or trans fats





The perfect meal-replacement protein shake to help you rebuild a healthy, new body! ∆

The highest quality proteins from fast-absorbing whey isolates and hydrolysates + slow-releasing casein proteins provide a constant supply of growth-enhancing amino acids.

Oat beta-glucans from Nutrim® + Fibersol®-2 resistant fiber help make you feel fuller for longer to better control your appetite.

Over 4g of BCAA’s and 8g of EAA’s + 3g of Glutacel™ glutamine and peptides trigger protein synthesis and enhance your immune system to recover faster.

Just add one level scoop to 8 oz of cold water, skim or soy milk, add 2-3 ice cubes, and mix in a blender, shaker bottle; use more or less water to desired consistency. Or, for pudding-like consistency, mix with 3-4 oz of cold water in a bowl or a cup with a spoon.

Every supplement company makes protein, it’s no surprise! Is this protein the best for post workout? NO! Whey isolate rules post workout, because of its fast absorption.

So; how can this protein benefit me? The answer is on a diet!

What’s the best thing you can do when trying to stay on a diet and you have urges to cheat and eat junkfood?

Answer: choose a healthy snack!

Choose a snack that makes you feel like you are cheating when in fact you aren’t!

This protein can be mixed with 1/2 the water to make a pudding consistency. Normally when doing so, the protein doesn’t taste good. However; this stuff tastes great! And to my happy surprise there were chocolate chips at the bottom for a special yummy surprise!

I would love to try a full tub rather than just one packet to see if it makes the world of difference in my diet; which I think it will!

Mixability: 9/10
Taste as pudding: 9/10
Ingredients: 6.5/10

Eat Smart by iSatori should be in every dieters toolbox!!

Product Review: Pro-Tech Athletics The Orb – Deep Tissue Massage Ball 5″ & 7″ Diameter *

• Multi-directional roll provides focused massage to target areas
• Deep tissue massage:
1) Reduces muscle fatigue and tightness
2) Promotes flexibility
3) Enhances performance

5″ diameter high density ball provides aggressive deep tissue massage to:
IT Band, Hamstring, Quadriceps, Calf, plus more

7″ diameter high density ball provides moderate deep tissue massage to:
IT Band, Hamstring, Quadriceps, Back, plus more

The balls are super lightweight dense foam. They don’t require pumping up.

Because they are super lightweight and foam, I am not sure about durability. If you have a dog, keep it away or it will be in pieces!

I can’t wait to try them as they are much larger then a lacrosse ball and much different then a roller!

Pro-tec also offers a wide array of massage and physical therapy tools! Check them out for all your needs! Their prices are reasonably inexpensive also!

Product Review: Pro-Tec Athletics Y-Roller – foam roller *

• Dual or single ridge option offers a targeted aggressive massage.
• Ability to roll in between ridges for a less aggressive, moderate massage.

Product Features & Benefits:

• Made from Elastomer – a high density, durable foam
• Excellent tool to promote flexibility and myofascial release
• 6” Diameter x 15 1/2” Length
• Deep tissue massage:
1) Reduces muscle fatigue and tightness
2) Promotes flexibility
3) Enhances performance

Y-roller Hamstring:

Y-roller Quads

Y-roller Calves

Y-roller Back

Product Review: Pro-Tech Athletics Gel Force Knee Support *

Inside view:

General Application: Great for alleviating knee pain and providing moderate knee joint stability.
Medical Applications: Patello-Femoral pain syndrome, Patellar tracking, chondromalacia, minor meniscus and ligament tears.
How It Works: Provides patellar (knee cap) stability with compression surrounding patella. Offers stability on medial and lateral sides of knee.
Design Theory: Breathable, soft fabric offers 4 way stretch applying even, comfortable compression throughout brace. Thick oval gel provides excellent comfort and support to patellar (knee cap) area. Medial (inside) and lateral (outside) spiral stays offer overall knee joint stability.

Sizing Chart:
Item 7200 Small (13” – 14”)
Item 7201 Medium (14” – 16″)
Item 7202 Large (16” – 18”)
Item 7203 Xlarge (18” – 20″)
(Circumference measured 1” above top of patella)

I have been wearing these for a couple days now and my knee pain is gone!

They are a little awkward to put on, but they are easy to pull off. Just grab it from the top and pull off inside out.

I am hoping they will stretch out a little, I think they will.

They are really comfortable when they are on. However; I do sweat in them and it’s only April. Can’t wait to see how they are in the summer. Stay tuned for more!

Pro-Tec Athletics also offers a full array of support, wrap, strap and sleeves for almost every part of the body! Check them out for your individual needs! Most are also custom tailored for specific injuries!

They also offer body specific ice (cool) and heat packs!

Supplement Review: Mancakes – High Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix *


Mancakes Story:
Many people ask me “How did Mancakes start?” Well, I have always been a breakfast fiend and enjoyed being active. However, when my fitness routines became more intense I needed something more than cereal or flax oats to get me through a workout and the rest of my day. Fortunately, Jared loves to cook. We had been playing around with different pancake recipes for a few years when we suddenly realized that protein pancakes were the perfect solution to my need for sustained energy. I started eating it every day, as we made various changes here and there to the nutrition and recipe. A Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, and Non-GMO nutrient list was absolutely important, but is very tricky to attain, especially as there really is nothing like it out there. As many gluten-free people know, it can be very hard to find a gluten-free food item with a satisfying taste and texture.

Slowly the amount of cereal, flax oatmeal, whey protein, and eggs dwindled in our kitchen as we honed in on the perfect recipe that contained all these nutrients in one delicious package. Once that was ready, I started sharing it with friends, many of which play sports and are active in the fitness communities as trainers, competitors, nutritionists, and coaches. After a few weeks, it was clear that Mancakes should be shared with more than our small community. We care very much about health through the classic staples of a clean diet & regular exercise and since we were able to create something that could help people achieve that, why shouldn’t we? So here we are now…excited to share this passion with the world and provide delicious tasting food to fuel people’s active lifestyles.

Another question I get a lot is where did the name “Mancakes” come from? That’s an easy one! It’s simply a play on the word “Pancakes,” but makes it a bit grittier and just makes sense for a high-protein infused product. We kept coming back to it after many brainstorms. It was the stickiest and is certainly memorable! What’s more is it provides us a lot of room for some fun and innovative marketing.

Mancakes Cinnamon Oat flavor tested below:
Mancakes Waffle with pure organic Vermont Maple Syrup direct from Vermont! Must be stored in the freezer and it never freezes!

Made in a Waring Pro Commercial Double Waffle Maker


I made it with 1/2 Cup skim milk and it tastes better than an Eggo waffle and I’m surprised because I licked the uncooked batter in the bowl and I could taste the beans in the batter. Once cooked there was no hint what so ever of the beans! It was delicious and the surprising part is it has 21 whopping grams of protein in the batter and 8 more from the milk for a total of:

280 mix + 43c skim milk + 100 syrup total: 423 calories
29g protein
19g of net carbs + 12g from the milk and 21 from the syrup = 52g of carbs

423 calories
52g carbs
29g protein

Not bad for a waffle and maple syrup!



Stay tuned next week for a buttermilk Mancakes Waffle!

Recipe: Ripped Recipes Paelo Avocado Deviled Eggs


Recipe provided by Molly Eledge

Paleo and Ultra Low Carb Deviled Eggs
Serves 24 People, takes 00:20 to prep and 0 to cook.

Even better than the original- these deviled eggs are perfect for anyone trying to eat clean and be healthy. These super delicious appetizers are low in carbs and high in protein. Perfect for a party!


0.1 tsp Paprika
1/4 tsp Salt
1 avocado, NS as to Florida or California Avocados
1 serving (serving = 1 tsp) Tapatio Hot Sauce
6 teaspoon Dijon Mustard
12 serving (serving = 1 egg) Great Day Farms Hard Boiled Eggs

1. Peel your hard boiled eggs, then slice them in half the long-ways. Scrape out the yolks into a big mixing bowl.
2. Cut up your avocado and add it into the bowl with the yolks.
3. Add your hot sauce, mustard, and salt.
4. With a hand held mixer, blend all this good stuff together.
5. Once the avocado yolk mix is completely blended and smooth, turn off the mixer and scoop the mix into a piping bag. You can also go old school and throw it in a plastic baggie and cut the tip off….or go super old school and just grab a spoon to do the filling.
6. Pipe the egg mix into the egg white halves, being sure to overfill them a bit. Once you’re done, sprinkle with paprika.
7. Keep those puppies in the fridge, and maybe share them with some people that you like.

per 1 serving size
Amount Per Serving
Calories 49Calories from Fat 32
% Daily Values*
Total Fat 3.535.43%
Saturated Fat 0.934.65%
Polyunsaturated Fat 0.16
Monounsaturated Fat 0.85
Cholesterol 107.5035.83%
Sodium 78.643.28%
Potassium 43.08
Total Carbohydrate 1.340.45%
Dietary Fiber 0.622.48%
Sugars 0.10
Protein 3.23
Vitamin A 4.09%Vitamin C 2.68%
Calcium 3.08%Iron 4.76%
* Nutritional Values are estimated and may vary

Serves 24 people yeah right! Serves me! I’m not sharing! 😝

My healthy MCTs!!

Stay tuned for the practical application!

Forget the salt! I’m not adding it!

Hot sauce!!!! 😱😱😱😍😍😍 I’m adding a few drops of:

And the answer is yes I am crazy! 😝

This is going to be soooooo yummy!


Forgot the paprika lol

Syfy Cancels The Originator of FaceTime and it’s not Apple! Warehouse 13 closes it’s doors!


If you like your IPhone and you like your FaceTime, you owe it all to Warehouse 13!

Warehouse 13 started in 2009 and FaceTime debuted in 2010.

Check out the Wikipedia Bio:
Warehouse 13 is a U.S. television science fiction series that premiered on July 7, 2009, on the Syfy network.

Executive-produced by Jack Kenny and David Simkins, the dramatic comedy from Universal Media Studios is said to have borrowed much from the American-Canadian horror television series Friday the 13th: The Series (1987–90), and has been described as “part The X-Files, part Raiders of the Lost Ark and part Moonlighting.” The series premiere was Syfy’s third largest debut to date, garnering 3.5 million viewers. The first six episodes were all among the top ten highest rated series episodes on Syfy. Episode 6, “Burnout”, drew 4.4 million viewers, setting the record for Syfy’s highest rated show. Season 2 began July 6, 2010. It was renewed October 5, 2010, for a third season of 13 episodes, which began July 11, 2011. It was renewed for a fourth season August 11, 2011, which began July 23, 2012.

Characters from Eureka have crossed over to Warehouse 13 and vice-versa, and a character from Warehouse 13 has appeared on Alphas.

On May 16, 2013, Syfy renewed the series for a six-episode fifth and final season.

I was going to say that this reminds me of Indiana Jones meets Area 51 meets the Librarian. I actually love the librarian and Noah Wyle should return! Falling Skies is good, but the Librarian is awesome!

Whether you like Warehouse 13 or not, it has contributed to American pop culture and should be thanked! Thank you for FaceTime and thank you for the others you have influenced!

Stay tuned for the final season coming Monday April 14th at 9pm est

Pete & Myka better get together at the end!

Movie Review: Generation Iron – the Sequel to Arnold’s Pumping Iron *



This Limited Edition Extended Director’s Cut* with over 10 minutes of new scenes, is not available in stores!

Exclusive Bonus Features Include:

Over 45 Minutes of Never Before Seen Footage
4 Deleted Scenes
The Making of Generation Iron Featurette
Feature Commentary with Phil Heath and Director Vlad Yudin
Uncut Interviews with Phil Heath, Kai Greene and Lou Ferrigno

It all started with a film. A film that sparked a revolution…

Generation Iron is now a true movement for all bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts. It is a movement for a new generation that believes in the concept of self-improvement, both physically and mentally. Our dedication to the sport and fitness has gained us fans from across the world. Now we have paired up with some of the biggest brands in the business to best suit our audiences in and out of the gym. Join the Movement.


We understand that fitness is about more than the reps and sets you do in the gym. Fitness is a lifestyle and Generation Iron has been built on this principle. Generation Iron preserves that most fundamental aspect of fitness – the desire for more. The desire to push yourself through your worst struggles, the desire to surpass your most ambitious goals, the desire to be the best possible you.

We are now proud to offer our new line of premier sports apparel designed for the gym and beyond it. Now is the time to become a full-fledged part of the movement and to become a member of the greatest generation in fitness history: Generation Iron.

Fitness. Attitude. Lifestyle.

Generation Iron is a 2013 documentary film which follows the world’s leading bodybuilders as they train and compete for the coveted Mr. Olympia title. The film gives front row access to the lives of the top seven bodybuilders in the sport, including Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Branch Warren and Dennis Wolf. Mickey Rourke narrates the film, with appearances by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and Jay Cutler.

This movie is extremely well done!
For the most part the guys kept their egos out of the film and you got to see the real them! It was really nice!

Phil’s shoulders were rounder than Kai’s it was pretty close! Phil one by one point and I think it was shoulders!

Phil’s front double biceps was crazy too!

Branch is still my Favorite and I like Hidetada also he has amazing symmetry and is probably the most cut, he just needs more size.

They all rock! Best of the Best!

I would have like to see more training and more diet.

But It was very well done! Mickey Rourke did a great job commentating.

The part with Vic and his daughter was priceless!

To Kai, if that’s the truth; life is to short to be a lone wolf, dark horse! Surround yourself with people you care about, if you don’t have any find some!

Kai’s secret sauce lol : it’s a muscle meds commercial… 😭

The deleted scenes were great and shouldn’t have been cut out!

They have a lady they call Grandma (Sibil Peeters) the trainer from Hell. I would have liked to see her training Roelly! At her worst lol

There’s a one on one interview with Phil where he sets his ego aside and just be’s himself. Watch it!

This movie rocks and I can’t wait to watch it again this weekend!

I like Jim Stoppani keeping it real!

I also like the theme song by Mind the gap: Never gonna stop

Dual Survival Returns April 23rd 2014!! Cody Lundin Fired!


Experts agree there are some very basic and universal rules for surviving in the wild. Find shelter, find water, find food, find help. Beyond that, there’s not much they agree on.

None know this better than Cody Lundin and Joseph Teti, who take on some of the planet’s most unforgiving terrain to demonstrate, in their own way, how the right skills and some creative thinking can keep you alive.

Together, with their drastically different backgrounds, the survivalists are dropped into a scenario that could happen to anyone: marooned boaters, lost hikers, stranded mountain climbers. Equipped with minimal gear that would have been carried in the real-life situations, Lundin and Teti must draw upon their arsenal of skills to devise extraordinary ways to use what they can find in their surroundings, as well as ordinary objects, and demonstrate what it takes to stay alive.

I can’t wait for Season 4!

Joe Teti

Joseph Teti is a veteran of both US military and US government special operations units. He is a former Force Recon Marine, Army Special Forces “Green Beret”, and a former operator in a highly classified government counter-terrorist unit.

He is a combat veteran of both OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) in Iraq, and OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) in Afghanistan. He planned and conducted a broad range of special operations missions covering the entire operational continuum. These missions gave the President of the United States an option when overt military and / or diplomatic actions were not viable or politically feasible. Operations of this nature required rapid response with surgical application of a wide variety of unique skills, while maintaining the lowest possible profile of U.S. involvement. He has participated in numerous classified direct action missions with several Tier 1 SMU’s (Special Mission Units).

Joseph has performed high-risk PSD (Personal Security Detail) operations in Afghanistan and Iraq for U.S. government and civilian clients. He was also a member of a U.S. State Department close protection team assigned to several high profile government officials and visiting diplomats in Israel. Working out of the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, and the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem, he operated in high-risk areas throughout the country to include Ramallah, Abu Dis, Jericho, The Gaza Strip and the West Bank. He has extensive experience and training in fully armored vehicle operations, advance team operations, motorcade operations, CAT (Counter Assault Team) operations and surveillance / counter surveillance operations.

A graduate of over 30 formal schools in regards to special operations, his skill sets and experiences are highly diverse. He has attended several survival schools over his career and is one of a few individuals in the world that hold an instructor certification in tactical tracking operations from legendary tracker and former Rhodesian SAS (Special Air Service), and Selous Scout, David Scott-Donelan.

He has held a TOP SECRET-SCI with polygraph security clearance, the highest security clearance awarded by the U.S. government.

Cody Lundin

Cody Lundin is an internationally known professional survival instructor with more than 20 years of hands-on teaching experience. Due to his intimate understanding of the physics, psychology and physiology of human survival, Cody is routinely featured as the consulting expert on real-world emergencies for national and international news outlets. He has trained private, corporate, and governmental agencies, thousands of students and dozens of national and international media sources in outdoor survival, primitive living skills and urban preparedness.

Cody’s self-reliance training began early. He created his first survival kit for living on the road after graduating from high school, then boarded a westward bound greyhound bus. He lived on city streets, alone in the woods, and in a radical commune near the Mexican border. Cody further honed his self-reliant expertise living in the deserts and mountains with very little modern gear or assistance – including two years spent living in a brush shelter in the woods where he slept on pine needles and cooked over an open fire.

In 1991 – with an initial investment of ten dollars – Lundin founded the Aboriginal Living Skills School in Arizona, where he teaches modern wilderness survival skills, primitive living skills, urban preparedness, and homesteading. When not teaching for his own school, Cody is an adjunct faculty member at Yavapai College and a faculty member at the Ecosa Institute, where he teaches the survival and sustainability curriculums that he created.

He is also the best-selling author of two books on survival and preparedness: 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive! (2003) and When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes (2006). Both books have been translated into several languages and are routinely featured in the top ten best-sellers for their genre on Amazon.

Lundin lives in a self-designed, off-the-grid solar earth home in the high-desert wilderness of Northern Arizona. There, he catches rain, composts waste and pays nothing for heating and cooling. Cody has been going barefoot for more than 20 years, part of his indigenous self-reliant philosophy. He is the only person in Arizona with a license to catch fish with his hands.

But there’s more news! Cody Lundin was fired from Dual Survival!

“Dear Campers,

Unfortunately, I have been fired by Discovery Channel for differences over safety and health concerns on the show and will no longer be a part of Dual Survival.

Although I’ll miss elements of the show, what I’ll miss the most are my fans and the opportunity to teach – on a global level – life saving skills, indigenous culture, and values of integrity and respect toward our natural world.

I have received numerous letters from viewers. Many are from kids, or their parents or grandparents, describing in detail how the show has changed their lives. It has brought families together, inspired kids to go outdoors, and motivated moms and dads around the world to take that family camping trip, many for the first time. If I can use a TV show to encourage people to turn off TV and turn on nature, I have done my job.

Thank you all very much for your support over the years. Be safe and prepared, and maybe I’ll train with you in the woods some day!

Stay classy,
Cody Lundin”

That’s a post from Cody’s Facebook.

So was it partway through the season? Was it after filming?

Will Joe be without his Barefoot friend? Will he be alone for some episodes? Did they find a replacement for some episodes?

What madness is going on?

I will miss Cody! Not because I like his skills. Often I, like Joe and Dave Canterbury (old co-host) disagree with Cody’s decisions, but I mostly watch to see how the crazy Sob handles going through all the situations barefoot and with shorts!

Whether you like him or not, he’s a badass!

Maybe Cody will go even more hardcore and join Naked & Afraid! Lol

What will Season 4 bring??

To add more news, Dave Canterbury (old co-host before Joe Teti) finally apologized for embellishing his résumé

What if the bring Dave back to go at it with Joe 😱

Whatever happens, it’s going to be a great season and I can’t wait! And I hope they also renew it for more!!

Product Review: DFX Ironpower Silver Steel Gyro Exerciser *


Quick Overview
The Iron Power Force One Gyro utilizes German precision engineering to create up to 16,000 rpm and 50 pounds of silky-smooth dynamic resistance in the palm of your hand.


• Integrated High Tec Stainless Steel Rotor
• 100% Precision And Smoothness
• 2 Mm Thick Stainless Steel Axle Pegs
• Hard Coated Aluminum Housing
• Heavy Duty Bearings
• Replacement Guide Ring Included
• NOT Compatible with Speedmeter
• Metal Display Case


The Iron Power Force One Gyro utilizes German precision engineering to create up to 16,000 rpm and 50 pounds of silky-smooth dynamic resistance in the palm of your hand. Describing the Iron Power experience is challenging at best, because you have never felt anything like it before. The faster the Iron Power Force One Gyro spins, the more resistance is automatically added. This product is perfect for the experienced Powerballer, Mixed Martial Artist or extreme athlete looking for a challenge or a way to get a competitive edge in their sport of choice. Metal display case included.

This gyro is cool! I like the extra weight, however; I don’t like how it doesn’t have the meter and it can’t be attached either.

I found that the lighted plastic Powerball spins better than the stainless steel, it’s more fluid and can achieve higher speeds. However; the weight of the steel version is much heavier and doesn’t have obnoxious blue lights. It also doesn’t hum as loud.

I am going to use the lighted Powerball after the gym and at home and I am going to use the stainless steel on the bus and subway during my commute home from work.

I used it today on base and the overall negative remarks, were masturbation based lol. Once, a few of the guys made their jokes and negative remarks, the other guys that tried it, (once they learned the motion again) liked it. They said that it really burned their grip and forearm. When I made them hold their arm over their head then you kick in your shoulder and it starts to burn also.

**Update** April 9th 2014
Nothing is making my forearms explode as much as this ball!! They are soooo swollen with blood! Does it build the forearm? I don’t know, don’t think so, I think the grips (Fat Gripz, TGrips) build them and the ball explodes them and in conjunction your arms get massive!

I am lying off the Grips for a while and seeing how the Powerball and Dynamax expand my arms. Does it just give them a pump or does it actually tear and expand the muscle?

Product Review: DFX Split Core Dynamax Core Trainer *



My buddy Morgan using the DFX Dynamax Core Trainer
•Complete Core Workout
• Weighs less than 4.5 lbs
• Precision balanced gyro spins at up to 9,000 RPM!
• Delivers up to 220 lbs of resistance
• Variable resistance automatically adjusts to the strength of the user
• Compact, lightweight design makes it perfect for travel
• Includes instructional DVD and Wall Chart

The Split Core Dynamax has a German made stainless steel rotor and can produce up to 220 lbs of smooth low impact resistance. The Dynamax uses gyroscopic technology and the motion of inertia that defines its resistance. This one product will tone and strengthen your core muscles and upper body in just minutes a day. You won’t want to put it down! It’s the “hard core”, patented, hand-held fitness machine that’s been missing from your workout program. The Dynamax was originally designed for the US Military and Special Forces, and now it is available to you! Do away with those costly monthly gym member ships and expensive bulky home gym equipment, and get it all with the Dynamax Core Trainer.

Let me tell you about this little machine! This thing is going to make me a monster! I had a slap repair of my right shoulder 2 years ago and my shoulder has never been the same! It took over a 1.5 years for it to stop aching daily. Now; it’s still not where it was before the injury, because the little stabilizer muscles have not recovered. With weightlifting movements are slow and controlled and squeezing the muscle. With this you rotate as fast as you can.

I watched the video and some of the moves are overhead; normally with arms extended straight in front my shoulders are burning. Overhead they have gone from burning to on fire!!

This machine is going to rebuild my shoulder and then some! It’s going to strengthen my joint which will allow me to lift more weight and put my size back on!

My hands and forearms are on fire! With the powerball

My rear delts which is what I need to rehab!!! Is on fire with the Dynamax!

I was standing and my front delts were on fire and then I did it lying on my back in bed and that’s what burned my rear delts!

**Update** April 4th 2014
I used the Dynamax Split Core today and I was demonstrating it to a bunch of guys on base and getting them to try it. I got a bunch of split reviews. A couple were having trouble with the motion, once they learned it, they said it was cool and it burned. They others said the motion looked gay especially the golfing club motion. Lol they also made a comment of the powerballs check that review for their response.

Tomorrow I should be filming a few videos!


**Update** April 9th 2014
The videos are being edited and will soon be posted on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

I love this machine I have been doing 2-3 sets of a couple minutes a day and burning my shoulder out! As well as my arms. The only drawback I see is the price tag! The spilt core unit has a hefty $500 price tag. I don’t see the average consumer spending that. However; I urge rehab centers (physical therapists) to purchase at least one of these for your facilities! This will make excellent strides in labrum and rotator cuff recovery.

The standard unit is still $299 which is also hefty, but worth it! Especially if you are recovering from either, shoulder or biceps surgery, even pectoral surgery.

There is a similar device called the Burn Machine that simulates speed bag training with slight resistance available. However; they declined to be reviewed, so I can’t say how good of a product it is. I haven’t touched it, not sure of its quality or if it has a similar effect. All I know is your hands also go in a circle. However their circles are much larger.

With the small tight circles of the Dynamax it forces your muscles to contract and if you mess up the motion the Dynamax jerks and makes you stabilize it. I can tell you when your shoulders are burning big time, you don’t want to have to stabilize it!! Ouch 😭 it burns so bad!

Does the Burn Machine do that? We will probably never know…

**Update** April 17th 2014
After continued use I figured my tolerance would get better… No! It still burns the hell out of my shoulders quickly! Probably because I can rev it faster!

Product Review: DFX Powerball Sports Pro Gyro Exerciser with PowerDock and Training CD *


Powerball Blue Gyro Exerciser with PowerDock and Training CD

Regular Price: $59.95
Special Price: $49.95

Quick Overview
The Powerball Blue Combo pack comes with a Blue Powerball Gyro Exerciser and a PowerDock. It increases endurance for all sports demanding control and grip strength with up to 45 pounds of resistance force.

Up to 40 pounds of torque
Reaches up to 14,000 RPMs
Improve coordination while building strength
Aids in relief from Carpal Tunnel and other RSI
Increase the range of motion of wrist flexors and extensors
PowerDock (Included) Requires 2 AA batteries
Compatible with the Speedmeter
Training CD (Included)
LED lights glow blue as the progression of your workout improves

The Powerball Blue Gyro Exerciser with PowerDock is a great workout tool for any age. This gyro has LED lights built into the rotor and once activated, it illuminates a blue colored light show. It’s perfect for rehab, toning, and strengthening. It includes a docking station to help activate your gyro and serve as a stand when not in use.

The Powerball uses resistance force to generate up to 40 pounds of torque and is the ideal product for anyone looking to improve dexterity, strength, coordination and accelerate healing time. The Powerball Blue will increase blood flow in the first three minutes and is the only product on the market where you can feel the effects in the first 30 seconds. It’s an excellent tool to aid in the relief and prevention of Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow and other repetitive stress injuries. It allows you to use a wide variety of natural and fluid range of motions to simulate a particular sports motion or just your everyday range of movements. With just one product you are able to target every flexor, extensors, tendon and muscle from your fingers to your shoulders! We are proud to have our products PGA member tested and approved, UAL indorsed, CE and RoSh certified.

* Note: Speed and torque are estimates.

* DFX Sports & Fitness does not claim to cure and/or prevent any type of musculoskeletal injuries.

This ball is cool, it burns your forearms, wrist and grip! I think it’s a great tool to use on arm day after burning out your arms and grip with Fat Gripz, Grip4orce or Ironbull Strength TGrips (whichever your prefer) and totally torch your grip, forearms and wrist afterward!

I found that this one spins better than the stainless steel, it’s more fluid and can achieve higher speeds. However; the weight of the steel version is much heavier and doesn’t have obnoxious blue lights. It also doesn’t hum as loud.

I am going to use this one after the gym and at home and I am going to use the stainless steel on the bus and subway during my commute home from work.

I used it today on base and the overall negative remarks, were masturbation based lol. Once, a few of the guys made their jokes and negative remarks, the other guys that tried it, (once they learned the motion again) liked it. They said that it really burned their grip and forearm. When I made them hold their arm over their head then you kick in your shoulder and it starts to burn also.

Supplement Review: Custom Gourmet Oatmeal any way you want it!


22 Billion combinations of healthy oatmeal!
With so many healthy oatmeal products out there, is the only gourmet oatmeal company that is making healthy oatmeal fun! Every gourmet oatmeal order is customer specific exactly as they want! All of our healthy oatmeal recipes are hand made. This is one bowl of gourmet oatmeal you do not want to miss out on. Change your breakfast and change your life! makes organic oatmeal recipe fun! makes oatmeal fun!!
When it comes to healthy oatmeal recipes, is the only company that makes it fun. All natural, without chemicals, whole grain oats, dried fruit and gourmet oatmeal flavors that are sure to make healthy oatmeal fun. We make sure to put love in to every bag of gourmet oatmeal we make. Whether it is steel cut oats, gluten free oats or multi grain oats, you are sure to find heart healthy oatmeal on and oatmeal review!

Heart healthy oatmeal reviews!
Delicious oatmeal, with a healthy oatmeal flavor . If you are looking for customized breakfast oatmeal for your family, has all the steel cut oats, dried fruit and custom oatmeal flavors you could ever want., our uniqe flavors of custom oatmeal are not only yummy, but also good for your heart. Steel cut oats lower cholesterol, imporive blood sugar and help fight diabetes. Healthy gourmet oatmeal reviews!

Healthy Oatmeal with Gluten free oatmeal and steel cut oats
Steel cut oats are proven to lower cholesterol. What better way to improve health than with healthy oatmeal recipes, and customized oatmeal. Our gourmet oatmeal is not only delicious but also has vitamins and micro nutrients that are sure to keep you energetic and motivated to take on the day. If you are looking for healthy oatmeal recipes be sure to check out our gourmet oatmeal recipe page teams up with Flex Comics!
Since many of our customers are bodybuilders, working with Flex Comics seemed like a natural fit! Not only do bodybuiders and other athletes eat organic oatmeal and steel cut oats for breakfast, they also eat our healthy oatmeal to fuel their intense workouts and training sessions. Check out some of the oatmeal recipes that flex comics will be putting out for us in the next few months. They are funny, inventive and they feature the most amazing oatmeal on the planet!!!

Gourmet oatmeal recipes and organic oats for healthy breakfast
The gourmet oatmeal that we blenbd is hand made and customized for every person. Every time we make custom oatmeal recipe on our website, we make sure that it is exactly like our healthy breakfast customers are looking for. Sometimes we make 5 or 6 bags of oats but mostly, the average person makes 2 custom bags of gourmet oatmeal. My favorite is the 5 grain rolled oats with Flax, but most people prefer the steel cut oats or smash blend. Both are delicious!

Gluten free oatmeal breakfast for athletes, bodybuilders and ironman
Gluten free oatmeal and steel cut oats is perfect for athletes training for a bodybuilding diet or ironman! Clean and slow digesting carbohydrates help fuel long distance endurnace marathon runners, while plant based sweeteners and sugar help fuel explosive energy for MMA fighters. Eating gluten free oats and organic oatmeal is the easiest way to stay healthy and energetic when sports performance is required. Be sure that you eat gourmet oatmeal from

Organic oatmeal and steel cut oats are on top of the world with athletes
As you know, is dedicated to making healthy oatmeal fun again. It is for this reason that we have added thick cut, organic oats to our lineup of already healthy oatmeal recipes. These old fashioned oats are thick, hearty and gluten free. We source them from a farm that produces nothing but organic oatmeal grains, and has a history of satisfying their customers. These are the perfect fit for our little niche of the industry, and we are sure you will agree as well! is now offering the option to use multiple oatmeal flavors!
Up until recently our custom oatmeal flavors have been limited to one selection. We listened to our customers feedback and decided to make a change to our oatmeal website. We added the functionality to allow our gourmet oatmeal customers to pick up to three flavors in their customized oats. Whether it is gluten free oatmeal, organic oats or steel cut oats, we promise to make your morning breakfast the most healthy and delicious organic oats available. Try it out and see for yourself!

We now offer organic oatmeal and gluten free oats
We are very excited to announce that just added a new oatmeal ingredient to our list of growing products on the Build Your Own Oatmeal page. Old Fashioned, Organic, Gluten free, Thick Cut Oats. Check them out and see why our organic oatmeal is leaps & bounds above other healthy oatmeal companies. These healthy oats are NOT quick oats, but rather, old fashion oats. Perfect when you want to make your own organic oatmeal with gluten free oats.

Not only do you get to create your own oatmeal, but you also get to name it, below is: Maggie Moos Cake Batter. It’s after my favorite Maggie Moos combination: Better Batter folded with Graham Crackers.
Below pictured is:
It’s cake batter, Graham crackers, chia seeds and flaxseed.


The PB Mint was great and I’m happy because, I have 3 four pound bags of it lol

I found a great use for the natural organic unflavored whey proteins such as: Sweet Purity Organics and Protein 17. They work seamlessly in the flavored organic oatmeal! And add 22g of protein to your postworkout meal.

My favorite unflavored protein to mix in the oatmeal is the Brahman Whey, as it tastes a little better then the other unflavored natural proteins and it has the healthy healing Indian spices!

Brahman Whey claims to be Vanilla Flavor, but there isn’t enough flavor to get rid of the unflavored taste of the organic whey (spoiled milk taste) therefore; I classify it as unflavored with healing spices added. Which gives it a huge benefit over the others! It however; needs to come in a bigger size. 11 servings would be done in 11 days or in 5 1/2 on a bulk. 1 serving in each 1/2 cup of oatmeal daily.

Remember the reason we are using natural proteins is because this oatmeal comes flavored in a bunch of different creative flavors and we don’t want flavored protein to ruin the flavor. Other uses for unflavored proteins would be custom smoothies!

Check out the creation site:



Product Review: Redline Gear – Reach Your Redline and Live it Everyday! Toe the Line *

That’s a picture of the back of the shirt and the front of the pants. I wanted to show that there’s a slot pocket in the front right side that fits the HuMn wallet perfectly! I don’t know about you, but I like to have my wallet on my person at all times! Unless I am rolling for Jiu Jitsu, it hurts to lay and twist on it lol.

I do not like to lock my wallet in a gym locker as over the years I have seen many gym lockers broken into. Also, if I want something from the juice bar, I don’t have to run all the way to the locker especially if it’s mid-workout.

The Camo pattern on the shorts appeals to my military side as does the Flag on the back of the shirt!

Their Knee Sleeves:
Classic knee support that gives the knee joint compression
Provides support and warmth
Relieves pressure and improves co-ordination
5mm Neoprene
Measure the Knee from Mid-Patella
If you want a tighter fit for competition choose a smaller size than measured
These are priced per pair!
They are much thicker then I was expecting! Excellent quality! All their products are awesome! The shirt is super soft! The shorts are well constructed! I don’t like the drawstring material. I would have rather had a softer stretchier material such as, 550 cord or some nylon weave.

I put the Knee Sleeves on the second I got them and within a quick few minutes I began to feel the warming affect! The pain I was experiencing just walking around, disappeared! My knees were aching last night before I put them on, maybe the weather, maybe overwork… Idk. But it allowed me to relax.

Today I will be wearing them to the gym!

The Wrist Wraps they make are also excellent quality and really thick! The back and red combo is my favorite!

Wrist Wraps:
Red Line Wrist Wraps offer the best support for Olympic Lifts, Strength Work, and they are also build to be functional for any Metcon, long or short!

Our Wrap is the only 14 Inch elastic wrap on the market. This unique length provides outstanding ability to use these wraps for anything you do in the gym Olympic Lifts, Strongman, Powerlifting and Metcons.

14 Inches Long (35cm)
3 Inches Wide
Sold in Pairs
Thumb Loop
Velcro Closure Has A 120 Day Warranty
40% Elastic/10% Polyester/50% Cotton



**Update** April 7th 2014
Ok so; as you can see I was Rockin the Redline the other day and I loved it! The shirt was sooooooooooo soft like pima cotton! The shorts were comfortable and I received many compliments! I like how the shorts held my HuMn wallet and my car key. So I didnt have to put them in my bag.
The knee sleeves have been helping and the warmth feels nice on my joints.

Since stretching and using the sleeves, my knees feel much better!!

Recipe: Mini Egg White Omelets


This recipe is great and easy and the possibilities are limitless!

Use the Misto Oil Sprayer (See review on this site) to spay your non-stick pan with healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil to get the Healthy Omegas, do not use sprays like Pam they contain no healthy fats and chemical propellants.

Then pour in egg whites up to 1/3 of the muffin tin high, then add your fillings

Today I used 1/8 of an Avocado in each cup (2 cups is one portion) for more healthy Omegas and 3 small cubes of a low sodium pre-cooked ham steak for extra protein and taste. Then I put in a dash of Cayenne pepper for Capsicum to speed the metabolism. I was going to put in a little Spinach in each, for healthy greens, but I ran out.

Get Creative! And feel free to share your combinations, and comments!

Send images to:

(That goes for any recipe here)



Same recipe as before just a little crispier and I added a spinach leaf to each omelet

Supplement Review: SunWarrior – Vegan and vegetarian friendly supplements *


Sun Warrior Classic Protein – Raw Vegan – Chocolate

Warrior Blend Chocolate
An Unparalleled Fusion of the Finest Raw Plant-Based Proteins
What makes WARRIOR BLEND so spectacular? Synergy!

Warrior Blend fuses and multiplies the power of several rich, raw protein sources into a smooth, great tasting, and revolutionary proprietary formula that is overwhelmingly superior to the individual components alone. This dynamic fusion, along with a cold extraction process, creates a unique, raw, plant-based protein with a complete amino acid profile exceptionally high in Arginine, Lysine, Leucine, and branched chain amino acids.

The next generation in raw, plant-based protein is here, breaking through the constraints of other protein powders. Warrior Blend is an easily digestible, nutrient filled superfood perfect for anyone who wants to amplify their health and fitness levels. Best of all, it tastes phenomenal!

Complete protein contains all essential amino acids*
Creates a feeling of satiety (fullness)*
Promotes muscle function*
Idea for healthy weight loss*
Easy to Digest*
Increases energy*
WARRIOR BLEND is a green product and is suitable for any diet or lifestyle (NOT JUST FOR VEGANS)! Our natural, raw process is free of solvents, GMOs, radiation, artificial colors, and preservatives.

The smell is horrendous!

The ingredients aren’t strange I wonder why it smells so bad! The taste wasn’t great but the aftertaste tastes like rice and isn’t bad. You don’t need a chaser after it. So far it’s the leading tasting vegan protein, which isn’t saying much, but as an alternative to whey it’s good.

Sun Warrior Warrior Blend Vanilla
Smells good and the taste wasn’t bad. Kind of like old dry rice. It’s a much different taste then Whey Protein and I have to get used to it. Will I use it in place of Whey? Hell no! I need to enjoy my post workout protein!

However; when people only use one food for extended periods they tend to build up immunities toward it and sometimes develop allergies toward it. I found that by eating so much peanut butter in my life, I now occasionally break out in hives. I don’t know how my body reacts toward Whey, sometimes I get gassy. By rotating my proteins lately from whey to natural whey to vegetable and back. I have felt much more healthy. I am also seeing muscle and strength gains. Fat loss however; is slowing.

Sun Warrior Classic Vanilla

Classic Protein Vanilla
A Great Tasting Smooth, Raw, Plant-Based Protein for an Unrivaled Fitness Lifestyle
The ultimate raw, plant-based superfood protein designed for fitness and health enthusiasts. Ideal for those who want to build muscle, lose fat and increase athletic performance.

Sunwarrior Classic Protein is 100% plant-based, alkaline-forming, and provides a complete, balanced array of essential amino acids*
Protein is essential for repairing tissue, burning fat, and building strong bodies*
Sunwarrior Classic Protein is hypoallergenic and suitable for anyone – young or old, male or female – not just vegan or vegetarian lifestyles*
Sunwarrior Classic Protein is gluten free, non-GMO, and FREE of chemicals, acids and solvents*
Sunwarrior uses an old-world, low temperature, enzymatic process that includes the whole grain of brown rice, including the germ, endosperm, and bran. This unique process captures a protein that’s silky smooth and mixes well. Most important, it tastes great!

Ingredients: Raw Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein, Rice Oligodextrin, Vanilla Extract, Stevia, Xanthan Gum, Ancient Sea Salt, Pectin

Suggested Use: Mix 1 scoop with 8-10 oz of water, almond milk, coconut milk, or your favorite beverage. Mixes well in shakes, smoothies and other beverages. Refrigerate prepared products and use the same day. Store package out of direct light and away from heat.

Full Description and Detailed Information

Always raw, vegan, and delicious
A great tasting plant-based protein with a silky smooth texture that blends easily without the chalky or grainy consistency found in other vegetable based protein powders
Created with a low temperature, natural enzyme process that uses neither chemicals nor acid hydrolysis
Free of gluten, solvents, GMOs, radiation, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, or artificial colors
Naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, and other essential nutrients such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, phosphorous, iron, and potassium
Easily digested by children, the elderly, and adults
Increases absorption and effectiveness of vitamins and minerals
One of the best protein powders available for any lifestyle, not just vegan or vegetarian
Complete Protein

Brown rice protein powder contains all nine essential amino acids that the body cannot synthesize but still needs in order to produce all the muscle tissue, enzymes, and hormones we require to survive. Rice protein, unlike other vegetable proteins, isn’t lacking in any of these key building blocks for protein with a balanced amino acid profile comparable with whey and much better than soy.


Whey and soy both have problems with allergies and sensitivities. Whey is made from dairy byproducts and anyone with lactose sensitivities can have problems. Unfortunately, they aren’t alone. Many people who do not have any problems with dairy can still experience gas, bloating, and digestive issues. Soy contains phytoestrogens that mimic the human hormone and cause problems. Soy allergies are also very common.

Rice, on the other hand is extremely safe and mild on the digestive system and very hypoallergenic. Rice is the perfect source for protein that won’t upset stomachs, result in bloating, or cause dangerous allergic reactions.


Rice protein is safe for vegans and vegetarians who want to avoid animal products like found in whey, casein, and egg proteins. But they aren’t the only ones to benefit. Rice protein isn’t just for vegans, but supplies ample protein and complete amino acids for anyone at any activity level or with any lifestyle.

Muscle Recovery

As a complete protein, Sunwarrior’s Classic Protein is ready to rebuild and repair muscle after workouts. Rice protein is a little slower to digest than whey, but that makes it a good pre-workout supplement and a good protein for endurance athletes.

Fat Burning

Protein creates a thermic effect, heating up the body and literally burning through more calories than other foods. This is because protein requires additional energy to digest, so you burn more for hours after eating it. Lean protein sources, like rice protein, make a healthy part of any weight loss plan.

The smell is also horrendous!
But surprisingly it tastes good! Would I use it as a whey alternative, yes.

Liquid Light:

A Powerful Raw Natural Detoxifying Electrolyte for Stamina and Well-Being
Liquid Light is what we like to call “Mineralized Solar Energy”, a raw, plant-based fulvic acid and liquid mineral complex created by nature. The minerals were captured by ancient plant life, free of modern pollution and contaminants, fulvic acid was produced by beneficial microbes, and the complex is extracted from an ancient, undisturbed plant deposit using pure cold water. This creates a liquid supplement that contains one of the most powerful nutrient transporters found in the natural world.

Liquid Light Provides:

Powerful polyelectrolytes produced by nature*
Over 72 trace minerals and elements complexed with Fulvic Acid*
Improved absorption and assimilation of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients*

I can’t say I wasn’t scared to try it, but it wasn’t that bad. I downed it and then drank some water.

Immune Shield

Immune Shield
A Raw Fortified Fulvic Acid and Silver Ion Complex for a Maximized Immune System
Immune Shield is a natural fulvic acid and mineral complex that is fortified with silver ions. This complex provides the most powerful silver for digestion and assimilation. The presence of silver ions, combined with fulvic acid, provides a revolutionary form of silver to assist the immune system. These molecules provide a more efficient delivery system to safely provide silver ions in high amounts (over 50 ppm) without the dangerous building up of excessive silver particles within the body’s tissue. This fortified complex delivers the maximum level of benefit, protection, and performance.

Immune Shield delivers micro ionic silver and 71 trace minerals into all fluids, tissues, and cells to assist the immune system in repelling and fighting foreign invasions*
Ionic sized silver is smaller and more absorbable than colloidal silver
Can be taken daily for immune support or every 20 to 30 minutes at the onset of any symptoms

Immune Shield with fulvic silver wasn't bad, I think I like this one a tad better taste wise.


Supplement Review: Vega – Vega’s plant-based vegan protein products *


Here I go subjecting myself again to things I don’t want to eat in the name of science and my readers!

I am a big proponent of varying your protein sources! Whey Isolate, Whey Concentrate, Soy, Egg, Various lean meats: Turkey, Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Veal, as well as gamey meats like: Bison, Ostrich, Wild Boar, Pheasant etc… Well; now I am having Vegan Protein just for you! Vega, one of the leading companies in Vegan protein has a great line of products and I am about to have their:

Vega Sport Performance Protein
Chocolate flavor.


Performance Protein:
A complete multi-source, alkaline-forming, plant-based protein powder blend, featuring 5,500mg of BCAAs and 5,000mg of glutamine per serving, Vega Sport Performance Protein is formulated to:
Improve strength and exercise performance
Repair and build muscles
Reduce recovery time between training
The recent innovation to Vega Sport Performance Protein comes from the addition of SaviSeed (sacha inchi) protein, a rich, plant-based source of the amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan is a key component of serotonin production(1). Serotonin—the feel good hormone—helps with the mental aspect of recovery, so you’ll keep the drive alive and be motivated to train again. Take Vega Sport Performance Protein within 30 to 90 minutes of your workout or throughout the day to meet your individual protein needs to recharge and repair so you can do it all again, sooner.

For optimal results, use in conjunction with Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator.

Available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Berry flavors.

It’s 25g of protein with 5,000 mg of BCAA’s and 5,000 mg of Glutamine

It’s protein blend consists of:
Peas, Saviseed?, Sprouted Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein and Alfalfa Protein.

It also helps you become Alkaline!

Who would have figured we could make protein powder out of rice, peas and alfalfa? I’m sure Spanky and Buckwheat didn’t! I’m sure they can make protein powder out of Buckwheat too!

Ok here it goes: it mixes fairly easy with a spoon, it smells horrid! It doesn’t taste bad, it absolutely doesn’t taste like chocolate! It’s got a weird taste! I can taste the pea, but it is tolerable.

Do I enjoy it? No! That’s important for me, especially when I am on a cut! I need to enjoy my protein on a restricted calorie intake!

Vega One – all in one Nutritional Shake French Vanilla

Good for your body and the planet, Vega One Nutritional Shake is the clean, plant-based choice to fuel your healthy, active lifestyle—without compromise. Made from natural, whole food ingredients, Vega One is a convenient, all-in-one supplement, packed with:

50% daily intake of vitamins and minerals
15 g protein
6 g fibre
1.5 g Omega-3
Formulated by Brendan Brazier, professional Ironman triathlete and bestselling author on performance nutrition, Vega One is free from dairy, gluten and soy, and contains no added sugar, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

Available in Berry, Chocolate, Vanilla Chai and Natural flavor, enjoy Vega One shaken with water, juice or a non-dairy beverage of your choice, and as a delicious, nutrient-supplementing addition to your favorite smoothie recipe.

I would love to try Vanilla Chai!

Now this is good! It tastes great and doesn’t smell bad!

Unfortunately; it only has 15g of protein, but it does have a lot of fiber 6g!

Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer (formerly Vega Sport Performance Optimizer)



is a pre-workout drink mix sporting a unique blend of 13 synergistic plant-based performance-improving ingredients, like green tea, yerba mate, coconut oil and rhodiola, specifically selected to:

Provide immediate and sustained energy
Increase endurance, aerobic and anaerobic capacity
Enhance mental focus and physical recovery
Take Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer 20 minutes before your workout to help you get in the zone with energy to burn.

Vega Pre-workout Energizer is available as a 19 oz/ 30 serving tub in delicious Lemon-Lime and Acai Berry flavours.

The Vega preworkout energizer smells really good!

But the taste is atrocious!! OMG!! I did however; have a killer workout! Super strong!!!

Taste: 4/10 if that!
Mixability: 9/10

Endurance Gel:

A plant-based, all-natural energy gel, Vega Sport Endurance Gel is formulated to provide instant and sustained energy plus electrolytes and vitamins during workouts.

Developed for easy on-the-run digestion and featuring whole food ingredients, Endurance Gel is free from high fructose corn syrup and maltodextrin. Plus, Vega Sport Endurance Gel is the only gel on the market to feature coconut oil, a medium-chain triglyceride metabolized in the liver to provide instant, non-carbohydrate energy.

Available in Orange Zest and Raspberry flavors.

Taste: 7/10
Did I get more endurance: no
Did I get a sugar rush: no

BCAAs are much better in my opinion.

It tasted only like its #1 ingredient which was dates. If you like dates (I don’t) then you will love it! I didn’t taste raspberry or much of anything else. To me it was like date paste. My father would love it.


Supplement Review: Jay Robb Protein Bars


Outrageously Delicious High-Protein Jay Robb JayBar Protein Bars

“I’ve raised the bar on bars and created the JayBar—a great tasting protein bar without sugar, corn syrup, casein, artificial sweeteners, maltitol, acesulfame-K, evaporated cane juice, aspartame, or sucralose!” —Jay Robb

Made from the finest natural ingredients available, Jay Robb all-natural high-protein JayBars are made with ORGANIC nut butters, and deliver up to 15 grams of first class Jay Robb Whey Protein per bar! Jay Robb JayBars do not contain any junk ingredients, including soy protein, gluten, glycerin, maltitol, acesulfame-K, aspartame, fructose, corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, evaporated cane juice, artificial sweeteners, casein, MSG, or trans-fats!

Jay Robb all-natural high-protein JayBars are available in 3 delicious flavors: Fudge Brownie, Peanut Butter, and Cashew-Coconut.

One taste of our outrageously delicious all-natural no junk high-protein JayBars, and you’ll be a fan for life!

Jay Robb Protein Bars

Made With Organic Nut Butters!

“I’ve raised the bar on bars and created the JayBar—a great tasting protein bar without sugar, corn syrup, casein, artificial sweeteners, maltitol, acesulfame-K, evaporated cane juice, aspartame, or sucralose!” —Jay Robb

Contains No Gluten, wheat, Soy, MSG, hydrogenated oils, transfats, artificial sweeteners, acesulfame-K, aspartame, sucralose, splenda, casein, glycerine or maltitol.

About Xylitol Our xylitol is naturally extracted from NON-GMO corn cobs (they are Kosher too) to produce pharmaceutical grade xylitol that is basically NON-ALLERGENIC due to the processing and purity of the product. Our xylitol is not derived from birch fiber. Xylitol created from birch trees must be extracted with sulfuric acid, which is a highly corrosive chemical used to manufacture paint, detergents, fertilizers, and explosives. We chose to avoid that.

1. It is corn based (Kosher corn cob specifically) 2. The corn is NOT genetically engineered, (Non-GMO) (GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism) 3. Corn is used to avoid the use of sulfuric acid necessary in birch fiber extracted xylitol. 4. The xylitol we use is naturally extracted, non-allergenic pharmaceutical grade.
Outrageously Delicious Jay Robb High-Protein Peanut Butter JayBar “No Junk” Protein Bar

14 grams of protein per bar! Made with Jay Robb Whey Protein and ORGANIC almond butter! NO soy protein, gluten, or glycerin! NO maltitol, acesulfame-K, or fructose! NO corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, or evaporated cane juice! No trans fat or MSG! NO Junk! 57 grams net weight!

These bars aren’t bad. I happen to like Quest and Krave better, but Jay Robb bars weren’t bad. The Fudge Brownie was the best followed by the Peanut Butter and the Cashew Coconut. These are a little chewy, not as chewy as Quest, but Quest has multiple flavors and some are better and some really suck! If Jay Robb keeps experimenting they will hit it big! The Brownie is coming close!

The Peanut Butter reminds me more of a soft Peanut Brittle rather than creamy or chunky Peanut Butter.

Vacation Club for Sale: Travel Advantage Network


I am once again listing my Tan membership for sale!

Welcome to Travel Advantage Network, where we turn vacations into a lifestyle.

With over 80,000 clients and growing, we’ve been providing clean, exciting and affordable accommodations since 1992- and striving to ensure our clients have the best vacation experiences possible.

Whether you’re a long-time client, a new client or itching to become a client, take a look around this site and search our extensive list of properties and benefits.

Where are you going to make your next memory?

What is Travel Advantage Network? Well basically they are prepaid vacations kind of like a timeshare, but instead you buy weeks. unlike a timeshare, you can use these weeks anytime and anywhere they own property which is almost everywhere you want to go!

I’m sure you are wondering why I am posting this? Skip all the way to the end and I will tell you. If you are interested then come back and read everything!

You can also buy additional weeks, as well as other perks:

Excess Inventory

Welcome to our new and improved Excess Inventory page! TAN is now providing you with a real-time Excess Inventory listing, which means that you will now only see available property units and their respective specific amenities and photos; find a location and book it then and there, no wasted time on already-booked inventory or phone calls necessary. Click on the “View Property” button and you will be taken to the property’s page, with the specific week already selected in that property’s calendar.

Hot Weeks

Hot Weeks are high demand properties available in the next six weeks for a flat rate of $300. These are some of our hottest resorts available in ideal months… don’t wait to book, they go fast!

TAN is now providing you with a real-time Hot Weeks listing, which means that you will now only see available property units and their respective specific amenities and photos. Find the location you want and book it then and there!

Click on the “View Property” button and you will be taken to the property’s page, with the specific week already selected in that property’s calendar.

Don’t delay, act now these sought-after properties will sell out quickly!

TAN Bonus Week Program

Instead of being limited to just one location and time period, enjoy the option of any available TAN resort, any available time of year! An option for travelers who own non-TAN properties, TAN’s Bonus Week Program offers timeshare owners the ability to trade their own timeshare week for two one-bedroom condo unit credits through the Travel Advantage Network. Each timeshare week deposit, regardless of size, will receive credit for a one bedroom unit for two weeks. You may book a larger size unit, upon availability, to accommodate additional guests or simply for the extra space.

Below is a listing of the number of guests you may typically expect to accommodate in TAN units. If you choose to have the additional room, a per night upgrade fee will apply.

Hotel/Studio (2 Guests)
One Bedroom (4 Guests)
Two Bedroom (6 Guests)
Please note these credits remain in your TAN account as long as it is active. Timeshare points programs are not accepted. If you wish to participate in our Bonus Week Program, please call 800.223.0088 or complete the Banking Certificate below. (Need form.)

Please contact a Total Vacation Services representative for more information on the TAN Bonus Week Program at 800.223.0088, ext. 3.

Terms and conditions: Weeks must be deposited at least sixty days in advance of the scheduled start of your timeshare week. To accept the deposit, all timeshare maintenance fees must be current. Timeshare owners are responsible for any relocation costs incurred if for any reason their timeshare resort does not honor the deposit. Any fees involved in changing the name on the reservation from the timeshare owner’s name to our traveler’s name is the responsibility of the timeshare owner. Anyone who owns ‘floating weeks’ must schedule those weeks with the resort and obtain scheduling confirmation from the resort before banking with TAN. We do not bank “points.” You must have a specific week which you have scheduled with the resort. Any timeshare weeks that have already been deposited with another exchange company will not be honored. Any vacation weeks that have been credited to the account due to timeshare banking have a termination period of one year from the non-renewal of the account. Your timeshare company must allow trading in order for TAN to accept any vacation week.

Car Rentals

25% discount at Avis

20% Discount at Budget

Global Express Travel Services (GETS)

Global Express Travel Services (GETS) is TAN’s exclusive full-service travel agency, catering to families and specializing in personalized travel arrangements for even the most discerning of clients.

Whether exploring the United States, Mexico or the Caribbean, GETS is dedicated to helping you experience the best vacation possible, understanding your needs and recommending the best offerings for your budget and schedule.

Let GETS take care of:

Themed Excursions and Tours
And more!
GETS will arrange transportation for your TAN vacation, or set up complete vacation packages for your travels outside of the TAN network. Whether you’re in search of airfare and rental cars for your TAN vacation, planning a family vacation overseas, looking for the perfect romantic cruise or simply trying to find a hotel for your next business trip, GETS will take care of everything for you. GETS provides you with our extensive insider knowledge of property and area attractions, security in knowing rules and regulations while traveling, as well as comprehensive travel tips to make your vacation easy and worry-free.

Trust your family’s vacation to GETS’ trained professionals. Discover the many ways in which we can help you plan your vacation now.

GETS | 800.826.2430 |
Hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (EST)

Additional Vacations

Take more than two vacations a year? After having used your two prepaid weeks, contact Total Vacation Services at 800.223.0088, ext. 3, or by email at for more information on our wholesale week pricing.

You may purchase as many weeks as you wish as long as your account is active. If you take more than two vacations a year, this is the ideal solution for you.

If you have used all of your prepaid or wholesale weeks and would like to purchase another vacation package, please contact our affiliated sales center Sundance Vacations at 800.264.3802.

Featured Properties

Hotel Molokai (Kaunakakai, Hawaii)
Coined as the “Last Authentic Hawaiian Experience,” Molokai is a true hideaway from all things mainstream. Known as the birthplace of Hula and called the “Friendly Isle,” Molokai is a rural, relaxed paradise boasting the world’s highest sea cliffs and the tallest waterfall in Hawaii.

Tamarack Resort (Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin)
Tamarack Resort, located near picturesque Lake Delton, is only 5 minutes away from downtown Wisconsin Dells. Enjoy the contemporary elegance of the Villas, and the excitement of all the indoor and outdoor activities offered year-round. This is THE ideal family vacation spot!

Inn at Swan River (West Dennis, Massachusetts)
This historic village’s diverse landscape offers visitors a range of natural attractions; here you’ll be able to feel the sands between your toes on the sandy beaches, take an exploratory hike through one of its many nature trails (make sure to visit during the fall to experience the brightly colored foliage), or swim the silky, fresh waters of one of the many nearby Cape Cod lakes.

Inn at Deep Creek (Oakland, MD)
Located in the beautiful mountains of western Maryland, Deep Creek is the ultimate destination for vacationing on a lake. As the largest freshwater lake in Maryland, Deep Creek is comprised of 3,900 acres and is at a mountain elevation of almost half a mile high.

Secrets Inn and Heavenly Inn (South Lake Tahoe, CA)
A short walk to Lake Tahoe, casinos and Heavenly Gondola, both Secrets and Heavenly are at the center of Tahoe’s main attractions.


Q. May I travel to other locations not listed on the “Resort Listing” Web page?

A. Yes. You may request travel to other condominium resort DesTANations not listed as Home Property areas on our Resort Listing. When making such requests, refer to the DesTANation Report, which shows all areas booked by TAN Travelers the previous year. Areas listed as less than 2% traveled are not guaranteed. (See Sunsational Guarantee.)

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Q. Does my reservations request qualify for the Sunsational Guarantee?

A. Travelers must follow the procedures below to guarantee an offer in the area(s) requested: Reservation Request must be submitted at least 90 days in advance. (Requests made for holidays, special events, consecutive requests or multiple requests for same week do not apply.) Requests must be for studio or one-bedroom units. Request must be for one of TAN’s top 25 Resort Areas as listed on our Sunsational Guarantee (see list on Sunsational Guarentee page.) TAN cannot guarantee multiple weeks and/or multiple units.

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Q. May I request a specific property?

A. Please do not make resort-specific requests. When our Total Vacation Services/Reservations department contacts you, you will be informed of which properties are available. You may choose from the offered accommodations at that time.

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Q. May I inquire about availability before I submit my request?

A. Yes. You may speak to a Total Vacation Services representative. Please keep in mind, however, that if a particular property or area is available at the time you call or check online, it may not be available by the time you book your week.

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Q. How much notice is required to book a TAN vacation?

A. TAN accepts requests up to 365 days in advance of travel. The minimum notice required for non-peak season is 60 days, 90 days for peak season, and 180 days for major holiday weeks/special events. (We encourage you to submit requests in advance of the minimum notice.) Peak season times vary by area and are indicated on each resort’s Web page.

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Q. May I submit a request with less than minimum notice required?

A. Yes, however, it will be subject to availability. To check availability, call Total Vacation Services at 800.223.0088 ext. 3 or check online on our website.

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Q. May I request a specific check-in day?

A. Most properties offer Saturday check-in only; however, some properties have Friday or Sunday check-in dates. Each TAN home property page (listed under the Resorts section of the TAN Web site shows the available check-in days. If a property indicates only one check-in day of the week, it cannot be changed to another day. If a property offers multiple check-in days, you may request available days when speaking to your Vacation Coordinator/Reservationist.

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Q. May I book multiple units or weeks?

A. Yes, you may request multiple units or weeks, which are subject to availability and are less likely to be available during peak travel times. As described in your vacation program agreement, you may not use more than two concurrent or consecutive vacation weeks at one time. At times, consecutive-week travel requests may not be granted, to ensure more TAN Traveler requests can be fulfilled. Please note that multiple units or weeks are deducted from your account balance.

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Q. May I book a property for just a few days?

A. Reservations are always on a weekly basis with the full reservation fee due. You may, however, check-in late or leave early if you choose.

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Q. Are my fees refundable if I choose to cancel my vacation request?

A. Yes. Your TAN processing fee is refundable should you choose to cancel your request for any reason prior to booking. You may choose to leave the fee amount in your account, for use toward a future reservation request, or have it credited to you in the manner it was received. (Your account must be in good standing.) If you cancel a booked request, your reservation fees are not refundable and cannot be applied toward future reservations, unless you have purchased Vacation Assurance (VAP).

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Q. May I submit my request over the phone?

A. Yes, you may call Total Vacation Services at 800.223.0088 x 3 to check availability and/or book your vacation. You may also view resort descriptions, check availability and book online 24/7 at

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Q. How do I create an online account?

A. 1) Enter your TAN account number (example: 12-A-123456) 2) Click the green “Register” button. There you will be able to create your online password. First, you’ll be asked to verify your telephone number in our database, which will instantly verify your access to the online account management portion of our site. Here, you must confirm the email address on file at TAN. Please update/change your email address as you wish. 3) If you are already a registered user and need to retrieve your password, hit the blue “Password Reminder” button. Your password will be emailed to the address on file at TAN.

Why this is here:

I bought this years ago in 1999

7 prepaid vacations for about $2,500

There is an annual Membership fee of $219

I can purchase additional weeks at $413 a week

Are you with me so far?

and I can buy the spur of the moment excess inventory vacations (that don’t count toward the 7 weeks) unlimited forever as long as I pay the membership fee, plus the free travel agent service, discount airfare, car rental , cruises etc.. I yeah I forgot to mention this includes cruises. call for details on cruises.

Today Vacations are $500 a weeks

and the annual fee is $359 a year

So 7 Prepaid vacations would be $3,500

Here is the bottom line! I don’t go on vacation! I am in the Military so i travel a lot for them on Uncle Sam’s bill. I have been saying for years that I am going to use this and go to Hawaii or Vegas, but I have come to terms that I probably won’t use it for another 5-10 years.

So the bottom line is: I will sell it for $3,000 you say wait I am only saving $500, but you are wrong!

You are also saving $140 a year in annual fees!

That’s $640 in savings!

And you are saving $87 per extra week

Email me for serious inquiries! Do not contact me if you have a resale service! I will not use you!

I am military and have no spare time or need for vacation packages. I bought this pre-military when I was working for Ford Motor Company and constantly vacationing in Florida. I was also thinking of a possible Hawaiian vacation! Their Hawaii property looks awesome! Check it out!

This is also good if you already have a Tan membership as I have been with them since the 90′s my rate is probably cheaper!

Supplement Review: Brahman Whey – Ayurvedic Whey Protein, what does that mean? Read inside!! *


Never have I been more psyched to try a natural protein!! I am big into and Ayurveda!!

the traditional Hindu system of medicine, which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing.

Check out my previous posts healthy healing mason jar oatmeal and healing south Indian tomato black pepper soup

Now; we have a healing Whey Protein! Not only will it heal your muscles after a strenuous workout, but it heals your other organs through Ayurvedic spices!

I can’t wait to try this!!

Brahman Whey Protein

Brahman Whey all-natural ayurvedic whey protein supplement is a delicious alternative to other chemical-laden whey proteins on the market. Containing an amazing 20 grams of full spectrum protein in each serving, Brahman Whey mixes quickly and easily in any beverage.

Brahman Whey contains 5 treasured organic herbs used for centuries in the ancient tradition of Ayurveda to build muscle mass and overall body strength.

More information on each herb:

Organic Ashwagandha: Known as the the “ginseng of India”, this incredible herb promotes strength and stability in the physiology, and is also an anti-oxidant. It builds immunity and strength, and calms the mind and body.

Organic Shatavari: Possessing many of the benefits of Ashwagandha, it counterbalances its somewhat heating quality with it cooling effect, and augments their mutually beneficial effects on the body.

Organic Vidari Kandi: Is known in Ayurveda to support proper function of the male and female reproductive systems, is a nourishing tonic for promoting healthy muscle and nerve tissue, and strengthens and rejuvenates seniors and those with vata constitutions.

Organic Kapikacchu: Is used in Ayurveda to promote the proper function of the reproductive system in both men and women. It promotes calm and a healthy state of relaxation while supporting healthy nerves and proper function of the nervous system. Helps support potency, stamina, and a healthy libido and fertility.

Organic Gokshura: Gokshura is a rejuvenating tonic. A cooling and nourishing herb, it supports proper function of the reproductive system promoting virility and helps promote fertility. It calms the nerves, strengthens the body and is balancing for all doshas.

The unique synergy of these 5 organic herbs creates a strengthening effect on the mind, body, and spirit*.


Whey protein isolate

Whey protein concentrate

Whey peptides


Organic vanilla flavor

Organic french vanilla flavor

Organic ashwagandha

Organic Shatavari

Organic gokshura

Organic vidari kanda

Organic kapikacchu

Organic cinnamom

Organic cardamom

Non-GMO soy lecithin

-Brahman Whey Protein

I can’t wait to try this later tonight stay tuned!!

Ok; well…

The Smell is non-existent
the mixability is 9/10 a little grainy residue in glass
the taste is 8/10 a tad better than Sweet Purity Organics and Protein 17. (no aftertaste)

I can’t wait to see if it works with the added spices. They should have added a tad more Cinnamon and Cardamom.

One thing I don’t like is there is no scoop inside. The directions say 3 heaping tablespoons, so if you don’t have one handy you have to go find one.
I use this as an additional protein serving at night 2hrs post workout and I use 2tbsp, so it will last longer.

I tried mixing with my oatmeal today, but It had almost zero taste in my oatmeal and I don’t like plain oatmeal!

Future Post Coming Soon: when it arrives I will add all of my natural proteins recently reviewed to the mix with the exception of Whey Natural USA as it is not to be heated.

Look for it! the results from all the tests will be there!

**Update** March 24th 2014
I wish they made a Chocolate with natural cocoa and what is organic Vanilla flavor? Is it real Vanilla bean?

Supplement Review: Whey Natural USA – natural organic bio-active cold processed *


All Natural Chocolate Whey Protein 5 lb (2268 gms) — 2.5 lb (1134 gms) — 1 lb (454 gms)

Ingredients: Made from Mother Nature’s finest ingredients: Chill-Right ® cold–processed, biologically active, unrefined raw whey protein concentrate from grass/green pasture cows, all natural raw cacao beans (non-alkali processed) and raw stevia leaf extract for that touch of sweetness.

The USA’s first truly all-natural cold formulation process, Chill-Right ® , resulting in the highest nutrient strength, containing the maximum level of naturally occurring life building, lean muscle-developing and immune system boosting bioactive whey protein immunofactors: immunoglobulins, insulin-like growth factors (igf-1s), transfer factors (tfs) and growth factors, lactoferrins, lyzozymes, lacto peroxidase, alpha-lactoglobulins, beta-lacotoglobulins, beta-microglobulins, glycomacropeptides, alpha-lactalbumins and serum bovine albumins. These vital immunofactors are in their richest, most deeply nourishing state possible. No other whey protein supplement delivers this incredible nutritional power. Our whey protein contains all the essential amino acids, as well as a profound collection of other nutrients which are vital to your health so you can “build your life” and live your strongest. The eight essential amino acids include Methionine, Tryptophan, Phenylalanine, Lysine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine and Threonine. That’s the Whey Natural! USA ® difference!

Low carbohydrate, low glycemic index (GI), low calorie and low lactose. High in amazing nutrition.

Blender Vs Shaker

High speed blending is not recommended when mixing your choice of liquid with Whey Natural! USA ® , as this will damage the valuable bioactive nutrient properties contained in the product. Please use a spoon, hand shaker or gently blend Whey Natural! USA ® in order to retain Whey Natural! USA ® bioactive nutrient strength. Adding Whey Natural! USA ® as the final ingredient in your blender smoothie is best “pulse” blended for greatest nutrient retention.

You will be surprised how well Whey Natural! USA ® blends effortlessly with a liquid, so just a few shakes and you have one tastey protein “SuperFood”. Plus, when you taste your chosen delicious flavor alone, you won’t want to add anything to take away from the taste. It tastes that great!

You can purchase a Blender Bottle ® here on our web site. It’s the perfect size for travel, use at home or at the gym. It holds 20 oz of liquid, plenty big enough for a 8 oz smoothie or more. It looks like the image to

Also — Please do not mix with hot liquids or use in cooking as this will damage the deep nourishing bioactive power of Whey Natural! USA ® . A word of caution. When you purchase whey protein products that have been pasteurized or have been used in baking (whey protein cookies), you need to know that you are not getting the full benefit of bioavailable amino acids that you do with Whey Natural! USA ® !

Why is Whey Natural USA Whey Protein Uniquely Different Among Protein Supplements?

Because it brings to you what other protein supplements could only hope for. Yes, there may even be a few other grass pasture whey proteins on the market, but none of them – whey proteins or any other proteins – utilize the uniquely special natural science formulation techniques that our Whey Natural! USA ® Whey Protein is created from.

The power and potency of Whey Natural! USA ® Whey Protein lies in carefully retaining the original, natural power structure of whey protein, to ensure its quality and deliver it as close to nature as possible.

Our highly experienced natural food scientists have conceived a totally new way to deliver the highest level of the power of natural whey protein to you.

Natural grass pasture whey protein’s raw power as one of nature’s perfect superfoods delivers tremendous benefits, but only when it’s carefully brought to you by Whey Natural! USA ® ’s all natural Chill-Right™ formulation technology process.

Chill-Right ® Technology comprises each step of bringing what we believe is the finest protein on the planet to you. And only Whey Natural! USA ® has this very special industry first natural science process. In time, some may imitate, but none will ever duplicate.

Chill-Right ® Technology

Beginning with all natural Grass Pasture milk, to our microbial safe cool pasteurization process, unique separation of the milk whey component, Nature Blend™ non-instantized flavor blending, as well as low oxygen formulation, vacuum system environment from start to finish and the highest quality GMP certified packaging — our industry first Chill-Right ® Technology is unequaled in the protein supplement marketplace.

What this brings to you is an entirely new, real and unrefined protein supplement breakthrough – a protein superfood – that outperforms and provides the power and deep nourishment that others may claim for their protein’s – but can’t truly deliver on because they simply do not have the natural science to do so.

And perhaps best of all, Whey Natural! USA ® Whey Protein is indescribably delicious, and one of the healthiest indulgences on earth!

The Whey Natural! USA ® Whey Protein Difference

If you’ve never taken a protein supplement or are currently taking one, you owe it to yourself to experience the Whey Natural! USA™ Difference. A difference in how you feel, look, perform and recover from a hard day or a hard workout. Once you try it, we believe you won’t ever want to be without it. Perhaps a bold sounding statement — but we ask that you be the judge. The prove-it-to-yourself results will tell you everything you need to know.

Whey Natural! USA ® Whey Protein is everything a protein supplement should be — and so much more. With Whey Natural! USA ® Whey Protein, we are changing the way people perceive a protein supplement. Yes, Whey Natural! USA ® Whey Protein is strong, and yes, the Muscle Crowd loves us, but it’s not just muscles or meeting your daily protein needs. No, not any more.

And importantly, the comparison is not merely how many grams of protein is contained per serving. Whey Natural! USA ® Whey Protein richly provides broad spectrum life building benefits that so many of our customers have come to believe in.

Glorified Cake Mix Powders

Regarding other proteins, ask yourself, “Wait a minute, what am I getting? What am I putting in my body? Why are they charging me so much money for something that is clearly inferior to Whey Natural! USA ® Whey Protein?” And it’s 100% true. Most protein supplements are nothing more than “glorified cake mix powders.” Sure, there may be some protein’s that may taste good (but still most likely the refined and de-natured kind), but you’re also getting a lot of junk you didn’t bargain for such as artificial sweeteners, artificial flavorings, chemicals and, preservatives. Basically — overly processed, refined, de-natured junk. And yes, some proteins are fairly good that use natural sweeteners or no preservatives, but we believe none can stand up to the power and all natural goodness of Whey Natural! USA ® Whey Protein. You see, having some of the good, but still a lot of the bad from traditional harsh processing does not make a great protein.

Cold-Processed: Essentially Meaningless

And, please be aware of protein companies that claim their proteins are “cold-processed”, “cool processed” or something similar – as this term is meaningless – since they had to high heat pasteurize the milk whey even before they dried and powderized the protein. Result: any so-called “cold-process” they may have used at that point was essentially meaningless since the bioactive nature of the milk whey was killed during high heat pasteurization. Please understand this very important distinction.

Whey Natural! USA ® Whey Protein is the magnificent result of over 30 years of passion that brings you an incredible proprietary protein superfood.

Life Building Nutritional Powerhouse

Whey Natural! USA ® Whey Protein is a life building nutritional powerhouse. No other protein supplement can claim its level of natural purity or it’s biologically active, naturally rich nutrition profile. We believe it’s the only choice if your goal is to put the best in your body.

Athletic Performance

Even though Whey Natural! USA ® Whey Protein was not specifically designed as an Athlete’s Protein Formula, it has been used successfully by athletes from all areas of sports performance:

Football, baseball, basketball, track & field, swimming, gymnastics, golf, tennis, ironman/triathalon – as well as for anyone who works hard, plays hard and needs the energy and regenerative power of truly natural whey protein to build and repair muscle, bolster their immune systems and live life to its fullest.

The Big Muscle crowd loves our Whey Natural! USA ® Whey Protein, too – because it targets the development of lean muscle tissue like no other protein on the market! However, it’s incredibly wide ranging health benefits are the true strength of Whey Natural! USA ® Whey Protein that so many health conscious, high performance people from all walks of like are looking for.

Whey Natural! USA ® has gone to great lengths to provide the ultimate quality, truly all natural protein supplement for its customers because it wants individuals to consume the most naturally pure, most naturally powerful protein for health and high-performance living needs.

If you’re looking for broad spectrum health and wellness benefits that can power your body and provide deep nourishment to be healthier, stronger, feel and look younger – and get the natural performance edge – then Whey Natural! USA ® Whey Protein is for you!

Whey Natural USA is owned by a USAF Vietnam Vet and they offer all Military and Veterans a 10% discount. That’s really cool!

Stay Tuned for more…

**Update** March 24th 2014

Natural Protein Review:
Mixability: 9/10
Taste: 9/10
Ingredient Profile: 10/10
I had 2 servings of Chocolate Whey Natural USA today. Surprisingly; it was one of the best Natural Proteins I have ever tasted! I would say W.N.USA & Body Logix are tied in taste!

Stay Tuned for Vanilla and a natural no color added Strawberry!

The Strawberry was great! It had a subtle strawberry taste almost like strawberry quick.

The vanilla was my least favorite. It wasn’t that bad, but it had a almost maple syrup taste.

Buy this stuff the chocolate and strawberry are great and no artificial flavors or colors!

I wish I had a whole tub, so I could see if the benefits they claim are real, with a few packets the only thing I could see was taste and Mixability. Which were both great!!

Supplement Review: Jay Robb Egg & Whey Protein



Jay Robb uses the highest grade of whey protein possible when creating the best-tasting whey protein powder. This unique process also yields a whey protein isolate that is much higher in protein than a whey protein concentrate and is also rich in immunoglobulins, alpha-lactalbumin, and beta-lactoalbumin and other immune boosting factors.

Jay Robb Non-GMO Tropical Dreamsicle Whey Protein Isolate powder is made from the finest natural ingredients available and delivers 25 grams of first class protein, 0-fat, 0-cholesterol, 0-sugars, and only 1 gram of carbohydrate per 30 gram serving. Only cold-processed cross-flow microfiltered whey protein isolate is used as the protein source and this material comes from farm-raised, pasture-grazed, grass-fed cows not treated with the synthetic bovine growth hormone rBGH.

One taste of our easy-to-mix delicious Jay Robb Non-GMO Tropical Dreamsicle Whey Protein Isolate powder, and you’ll be a fan for life!

Jay Robb is going green and is now selling re-sealable bags for all sizes of our whey protein powder. If you still prefer to store your protein powder in a canister then please purchase our empty 24 oz re-fill canister (see below). Thank you for supporting our steps towards improving our environment

Egg White:

Jay Robb Non-GMO Egg White Protein powder is unique and famous for its natural flavor systems. The egg white protein raw material is derived from chickens not treated with growth hormones. The protein is flash pasteurized for safety, with no additional heating used during the final processing.

Made from the finest natural ingredients available, Jay Robb Non-GMO Chocolate Egg White Protein powder delivers 24 grams of first class protein, 0-fat, 0-cholesterol, 0-sugars, and only 4 grams of carbohydrate per 33 gram serving.

One taste of our easy-to-mix delicious Non-GMO Chocolate Egg White Protein powder, and you’ll be a fan for life!

Jay Robb is going green and is now selling re-sealable bags for all sizes of our whey protein powder. If you still prefer to store your protein powder in a canister then please purchase our empty 24 oz re-fill canister (see below). Thank you for supporting our steps towards improving our environment.

What I like best about Jay Robb protein is they don’t use artificial colors! This is the Strawberry Egg Protein!

Above dry and below mixed with oatmeal

What I also like is the flavors are subtle, they have a strong scent of the flavor, but a light taste. It’s not sickening sweet!

Another benefit of Jay Robb is his packing choices! I like the individual serving packets. They are great for a lifestyle on the run! However; they do not have a rip start and must be cut open with a scissor or knife! Luckily; I always have a knife handy! Others won’t be so lucky!

The Mixability is 9/10
The taste is 7/10

Would I purchase regularly?
Remember I am 100% honest!
The verdict:
Whey protein: No!
Egg White Protein: Yes!

I am an advocate of varying your protein source!

Soy (if you must)
And as you will soon see (coming soon) vegetarian/vegan protein

I am also looking into different sources such as rice and hemp. So stay tuned!

If you are allergic to one source there are many others!

For Egg White Protein powder: Jay Robb Rules!

Supplement Review: SFH Fortified and Fuel Protein


Fortified Formula™ is a whey protein formula derived from a grass fed, free range cows, which are never treated with antibiotics or bovine growth hormones. This formula is designed for muscle and strength building. Fortified is a safe, all-natural mass builder. Fortified Formula™ may also decrease your hunger and increase your energy.

Phenylalanine and tyrosine added to enhance muscle growth.

Leucine and isoleucine, key BCAAs may increase muscle volume, strength and synthesis.

Low glycemic index cherry powder for sustained energy.


Our newest addition to the SFH Whey Family. We have taken two great products (SFH Daily Balance & In-Race) and created one formula to use anytime (except post workout). SFH FUEL is made for everyone.
The ultimate anytime protein to fuel your daily needs. SFH FUEL combines non-denatured whey protein derived from A2 milk (from grass-fed, free range cows), coconut fat (MCTs) and apple pectin (a mixture of medium glycemic carbohydrates in a matrix of natural fiber).
Apple Pectin: is a complex carbohydrate rich in water soluble fibers. The fibers help to slow the absorption of high glycemic carbohydrates and sugars.
MCTs (medium chain triglycerides): are high energy fats. They are never stored and are burned as a fuel to produce 4-5x more energy than a sugar molecule and do not spike the release of insulin. These fats are broken down to ketone bodies which are the preferred fuel for our brains and hearts.
Contains: Milk

They both weren’t bad, I like the additives Fuel has Apple Pectin and Fortified has Cherry Powder. You can’t taste either, but it is cool it’s in there. I wish you could taste a little cherry in it that would be awesome! No one has cherry flavor. Cherries are supposed to contain something that helps burn fat.

The Fuel clumped a little in water and was hard to mix and it made me gag when I got a mouthful of dry powder clumps! But the flavor wasn’t bad.

Still the star of SFH is their Fish oil! Order the Omega-3 Oil and if you need protein pick one of their many options! They each ave a beneficial additive!

Supplement Review: SO3+D3 Omega-3 Oil – liquid non-fishy tasting Omega-3 Oil!



More than 3100mg EPA+DHA and 1000 IU Vitamin D3 in 1 tsp!

The newest addition to our SO3 Omega-3 Oil Product Family: SO3+D3 Super Omega 3 (SO3) + D3 High Potency Oil.
Each teaspoon delivers over 3100mg of EPA and DHA
Each teaspoon delivers 1000IU of Vitamin D3 (Cholecaliciferol)
Soy free, gluten free and sugar free
Five delicious flavors: tangerine, mint, lemon, vanilla and chocolate
All natural concentrated omega 3 oil
Liquid form to optimize absorption efficiently
Third party tested: our SO3 oil meets or exceeds CRN, GOED, IFOS, WHO and Prop 65 Standards.
Our product is prepared from sardines, herring and anchovies using molecular distillation making it possible to concentrate EPA and DHA.
Mercury free, no heavy metals, no toxins

Suggested use:
For wellness, take one teaspoon daily. 60 servings per bottle. Benefits are dose dependent; the higher the dose, the greater the benefit, but remember 1000IU of Vitamin D3 is 170% of the RDA.
What we know about Vitamin D3 from the scientific literature:
50% of all Americans have low Vitamin D levels.*
Vitamin D may enhance bone formation.*
Vitamin D may play a role in controlling inflammation.*
Vitamin D has been reported to have positive effects on mood, depression and anxiety.*
Based on the current science, the combination of high strength liquid omega 3 and Vitamin D3 make good sense for health and wellness.
Do not use if you are using blood thinners such as Coumadin without consulting your physician. This product is harvested from the sea and may contain small amounts of shellfish. If you are allergic to shellfish, you should avoid this product.
Refrigerate After Opening

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

I’m always subjecting myself to stuff I don’t want to put in my mouth yuk! Here it goes again!! Liquid fish oil from SFH SO3 Super Omega 3 Tangerine flavor!

It really didn’t have a taste. It has a strong tangerine scent and the consistency is like eating canola oil.

Surprising it wasn’t thick, like the time I had liquid lecithin and couldn’t get it off the roof off mouth! Eek God yuk!!

Buy this stuff! And I have a surprise for you! I would love to try this!!

At SFH, our goal is to provide you with a means to know if you’re taking enough omega-3 oil for optimal benefit.
SFH has incorporated the HS Omega-3 Index Assay® as a critical element in understanding how dose and formulation affect omega-3 fatty acid incorporation into cell membranes.

Know exactly your omega-3 fatty acid levels in your cell membranes with a simple finger prick.
With the use of our assay, you can know where you stand in terms of omega-3 protection against inflammation, heart disease and triglyceride lowering.
Current science suggest that an omega-3 fatty acid percentage between 10 and 12 % is ideal. Anything less than 8 % is not good and needs corrective action.
Know where you stand and then receive an email from with suggestions, if necessary, for diet and omega-3 dose modification.
Assays are performed in a CLIA approved laboratory and are emailed directly to you and SFH.
Please note that these statements are based on our most recent scientific knowledge. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

That looks awesome! How does it work? Is it accurate? Are we taking enough? Is there a thing as taking too much? I would like to know!

This product is awesome!

I used coconut oil on my carb cycling days: Wed, Sat & Sun

I like this for my Low Carb days: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri

**Update** April 11th 2014
Do not get the mint flavor!!! You can taste the fish oil!! Yuk!! I thought it would be the best, because mint is usually a powerful taste! They didn’t put enough mint!

The Tangerine had absolutely no taste what so ever of fish oil! In fact if I didn’t see the Tangerine bottle and someone told me it was fish oil, I would say get the f?!k out of here, it’s that good!

Buy the Tangerine by the case full!

Happiness in life is where it’s at! When you look forward to doing something, you are more likely to do it. When you hate something, you dread doing it and it becomes a torture to do it everyday! That’s what the mint fish oil has become! I know I can taste the sardine oil and it’s really bad!!! It is like a torture that I definitely do not enjoy!

The tangerine, as I don’t typically like orange flavor products, (if they didn’t send it, I would have never purchased it!) was great! I wouldn’t mind taking that daily as it had absolutely no fish flavor! Knowing what it tastes like now with the mint, I would gladly get the tangerine daily! It’s unlike fish oil pills! It doesn’t need your liver to break down the pill casing, it goes straight into your system! You can’t ask for or receive a better fish oil supplement.

Thank you SFH if you didn’t send the Tangerine, I would have missed out on an incredible product! After tasting the mint, I would have said hell no this stuff is terrible and missed out on a revolutionary product in superior human body health!

Lets look at the facts:

What Are Omega-3 Fatty Acids?
Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fatty layers of cold-water fish and shellfish, plant and nut oils, English walnuts, flaxseed, algae oils, and fortified foods. You can also get omega-3s as supplements. Food and supplement sources of these fatty acids differ in the forms and amounts they contain.

There are the two main types of omega-3 fatty acids:

Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids are EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These are plentiful in fish and shellfish. Algae often provides only DHA.
Short-chain omega-3 fatty acids are ALA (alpha-linolenic acid). These are found in plants, such as flaxseed. Though beneficial, ALA omega-3 fatty acids have less potent health benefits than EPA and DHA. You’d have to eat a lot to gain the same benefits as you do from fish.

Fishing for Facts: What Studies Reveal About Omega-3s and Fish
In addition to omega-3s, fish is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. And, it’s low in saturated fat.

Hundreds of studies suggest that omega-3s may provide some benefits to a wide range of diseases: cancer, asthma, depression, cardiovascular disease, ADHD, and autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

How could fatty acids be so beneficial for so many different conditions?

“All these diseases have a common genesis in inflammation,” says Joseph C. Maroon, MD, professor and vice chairman of the department of neurological surgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Co-author of Fish Oil: The Natural Anti-Inflammatory, Maroon says that in large enough amounts omega-3′s reduce the inflammatory process that leads to many chronic conditions.

For these and other reasons, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the American Heart Association, and the American Dietetic Association recommend eating two 8-ounce servings of fish each week.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids as Brain Food
DHA is one of the most prevalent fatty acids in the brain. This could partly explain why our brains do better with a greater supply. A Rush Institute for Healthy Aging study analyzed fish-eating patterns of more than 800 men and women, ages 65 to 94. Those eating fish at least once a week were much less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those who turned up their nose at it.

Another study of more than 2,000 Norwegians, ages 70 to 74, used food-frequency questionnaires to evaluate consumption of five different types of fish. The researchers then conducted cognitive tests. Those who ate fish of any kind were two to three times less likely to perform poorly on the tests.

Investigators at the University of Kuopia, Finland, and at Harvard Medical School looked at the incidence of silent brain damage in about 3,500 people age 65 or older. Eating tuna or other non-fried fish was associated with a 25% lower risk of these abnormalities, which are linked to higher rates of stroke and cognitive decline.

While omega-3 fatty acids have a number of benefits, these studies do not prove a cause and effect, only that there is an association between eating fatty acids in fish and the risks of Alzheimer’s disease or the risks of dementia.

Cancer Prevention With Omega-3s
Among 1,300 Swedish men, those who ate salmon and similar fish, such as herring or mackerel, had a much lower risk of developing prostate cancer than those who didn’t eat fish. Those eating five or more servings a week had a 64% lower risk of the disease.

Omega-3s for Healthier Arteries
Following postmenopausal women in Finland and the United States, investigators found that those eating two or more servings of fish each week had healthier arteries than women who ate less than two servings. Benefits were even greater in those eating tuna or another type of dark fish at least once a week.

Reaping the Best Benefits of Fish and Omega-3s

You can take several steps to get the best benefits from fish.

Deep-six the omega-6s. Foods high in polyunsaturated fats, such as soybean, corn, sunflower, or safflower oils hurt you in more ways than one.

Apparently these omega-6 fatty acids, when eaten in excess, can reduce your body’s ability to metabolize the beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

Cast about for healthy canned tuna. Think all tuna is created equal? Think again. Choose canned light tuna instead of tuna steaks or albacore tuna. It tends to have less mercury. Albacore may contain three times the mercury of chunk light tuna. Check fish guides for the latest information about foods low in toxins but high in omega-3. Two good online sources are:

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch web site
Environmental Defense Fund web site

Fish Oils May Be Lifesavers
Do the sniff test. Buy the freshest fish you can find. The longer a fish is exposed to oxygen, says Bost, the more it loses some of its omega-3 benefits.

Cook it up right. You can’t remove toxins by cooking, but you minimize exposure to PCBs by removing fish skin and surface fat before eating.

So Web MD says to get rid of the Omega 6′s as they inhibit the Omega 3′s and promote inflammation.

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